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CDN military to gays: Join us!
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Canadian military to gays: Join us! They're even setting up recruiting booths at Gay Pride events (when they are allowed) Note that CBC moderators deleted some of the comments on that first link, but you get a hunch on what they said from the other comments. You may also have heard about two gay soldiers who wed on a military base.
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Fuckin' Eh!
posted by jonmc at 2:49 PM on June 29, 2008 [1 favorite]

Sometimes I really just love Canada.
posted by dazed_one at 3:00 PM on June 29, 2008

I can tell that Dan in Calgary (from the first link) is a world-class douche, and I didn't even get to read his comments.
posted by Dipsomaniac at 3:15 PM on June 29, 2008

We need more gays. To the point where gays are passé. And I mean that in the best possible way. Seriously, with the amount of time we spend talking about sexuality in this country, we could have bases on Mars by now. Shit, in the 60s, they dealth with racism AND put a man on the moon. Let's get it together, people.

And Canada? Will you marry me? It's legal up there, right? You folks'll marry anyone to anything, yah?
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Eideteker: "And Canada? Will you marry me? It's legal up there, right? You folks'll marry anyone to anything, yah?"

Well, we know there's a lot of box-turtle marriages being denied in the States. But if Canada marries you we're going to need a pre-nup.
posted by Dipsomaniac at 3:22 PM on June 29, 2008

If anyone wants citizenship I'm willing to marry for a nominal fee. Male or female.
posted by loiseau at 3:26 PM on June 29, 2008 [1 favorite]

Gods, Canada has come a long way. I gave up my dreams of emigrating to Canada 25 years ago because gays were banned, and I refused to lie (I did when I joined the US Army, later).

At Baltimore Pride last weekend, we had Chipotle, Visa and Best Buy's Geek Squad marching. Why not the military? The thought of the Canadian Armed Forces recruiting at Pride is delicious, after all those accusations that gays recruit.

Sure we do. And, there is an enlistment bonus if you are willing to serve in Afghanistan .
posted by QIbHom at 3:32 PM on June 29, 2008 [1 favorite]

In related (U.S.) news ...

60 Minutes' Sergeant Darren Manzella Discharged Under 'DADT'.

Former Georgia senator Sam Nunn ("architect of DADT") says it may be time to reconsider "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Hits Women Much More.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell On the Campaign Trail.

Happy Pride!
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Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen: Military Ready To Accept Repeal Of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’.
posted by ericb at 3:35 PM on June 29, 2008

For the three or four of you left out there who haven't heard this classic take on the issue a zillion times before (SLYT)

Go Canada though, way to deal with things like adults. Good stuff.
posted by nudar at 3:37 PM on June 29, 2008

73 percent [PDF] of U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are “comfortable with gays and lesbians” serving along side them.
posted by ericb at 3:57 PM on June 29, 2008

Canada's Navy has always been filled with able seamen.
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Huh...I didn't know Canada elected Ignatius Reilly as their new Prime Minister.

(And five fresh fish: nice.)
posted by nosila at 6:52 PM on June 29, 2008

wow. military brass not being a century behind the people they're protecting. dare I say I salute you, canada?
posted by krautland at 1:56 AM on June 30, 2008

I thought I saw a cute lanky guy in freshly starched camos and a sweet beret handing out flyers and smiles to a girl in pasties and her glitter-strewn friends. So that's who he was!
posted by operalass at 8:51 AM on June 30, 2008

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