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Alabaster. Experimental interactive fiction take on Snow White written collectively by Emily Short and ten others. Features 18 endings and procedural illustrations that dynamically reflect game state.

[Windows] [OSX] [game file by itself if you alreadt have Glulx] [walkthrough pdf]
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Other Fractured Fairy Tale titles by Emily Short include Bronze, based on Beauty and the Beast and Glass, based on Cinderella.
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posted by twoleftfeet at 11:20 PM on June 5, 2009

OH YES. I really like Emily Short's work a LOT. I think I know how the rest of my Friday night is going to go...eighteen endings!

Bronze was the first of hers that I read/played. And then I hunted down everything else of hers that I could find.
posted by annathea at 11:36 PM on June 5, 2009

I really enjoyed that. I did about three endings on my own before I looked at the walkthrough for possible endings, and then tried to do about six more just by knowing the end. 50% success rate on that. and at one for three on total endings, it's bedtime.
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Fascinating. Thank you.
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thanks for sharing! I haven't played any IF in a while, but Emily Short is one of the standards. Good to see new work of hers!
posted by nat at 9:44 AM on June 6, 2009

Yes yes yes and double yes.

Check out Bronze as well. It's really good.
posted by The Whelk at 11:42 AM on June 6, 2009

Well, this was a fantastic way to kill an afternoon. On to Bronze and Glass!
posted by aint broke at 3:43 PM on June 6, 2009

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