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The Private Life of a Cat, 1944, (GoogleVideo, 22 minutes), is a gem of a silent film by Alexander Hammid, about a mother cat giving birth, her relationship with her kittens and mate.
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Previously. A little about Alexander Hammid and at IMDB.
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Also, when in the United States he changed his name, at Deren's behest, to Alexander Hammid.

Anyone know why Deren would ask him to change his name (assuming she did and that's not just wiki-nonsense)? Too German sounding?
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There was some nice camera work here. Also, I think they reversed labeled the male and the female cat? I don't think that male cats give birth, and the male was the stripy one, wasn't it?
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wires, the tabby cat ("stripy") was the mother and the white cat the father.
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Lentrohamsanin, according to Maya Deren's entry in Wikipedia it says, "He changed his name at Deren's behest to Alexander Hammid (nickname Sasha) because Deren thought Hackenschmied sounded too Jewish (which he was not)."
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"He changed his name at Deren's behest to Alexander Hammid (nickname Sasha) because Deren thought Hackenschmied sounded too Jewish..."

Ironic, since now Hammid would probably be thought too Islamic.

I knew what you meant wires, I noticed the same thing.
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The ending is a nice little "Circle of Life" touch. Thank you for posting this!
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Yay! That's fantastic.
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The last thing I wanted to see during lunch was a cat giving birth to a kitten and then licking it.
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I saw this film a few years back as part of a Maya Deren compilation (it was a nice contrasting piece to Deren's work). Beautiful, touching, funny, and all together NSFL (not safe for lunch).
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phaedon: The last thing I wanted to see during lunch was a cat giving birth to a kitten and then licking it.

But it has a flavr.

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The last thing I wanted to see during lunch was a cat giving birth to a kitten and then licking it.

Did give fair warning that it was about a "mother cat giving birth". Guess your curiosity got the better of your lunch. Though I can't imagine that part of the film not causing some stomach churning, lunch or no lunch.

LOL! Though I expected some young male MeFites to pipe up about getting queasy.

It's one of the many things I like about the film, the simple honesty about the cat giving birth. It's not the I Can Has Cheezburger version but I couldn't help imagining LOLCATS subtitles.

..."the first thing that the mother will do is to clean the babies by licking them dry. She will also cut the umbilical cord by biting through it near the baby's body. No blood will be lost because the umbilical cord does not function any more. Finally, the mothers of many species of wild mammals often clear away the amnion, placenta and umbilical cord by eating them. This is important because the blood in the placenta could attract predators to the helpless, new-born offspring"...

But it has a flavr.

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metafilter: It also has a cat
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When I was less than 6 my beagle Rosie gave birth. My mom woke me up to watch it. As I watched I said "This is so romantic."

I watched Stan Brakhage's Window Water Baby Moving last night and it is romantic too, although this time I found myself cheering on his wife Jane, and then the little baby Myrrena.
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My all-time feline film fave: Three Little Kittens (1938).
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Two things about this film make me really happy. The first is that Maya Deren's work is in the public domain. The second is that humans have showers. I'll never have to lick up after birth! Science!
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I'm at work and can't watch -- does he has cheezeburger?
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When I was less than 6 my beagle Rosie gave birth. My mom woke me up to watch it. As I watched I said "This is so romantic."

aww, tender heart, very lovable. Your use of the word romantic under the circumstances is endearing. What did you mean by it?

Three Little Kittens

Has a charming, pre-war simplicity and rawness. I like it a lot too.
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Just when you thought it couldn't get any better: The Private Life of a Marmot.
Ok, I lied. It gets even better.
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Hi nickyskye,

Hell I dunno what I meant, I was less than 6. I probably meant something along the lines that it was a magical moment full of love. And placenta.
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sciurus, Your lovely anecdote reminded me of one in Eudora Welty's short and unpretentious autobiography, One Writer's Beginnings, in which she relates being a very young child, overhearing adults talking late at night; the unexpected excitement and mystery of knowing there was another, grown-up world out there and she had somehow happened into that world for a moment.
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aww, nickyskye - good timing, this was just the right peaceful tone I needed - an antidote for my jarred nerves after all the scary but spectacular height photos posted on MeFi today.
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that was the bestest ever. thank you so much. i didnt know about that video.
um, im also not so secretly a cat lady, but not the kind that has a zillion cats, just super in to my own thankyouverymuch.

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This is a lovely post, nickyskye, thank you...

One year, our mama cat (who was the supplier of healthy and hardy farm cats for my in-laws) was in the process of giving birth. She was such an easy-going cat, I knew she wouldn't mind an audience, so I called my kids into the room to witness the miracle of nature... My son, who was three at the time, was so in awe and he couldn't wait to run off to tell his dad... He ran up to him, breathless with excitement, and exclaimed, "The mama cat just pooped out 5 babies!"
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amyms, aww, those little rascals and their poop thing. At three why would he think otherwise? He must've wondered, if the mama cat ate them, how they came out alive?
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What I wonder about is why Daddy cat is such an involved Papa. Usually, he's one of dozens of males who mate with the mother and has no involvement with the kittens.

Though perhaps because there are no other males around, Daddy knows the kittens are his and nurtures them?
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This was swell, and far better than it's porno knock-off, The Life of a Cat's Privates, which was released in 1945 and immediately condemned by the Catholic League of Decency on grounds of "Incessant licking".

Kidding aside, the birth scene reminded me of how pets are a great way for children to learn about birth, life, and death. While I acknowledge that the modern pet industry's emphasis on spaying, neutering, and responsible pet ownership is completely necessary, I think that the more sanitized relationships children have with their pets, bookended by the purchase of the animal at the store and that last trip to the vet (Or "The cat retirement village in the countryside".), does a disservice to the kids.

Lovely film, thanks!
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About Daddy cats: if there's one around, he'll be the daddy. If there's lots around, they typically won't have anything to do with kittens, either by staying away or being chased off by mama cat.

Sometimes neutered males who mama knows or dominates well will become "uncles" to the kittens, playing around with them, discipline, that sort of thing. They'll even try to cart the kitties around by the scruff just like the mama. Older sibling cats do the same thing.

I'll admit that I haven't seen mama/papa cat pairs get along as well as the two in this film do. The only experience I've got is with a mama cat we had as a kitten having an older neutered male as a best buddy. He tolerated the kittens, but didn't really play with them.

My favorite memory is of a kitten going up to one of our older (spayed) females and checking to see if she had milk. She gave a little his and a clawless swat that sent him tumbling a good three feet. I couldn't stop laughing.

Thanks for the video and relived memories!
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