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Magical Photography
June 19, 2008 7:12 AM   Subscribe

Break-dancers Floating in Space French photographer Denis Darzacq is back with a new collection called Hyper. You may remember his previous collection called La Chute.
posted by mikearauz (11 comments total) 18 users marked this as a favorite

This is fabulous.
posted by OmieWise at 7:14 AM on June 19, 2008

Huzzah! Stuff like this makes the interweb great.
posted by the_royal_we at 7:17 AM on June 19, 2008

posted by The Salaryman at 7:22 AM on June 19, 2008

Thank you, this is beautiful.
posted by newmoistness at 7:26 AM on June 19, 2008

That was wonderful, thank you.
posted by vbfg at 7:49 AM on June 19, 2008

Thanks, that was great.
posted by Falconetti at 8:15 AM on June 19, 2008

Cool. Reminds me of Bed Jumping.
posted by autodidact at 8:17 AM on June 19, 2008

I wish I was as awesome as either the dancers or the photographer.
posted by aubilenon at 9:43 AM on June 19, 2008

posted by Snyder at 9:59 AM on June 19, 2008

I want to a video of these shots being taken. Particularly of the moment after the picture is taken.
posted by exhilaration at 12:14 PM on June 19, 2008

It's the rapture!
posted by ...possums at 4:00 PM on June 19, 2008

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