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Neda Soltan's Boyfriend
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Neda Agha Soltan, killed on camera by a sniper's bullet, became the symbol of opposition to Iranian President Ahmadinejad this summer. Her boyfriend, Caspian Makan, who has just fled the country, talks to Arash Sahami and Angus Macqueen about their romance, his imprisonment after her death and his terrifying escape.
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frontline tonite (also btw sullivan's suppositions...)
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Last week: 'Angel of Freedom' Neda Agha Soltan Oxford scholarship will be her most important legacy; Iran condemns Oxford University over Neda scholarship
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kliuless- I hadn't heard about the frontline program, thanks for sharing. My family will be very interested.
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When I was in college, the Iranian revolution was underway and one of my classmates was Iranian. Her whole family was being executed: she was safe only because she was in school in the U.S., where she was also ostracized by many who couldn't distinguish among Iranians. I used to pass her room, hear her crying over the latest news from her home, and try to understand and listen to her pain.

Later I met the woman who is now one of my best friends, who is also Iranian. The uprising in Iran tore her apart, because she was so afraid for the protesters. She kept saying to me, "They are so young! They are too young to die." She also thought the protests would lead nowhere. She said the government would never give in to them.

I remember the day Neda died and the profoundly shocking video of her death.

This story wrenches at my heart. Thanks for the post.
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The Green Movement Keeps Neda’s Memory Alive

Queen’s College at Oxford University in Britain have decided to establish a graduate scholarship in Neda’s honor–the “Neda Agha-Soltan Graduate Scholarship” for philosophy students of Iranian descent. The scholarship will promote academic freedom for Iranians who have faced censorship and persecution by an oppressive government.
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Suspicions over 'heart attack' death of Iranian doctor who knew too much
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Iran torture whistleblower died from poison in salad
posted by homunculus at 10:13 AM on December 2, 2009

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