Marketing the Bat
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Viral marketing for The Dark Knight kicks it up a notch. The Gotham Times -- Joker's Take -- A Safer Gotham -- Gotham National Bank -- Gotham Police -- Gotham City Rail -- Victim of Crime -- Harvey Dent for DA -- Wanted: Henchman
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Marketing the Bat
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Zesti Blue.
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Yet again the animated series will kick its ass.
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The virus has infected MetaFilter.
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You gotta admit though, Gotham has a pretty awesome mass transit system. The rail network even reaches out to the airport.
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Is this virus a bit like Batman: Digital Justice? Because in retrospect that totally blew and is a bit embarassing.
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Artw, I must respectfully disagree. That blew on release, as well as in retrospect.
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Pepsi Bat?
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Thank you for sharing these advertising opportunities with us.
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Digital Justice blew in ways that media science had previously believed impossible.

Before it, the standing belief was that no form of media could blow harder than an equation of C+RMHR, where C=The Cathy comic strip and RMHR is equivalent to Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion.

The Russians were hard at work covertly supporting the production of both the Zippy comic strip and Gigli, in hopes of destroying humanity at a level greater than that of the aforementioned equation. However, the Americans pulled through with Batman: Digital Justice. This stand alone rape of all that is good surpassed any combination ever conceived before it.

And thus, the suck race was won.
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I liked the "I Believe in Harvey Dent" line, recalling The Long Halloween and Dark Victory graphic novels. It suggests that the producers have good taste.
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I can't wait for more blurry, incomprehensble, completely fucking useless, boring fight scenes!
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Why are these sites so poorly designed and implemented? Couldn’t the web team figure out how to properly declare the character encoding? They look like the budget for this campaign was about $200.
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They are doing some other things too that sort of fit into this "viral" marketing campaign. I do like the slow reveal of Heath Ledger's Joker on the Empire Online cover. Never before have the fanboy legions been so excited about socks!
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Neat as it is, this marketing is pretty much unnecessary; they only had to convey the idea that Christian Bale (Batman Begins–style, not The Machinist–style) will be appearing in this movie. </girlzone>
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I know I'm having a "you kids get off my yard" moment, but these really do nothing for me.
Give me a frickin' TRAILER, Nolan. NOW.
I want to see the product. On the screen. Even if it's just 30 seconds, one minute, two minutes.
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Yeah, because there was no way Batman fans would have gone to see this otherwise.
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also which features a recruitment test for being one of the joker's henchmen.. and a list of locations in the states with something worth looking out for...?
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I just got around to seeing Batman Begins a few weeks ago when upgraded to HD.

What the hell was up with Christian Bale's Batman voice?
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It was deep.
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I hope you mean Ziggy, because Zippy the Pinhead is a friend of mine. I like monosodiumglutinates, too.
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I want to join in the hate for all things advertising and mainstream (I had a 'Batman vs. Trent Reznor' joke all lined up and everything) and the 'new thing sucks in comparison to old thing which was never actually cool at all' fun, but I can't because Batman rules all day long. Sorry fellas.
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Couldn’t the web team figure out how to properly declare the character encoding?

Yeah, the target audience definitely screams "Unicode Required". It's a Batman movie. Hopefully it will be decent and the effort they've put into this alternate reality seems like it's worth it.
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This has actually garnered my interest, when I've been pretty indifferent about Bats for a while... though it's not as sucky-in as the Cloverfield marketing which I think now owns my living soul. (Mmmm Slusho)
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A Complete List Of Things That Are Awesomer Than Batman:Thank you.
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