Diskothi-Q: The Football Albums
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The Football Albums. Music and football. Surely there's something better than "Hail to the Redskins" and "The Superbowl Shuffle?" One man believed there could be. That man was Peter Hughes, Inland Empire indie rock mini-star, sometime member of Nothing Painted Blue and the Mountain Goats, baseball diarist, and leader of the now-defunct band Diskothi-Q. In 1999, Diskothi-Q released The Football Albums: a double CD of 32 songs, one for each team in the NFL. All are now freely downloadable as .mp3s: AFC and NFC. (.mp3 links follow) Get ready for the big game this weekend by pitting "Colts" against "Patriots." Revel in the untamed savagery of "Eagles" or sympathize with the touching lament, "(Nobody Cares about the St. Louis) Rams."
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We're not on MeFi to start no trouble
We're just posting a link to the Superbowl Shuffle
you're looking at The Fridge, I'm the rookie / I may be large but I'm no dumb cookie
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Nice find, escabeche.
posted by sleepy pete at 7:02 PM on October 29, 2007

Funny, the Falcons one just sounds like someone slapping a dog corpse against the sidewalk.

Wait, never mind. That was a recording from Joey Harrington's helmet mic.
posted by BitterOldPunk at 7:35 PM on October 29, 2007

My colleague used to have these albums in his office. Gotta have a look around for 'em.
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Ahhh The SuperBowl Shuffle. It's so painfully awful to watch it now, but I remember when it was cool. Who woulda thunk that football players ain't got no rhythm?
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Well you work to earn a living
But on weekends comes the time
You can do what ever turns you on
Get out and clear your mind
Me? I like football
There's a lot of things around
But when you line 'em up together… the footy wins hands down

/proper football
//your favourite code of football sucks

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What, there were other links in there besides the Superbowl Shuffle?

That Jim McMahon is so dreamy... sighhhh
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Love the Colts' song. The Jeff George Era still gives me nightmares.

oh, and GO HORSE next weekend!!
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Who woulda thunk that football players ain't got no rhythm?

Decades from now we will realize that Gary Fencik was really just ahead of his time.
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(get it?)
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Irsay still sucks.
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Irsay still sucks.

Well, that Irsay is still dead. Irsay the Younger is still alive, kickin', and no longer popping Vicodin with reckless abandon.
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Holy dang, I was looking at reviews of DiskothiQ's The Wandering Jew & Waterworld a couple of days ago and wondering if I could make a post out of this. I'm glad somebody else has heard of the Football Albums...

and all their songs are free from their website now!
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pokermonk said: Decades from now we will realize that Gary Fencik was really just ahead of his time.

(get it?)

Got it. hehehe!
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Hmm, the Patriots song made my browser really sad. It's not the "Ain't No Doubt About It (We're Goin' to the Super Bowl)" from the 1997 Super Bowl, is it? Or "New England, the Patriots, and We" from 1986? Even as a little kid, I realized that that song was way, way worse than the Superbowl Shuffle. I voted for it on Friday Night Video Fight anyway, though. Boston sports fandom is serious stuff.

And please tell me I'm misremembering the name of that one from the Pats-Bears Super Bowl...
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Thanks for this. I almost bought the cds at a MG show several years ago, but didn't, and I've been annoyed with myself since.
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OmieWise, I bought the NFC album at a MG show at the Knitting Factory -- I think it was the tour for "We Shall All Be Healed." Bought the AFC album from PH's website as soon as I realized how much I liked the NFC album....
posted by escabeche at 7:13 AM on October 30, 2007

Yes, I think it was that tour too, or just a show around that time. I actually tried to find the albums online after the show, but my memory didn't pan out and I never found them.
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I thought there were only 31 in '99. (Houston got tacked on in '02)

How is there 32 songs?
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Wow. Thank you. I just bought both CDs (yeah, I know the mp3s are free, but some things are incredibly worth my money, and these are up there on that list).
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Cyclopsis - a bonus song on the NFC disc.--

LOS ANGELES Maybe it’s different when you grow up in Green Bay or Cleveland, but for me football is about getting up on a Sunday morning, parking my ass in front of the TV with the paper and the appropriate food and drink, and sticking it out from pre-game at nine to post-game at four. Just like baseball is about hot dogs and peanuts and a day at the park, football is about flipping back and forth between games and putting off washing the car until it’s too dark to do it anyway. Besides that, I love the fact that Los Angeles just can’t be bothered to give a shit about the NFL. If the only thing your city is known for is its professional sports teams, I got news for you, chump: you don’t live in a real city. BACK TO TOP
posted by KAS at 9:05 AM on October 30, 2007

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