Butch Anthony and The Alabama Museum of Wonder.
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The Alabama Museum of Wonder. Butch Anthony has a word – a word which he concocted himself. A word which he designed to precisely describe his unique personal style of art and artistic discovery. That word is “intertwangleism.”

via American Pickers.
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Yay! I love seeing cool things from my home state.
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I keep clicking, and all I seem to get are the same thumbnails over and over.
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You may want to also reference this article from Wednesday's NY Times.
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Ah, no, found the art. This reads as sort of an outsider version of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.
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This may be the worst interface I've come across in a long time... that said.. the art, when I can find the damn stuff, seems pretty interesting..
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he's kidding, right...??? I've got about 10 old blackboards stored at my building.... I also have the ability to draw a horse as poorly drawn as that one.. this works out to about $50,000 profit in my mind... wait, $49,999 (need to buy some chalk).
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BOB ROSS: the Mind-Reading Chicken.

I love it!
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The Doo-Nanny in Seale, Alabama, huh?

Never heard of it.

Road trip!

(I think I've met Natalie before, though. I read the NYT article and she looks really familiar.)
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from the NYT link: “There’s a 100-foot vagina we’re fixing to burn,” Mr. Anthony remarked recently while filling a garbage can in the back of his battered truck with water, a precautionary measure, one gathered, in case things got out of hand.

But why a vagina? “They’ve got a burning man, why not have a burning woman?”

Last I checked it was Burning Man, not Burning Cock.
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Last I checked it was Burning Man, not Burning Cock.

You just haven't been visiting the right tents.
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Last I checked it was Burning Man, not Burning Cock.

You just haven't been visiting the right tents.

Honestly, I'm gonna stay away from any tent that promises me a burning cock. For serious.
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We live in Athens and were seriously pressured by our friend who glues bottle caps to things to attend this doo-nanny event. We discussed it for days, worried that it might feature naked unwashed hippies invading our personal space to hug us and say "Welcome home, sister," something that fills me with inchoate rage nearly as laser-like as Sarah Palin saying she can see Russia from her porch, but in the end we decided that building a fence around the garden was more important, so that's what we did. But we are definitely going to go next time. From what I can tell after extensive questioning of returnees from the event, it's more like people giving strange names to farm animals, playing murder ballads and Ramones songs on banjos, and creating teeteringly unsafe structures out of lashed together branches, things we do nearly every weekend. I'm sorry I missed it.
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