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Conceived at the 2007 Flugsaurier pterosaur research meeting in Munich, is devoted to the titular prehistoric reptiles.

In the same vein is A Guide to the Orders of Trilobites (previously)
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Pterosaurs are way cooler than boring ol' T-rex.
posted by Lobster Garden at 7:44 PM on January 10, 2010

Achtung! Flugsaurier!
posted by steef at 7:56 PM on January 10, 2010 [2 favorites]

Wow, I totally thought this was going to be a joke meme. But it's cooler than that!
posted by keep_evolving at 8:45 PM on January 10, 2010

Favorite pterosaur fact, with adorable picture: baby pterosaurs are called flaplings.
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My 2.5 year old demanded a dinosaur video the other day that showed a "Pteranodon fighting a T. Rex" so I was pretty excited to the see the gallery here. But no dice.
posted by DU at 4:35 AM on January 11, 2010

Needs more Sordes.
posted by blue_beetle at 2:42 PM on January 11, 2010

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