A Russian outsider artist and his guns
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Alexander Pavlovich Lobanov was a Russian deaf-mute confined to psychiatric institutions for over 50 years. He liked to draw pictures of himself with guns. Lots of guns.
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can i just say that "mental.ru" is a great domain name!
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Can't get through ...
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... to mental.ru, that is.
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Given the other .ru sites I've seen about guns I'd love to see a mental one.
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Too much traffic for mental.ru, I guess. Here's some Google cached pages: 1 2 3 4
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Well, Freedom got an AK.
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Ok, i'm not sure what to make of this, but the last link was not responding, so I closed it, and I got a cascade of fresh opening links to the same dead page.

I force-closed about 40 of them before I just hit logoff.

Reminded me of the old porn spam windows you used to get back about 2002.

So, maybe it was a random error, but beware Vista users. Note I had popup blocker turned on.
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Lobanov is great- he's been catching on as an outsider art-world darling the last decade or so, and his work is pretty widely known now.
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Fascinating. I like this one quite a lot. (Like a number of his others, it's captioned охотник стреляет хорошо [okhotnik strelyaet khorosho] 'the hunter shoots well.')

I see he was from Mologa, a northern Russian town that was flooded for the Rybinsk Reservoir in 1939; there's a nice site commemorating the town and its history, with a page of photographs of the way it used to be. (I posted about it last year—I'm a sucker for sunken cities.)
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Not all of the pics are of himself. Stalin seems to be a favorite subject too.
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A few with Lenin. And then this tripped out oddity:


The "himself" photograph is fantastic.
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You're on notice, game designers: If you include a bolt-action double rifle in your new shooter, you now must call it the "Lobanov".

(Such weapons are actually very rare and peculiar, far less common than the standard old-fashioned "elephant gun" double rifle.)
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