Let's go crazy, Bollywood style!
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Daler Mehndi: (previously ) Sikh superstar and former cab driver, sure can dance. There are of course, imitators (Original ).
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the "Dance" link is the especially special joy.
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Daler Mehndi's cheek width to forehead width ratio essentially prevents him from ever looking angry.
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I think I'm in love! I can't understand how so much charm and humor can be transmitted via a Bollywood dance number, but somehow he does it.
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Tunak Tunak was all the rage my freshman year of college in 2000 ... dear internets, thank you for bringing the randomness of Dahler Mehndi into dorm rooms in small-town South Dakota back in the day :P
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Draenei Tunak ('imitators' link) is surprisingly good. And here I thought I was over WoW music videos.
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For some reason, Mehndi was insanely popular at the summer camp I went to in the early '00s. Never quite understood it. Him looking thugged out is pretty hilarious, though.
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He looks so happy! Even Cynical Smurf must smile.
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Another 2000 college freshman Mehndi convert here!
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That's not partying for wimps. They're rocking so hard they even do a chin-dance.
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Those were fun, thanks. Somewhat related, I really enjoyed this article from Harper's earlier this fall: Bollywood shuffle:
A white actor tries to break into Hindi film

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Are the women in Bollywood numbers dressing skimpier these days? Seems like there's more skintight dresses, and shorter dresses, than I remember being the norm.
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Yup, Tunak Tunak Tun was a viral meme-thing in 2000, and how could it have failed? Jolly Indian guy battling himself, in some battle of the elements, with loads of CG and greenscreen of death. Structure it around a catchy song with a dance that you could imagine some white guy doing ("Pulling The Thread" could follow "Shopping Cart" and "Mowing The Lawn"). I forgot how that exactly spread pre-YouTube.
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Daler Mehndi is the guy everyone wants at their party.

I now have a great idea for my next Hallowe'en costume.
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("Pulling The Thread" could follow "Shopping Cart" and "Mowing The Lawn")

I thought "Shopping Cart" was "I Am Riding A Little Pony" ?

not to be confused with other moves such as "Mix That Batter", "Spank The Toddler", "My Hand Is A Butterfly", "Play With Your Necklace", "I Take Your Voice And Throw It", "Diverbomber!" and "Aren't I A Stinker?"
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There are of course, imitators

There are of course, multiple imitators! For instance Tunak Tunak Brown, shot on location around Brown University campus, and featuring University President Ruth Simmons in the role of Final Giant Triumphant Daler Mehndi.

Disclaimer: friends of mine, but not me, are the producers and stars of this video.
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HEH! I think it's safe to say that the WoW vid made my day. :-)

While Daler Mehndi is on-the-money in his dancing, I often think he's better when he's not composing the music himself, and instead, is merely singing. Like Adnan Sami, he brings this throaty feel to any song he sings; consider his work with AR Rehman in Lakeer and Rang de Basanti or when he skips south-wards, and sings a folksy Andhra (ie non-Bhangra) song (those are Peruvian ladies practising a dance to the song, the leaps of language and culture involved is, of course, mind-blowing; had no idea that a Bhangra-singer singing in a different genre would be popular half-way across the world).
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Daler Mehndi, perhaps the most affable and entertaining Punjabi ever (and that's saying something), is totally awesome. I think my favorite thing about him is how he was banned from the US by the INS because he was illegally helping his entourage to immigrate to the US.

Anyway, he's awesome. Even KOMPRESSOR has covered him.
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Even now, his influence is still apparent.

(he and Starship Troopers, I guess. Anyway, big tune, as was the original Tun)
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I thought "Shopping Cart" was "I Am Riding A Little Pony" ?

I still don't think I can ride the pony as well as others, but I'm working on it.
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The moment in Tunak Tunak when the lonesome opening vocals pass and the percussive chanting begins stands as one of the most infectious ear worms I've yet heard.

Now I'm going to be singing it all day. Maybe dancing too.

This should make for some fun business meetings.
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"Pulling The Thread" could follow "Shopping Cart" and "Mowing The Lawn").

Pulling the thread? I think you mean air sitar, sir.
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"Pulling The Thread"

"Adoring My Nipple As It Ascends To Heaven"?
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Using the wayback machine to 2001...

This is exactly what a Snoop video would be if the guy just smiled for once, goddamn it.
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I find this comment to be very prophetic considering this.
You had fantastic foresight, Mr.BigPoop.
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