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Dining Room Doodles
September 29, 2010 7:42 AM   Subscribe

Children's book author Mo Willems + chalk + dining room = Delightful Dining Room Doodles. For bonus dinnertime doodles, add a big roll of paper and crayons, and mix well.

You can do it, too!

Chalkboard Paint
Butcher Paper
Butcher Paper Dispenser
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That frickin' Pigeon is always trying to drive the bus.
posted by The Giant Squid at 7:49 AM on September 29, 2010 [3 favorites]

Oh, man, for years my daughter had a table with a built-in butcher-paper roll, 1500 feet of it or something. She'd color and draw and paint on it, then I'd just roll out some more. I'd collect the used paper and use it for wrapping paper. Can you imagine how much a grandma would love that?
posted by MrMoonPie at 8:02 AM on September 29, 2010 [2 favorites]

I understand this pigeon also seeks to stay up late.
posted by punkfloyd at 8:09 AM on September 29, 2010 [3 favorites]

This pigeon wants to do all kinds of things. Our playroom has an entire shelf of nothing but Mo Willems books. Pigeon, Knuffle Bunny, Elephant and Piggie, you name it. That guy has a taproot straight into my kid's amygdala or something.
posted by norm at 8:17 AM on September 29, 2010 [1 favorite]

This is exactly what I've always pictured Mo Willem's house (and lifestyle) looking like. What an awesome dude.
posted by ook at 9:08 AM on September 29, 2010 [3 favorites]

posted by ook at 9:10 AM on September 29, 2010 [1 favorite]

Mo Willems ROCKS. His new book with Jon Muth is such a touching story and the pictures are beautiful.
posted by morganannie at 11:10 AM on September 29, 2010

Mo Willems is all kinds of awesome, but I gotta admit the dude's kinda creepy looking.
posted by slogger at 11:33 AM on September 29, 2010 [1 favorite]

My daughter, like norm's child has every Mo Willems book she can find. For us adults he has his career as a radio cartoonist.
posted by TedW at 11:58 AM on September 29, 2010

Another Mo Willems fun fact: He was in a comedy troupe in college with members of The State.
posted by cottoncandybeard at 12:41 PM on September 29, 2010

Mo Willems is not creepy looking. Shel Silverstein was creepy looking.
posted by ook at 12:59 PM on September 29, 2010 [2 favorites]

I would be sorely tempted to recreate the hot dog/pigeon/chicken scenario in that dining room. Often.
posted by drowsy at 1:28 PM on September 29, 2010

I honestly don't know how we missed out on Mo Willems, but one of my kids came home from preschool one day and was like "DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS PIGEON WHO IS AWESOME?". Somehow his whole oeuvre had just passed me by.
posted by padraigin at 1:38 PM on September 29, 2010

I actually met Mo Willems my very first full day at college. I was at some freshmen-and-their-mentors orientation event, and I'd stayed behind chatting with my mentor after the thing ended for lack of anything to do -- and then with her friends when they came by to meet her. And when they were all going to head out to get coffee, she invited me along.

Mo was one of her friends, and all I remember of that entire afternoon was that he fidgeted a lot with the things at the table. At one point he launched into a lengthy monologue about something, but then finished by pointing out that we shouldn't pay any attention to him because, at that moment, he was wearing a napkin on his head.

He's one of my "glad someone I met a while back made good" people, along with Jesse L. Martin and Cote de Pablo.
posted by EmpressCallipygos at 4:16 PM on September 29, 2010

I understand this pigeon also seeks to stay up late.

AND wants a puppy! Be careful what you wish for....;-)

The last Knuffle Bunny came out this week...I wonder if this actually happened to the real Trixie.
posted by brujita at 10:02 PM on September 29, 2010

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