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I'm f*cking Tintin, I am.
June 13, 2007 8:55 AM   Subscribe

Yeah, you better walk away before you get a couple of fucking slaps! You know who I am? I'm fucking Tintin, mate, alright?
posted by slimepuppy (31 comments total) 8 users marked this as a favorite

Yes I know, it's not big and it's not clever. But I laughed. Episodes 11 to 21 seem to follow a loose storyline. All done (or at least submitted by) this user on youtube. And no, I could not find episode 10.
posted by slimepuppy at 8:55 AM on June 13, 2007

It's like those hilarious re-dubbed GI Joe safety videos, but... nowhere near as funny. The voicework is just pretty blah.
posted by ORthey at 8:58 AM on June 13, 2007

I never really got Tintin. But man, that guy's fuckin' traveled.
posted by miss lynnster at 8:59 AM on June 13, 2007

Do not ever do this again.
posted by tkchrist at 9:11 AM on June 13, 2007

I think we need a swearjar around here.
I like profanity. I just hate when it is used in lieu of actual wit.
posted by isopraxis at 9:14 AM on June 13, 2007

In a somewhat similar vein: He-Man sings Four Non Blondes.
posted by Herr Fahrstuhl at 9:17 AM on June 13, 2007 [2 favorites]

Manages to be both mean-spirited and unfunny. Quite the combination.
posted by patricio at 9:21 AM on June 13, 2007

Don' lissen teh those fookin cunts, slimehead, yeh did good, yeh?
posted by Scoo at 9:31 AM on June 13, 2007 [1 favorite]

So what fookin dialect is that?
posted by languagehat at 9:37 AM on June 13, 2007

Is there somewhere to watch the unedited versions, cause that would rock, this... well lets just say the cultural masturbation phenomena of matching disparate elements is overdone. At least from my perspective. It's a slightly more complex version of the pissing Calvin.
posted by edgeways at 9:41 AM on June 13, 2007 [1 favorite]

languagehat, you're listening to the soothing, sultry tones of a Middlesbrough accent.
posted by slimepuppy at 9:49 AM on June 13, 2007

This reminds me of Brad Pitt's unhinged performance in Snatch. It reminds of the entire movie, really.
posted by ninjew at 9:51 AM on June 13, 2007

Wow, stupid, and not even in a good way. If anyone wants to watch the actual cartoons (which themselves are nowhere near as good as the books), some of them are here.
posted by interrobang at 10:00 AM on June 13, 2007 [1 favorite]

This was stupid in a good way. I mean really really stupid. Sometimes you just need the stupid, fookin right, innit?
posted by the dief at 10:10 AM on June 13, 2007

Thanks interrobang, your right, not as good as the books, but pretty nifty
posted by edgeways at 10:15 AM on June 13, 2007

posted by Kirth Gerson at 10:20 AM on June 13, 2007

I loved it.
posted by ColdChef at 10:21 AM on June 13, 2007

Thanks, slimepuppy!
posted by languagehat at 10:26 AM on June 13, 2007

Yeah so first link I clicked was "away" and I'd just like to say that a "NSFW" warning would have been peachy.
posted by CitrusFreak12 at 10:46 AM on June 13, 2007

Reminds me a little of the anarcho-syndicalist comic Breaking Free, which casts Tintin and Captain Haddock as brickies who lead a labor uprising during the Thatcher years.

Except a somewhat more profane and not nearly as ideological.
posted by TheWhiteSkull at 11:00 AM on June 13, 2007 [1 favorite]

I think this guy has read one too many issues of Viz.
posted by teleskiving at 11:26 AM on June 13, 2007

I didn't like it all. Thanks!
Don't ever do this ever again, on a Wednesday.
posted by From Bklyn at 11:41 AM on June 13, 2007

Great snakes and Blistering barnacles!

A friend sent a couple of TinTin video's to my kids and they are now obsessed. My thanks go to Interrobang for the real video links.
posted by LadyBonita at 11:45 AM on June 13, 2007

20 links in one FPP is too many.
posted by Artifice_Eternity at 12:24 PM on June 13, 2007

TheWhiteSkull, that is awesome.
posted by atrazine at 12:48 PM on June 13, 2007

which one is the funny one? how is saying shit alot make for comedy? well, after sixth grade that is.
posted by andywolf at 1:25 PM on June 13, 2007

Thanks for that, TheWhiteSkull - that's a great find!
posted by Drexen at 3:11 PM on June 13, 2007

posted by Abiezer at 3:40 PM on June 13, 2007

Wow, I didn't expect such a negative reaction to this post. I liked em, slimepuppy.
posted by puke & cry at 6:46 PM on June 13, 2007

It was a bit hit and miss, but there were some gems in there. They seemed awfully focuseed on various unsavoury activities with Snowy, though.
posted by Drexen at 2:09 AM on June 14, 2007

Childish, mean-spirited prole-baiting crap - I loved it.
posted by Mocata at 4:21 AM on June 14, 2007

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