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Lumosity Brain Games
May 31, 2007 6:54 PM   Subscribe

Lumosity Brain Games [via mefi projects]
posted by iurodivii (12 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite

I'm going to try this again later when I'm drunk.
posted by aubilenon at 7:22 PM on May 31, 2007

The arithmetic one doesnt work for me. Oh well. I thought it was kind of neat until then.
posted by thethirdman at 8:25 PM on May 31, 2007

The human brain Slowing down by age thirty? Faster FASTER! ou whatever
posted by longsleeves at 8:55 PM on May 31, 2007

Tnanks for posting this to the blue!.

For those register-phobic among you, check out the LumosIQ test. You get to play 3 of our best games and get a percentile-based "iq" score at the end of it. I'd setup a special account for all the mefites, but part of the point of signing up is that you get to track your own scores over time to see how you are improving.

The arithmetic one doesnt work for me.

I'm guessing you are on a mac? We've gotten reports of keyboard input not working on some macs, unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce this anywhere. Email me,, if you care to help us debug (fun!).
posted by sixtoes at 8:58 PM on May 31, 2007

I was unable to make it work on Safari, but Firefox on my MacBook Pro worked fine.
posted by Kip at 9:08 PM on May 31, 2007

Works fine on my Powerbook. Mostly, anyway - it seems like sometimes the buttons come up before they're clickable, so I end up clicking two or three times to get a response (this is mostly in the birdwatching one).
posted by spaceman_spiff at 9:26 PM on May 31, 2007

Sixtoes this is great.

And it works great on my rig, but I do have a bad ass 500 Mhz PIII.
posted by MrPants5000 at 10:57 PM on May 31, 2007

Shit, bugmenot doesn't have anything for it yet.
posted by redteam at 11:37 PM on May 31, 2007

133 on the LumosIQ test first time; is everyone else too scared to post their score?
posted by AndrewStephens at 2:14 AM on June 1, 2007

116 :( I think I need to work on my typing accuracy for the speed maths
Have to say - great job, was thinking of doing something like this myself but I dont think I could have done better.
posted by missmagenta at 3:55 AM on June 1, 2007

This game is biased towards ornithologists.
posted by jlub at 10:51 AM on June 1, 2007

This game is biased towards ornithologists.

Yep, I am embarassed to say that I've never heard of several of the birds in the game.
posted by lalex at 11:07 AM on June 1, 2007

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