Internet premier of Princess of Nebraska on YouTube
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The Princess of Nebraska premiered on YouTube this weekend (unrated by MPAA, but 18A+ rating, but on YouTube, so maybe mild NSFW). Often focusing on Chinese immigrants in America and culture gaps (NPR interview; text and audio) between both their new country and across generations, director Wayne Wang has returned to his roots after several more traditional Hollywood movies (Wayne Wang Is Missing). (Known for "Chan Is Missing" and "The Joy Luck Club", he has made movies such as "Maid in Manhattan" recently.) "Princess" is intended as a double feature with traditionally released "A Thousand Years of Good Prayers," "Princess" might "be the first feature feature film by a major director to premiere" only on the internet. Both are based on short stories by Yiyun Li.
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I really enjoyed the opening sequence, but as soon as she ran into her friend the dialogue felt very stale and the acting was kind of bad. It may just be because the tempo of conversation in Chinese is different than in English, but it sounded particularly scripted.
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"This video is not available in your country."
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"Chan is Missing" is such an important film in the context of Asian American film and also American independent film (it pre-dates both "Stranger than Paradise" and "She's Gotta Have It"). "Life is Cheap" and "Dim Sum" are also notable films by him and "Smoke" was pretty good too. It makes you almost want to forgive him for "Maid in Manhattan". Almost.
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