October 19

all-sequined sheath dresses, ridiculous ruffles, giant fake rhinestones

Tacky is also a way of saying, “That is too much.” It’s a way to say, “Hush.” You’re too loud, too bright, too attention-seeking. You take up too much space. You’re too costume-y. You’re too dramatic. Your excesses are not welcome here. Its antithesis is that old chestnut “flattering,” which, in my experience, applies to any item of clothing that makes you seem smaller than you are, both in personality and in physical size. (See also “tasteful,” which assumes a hell of a lot about whose taste you are trying to please.) An essay on tackiness, by Margaret Eby.
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An Anatomy of the Worst Game in ‘Jeopardy!’ History

"...yet still nothing could have prepared us for Tuesday night: the worst game in Jeopardy! history. That, my friends, is the moment that then–two-day winner Manny Abell became a three-day winner with a sum of one (1) dollar, besting his opponents’ combined total of zero (0) dollars. ... Our boy Manny, who entered Final Jeopardy in third, is responsible for the greatest abomination in the long history of Jeopardy!dom. And he will get to come back for more."
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California bans salary history requirements

The new law, banning employers from asking about salary history, goes into effect Jan 1, 2018. AB 168 also requires employers to provide the pay scale on request - no more, "tell us what you made before, and we'll tell you if you might be a candidate for the position." [more inside]
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The Ad Man and the Opiate

How the Sacklers, especially Arthur, helped create the current opiod crisis.
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critters of youtube

dogs trying on halloween costumes | cats trying on halloween costumes
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I took the one less traveled by / And that has made all the difference

While Google Street View may have made it easy to see the world from a roadway (also, also), as well as other selected locations, allowing some people to curate artistic and fascinating vistas from the automated panoramas, since 1999 Untraveled road allows travelers to document scenic views themselves and identify must-see locations for fellow travelers. While focused on the United States and more specifically National Parks and Monuments, as well as US highways, Canada, England and Italy are also represented. If you don't know where to start, check out locations popular today.
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Crash crash crash, but not for real REALS

DestructionNation posted a series of videos where they drive virtual vehicles over 100 consecutive speed bumps at high speeds in the simulation video game, BeamNG.drive. Oddly relaxing and hypnotic.
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I think it is our national sin.

Gregg Popovich is head coach of the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs. At a time when black athletes and even black sports reporters are being targeted by Trump, Popovich has spent much of the past year stepping outside of his normally reserved role to use his white privilege in ways perhaps no white man in sports ever has.
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So you want to make a stamp? This letterboxer will walk you through every step - from choosing your rubber to carving tips & tricks. If you want reclaimed materials, try corks or styrofoam. Or you can use paper strips infused with glue. The versatile potato may also be your friend.
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Marmaduke is no longer a suspect

The strip in question shows Jon grabbing a cup on the counter and taking a big swig, apparently in the belief that it's filled with coffee. "Congratulations, Mr. Arbuckle," says Liz. "You are going to give birth to a fine, healthy litter of puppies." That Jon drinks dog semen has become an article of faith among many Garfield fans.

Was this interpretation right or was it wrong? For years the debate has raged, but we may finally have received a definitive answer:

Garfield Creator Jim Davis Denies That Jon Drinks Dog Semen In A 1990 Comic Strip
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Manipulative bastard, your name is C̸a̸t̸ Dog

Dogs really do turn on the puppy eyes when humans look at them, according to researchers studying canine facial expressions. Scientists have discovered that dogs produce more facial movements when a human is paying attention to them – including raising their eyebrows, making their eyes appear bigger – than when they are being ignored or presented with a tasty morsel (study).
[more inside]
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Even k9 failures are good dogs, Brent

They just don't care to sniff for bombs (slWaPo)
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So pure even my mom couldn't find anything negative to say

The cutest cockatiel sneezes you will ever see

Supplemental material:
Cockatiel sings to baby (sample comment: Magical moment caught on video. "Welcome to earth little one, may your journey be blessed" the cockatiel sings.)
Cockatiel sings Totoro theme
Cockatiel sings dubstep
Cockatiel plays the drum

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museum camouflage

Photographer Stefan Draschan haunts the art museums, waiting to capture photos of People Matching Artworks. Other projects include People Sleeping in Museums and Couples Matching.
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I think I may sneeze.

The complete (so far) Gazorra TNG Edits. Returning to the internet thanks to the deniably plausible youtuber Byron Hussie. A fresh new shelf for a mefi fave (Previously. Very Previously.) Because unceasing suffering needs some laugh breaks. [more inside]
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The Players' Tunnel

The players' tunnel at Stadion Rajko Mitić in Belgrade is infamous. Why? Experience the walk for yourself (loud volume!) on the day of the Eternal Derby.
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'Tis the no'

“Look, I don't mean to be hyperbolic (I do), but trust me when I say that candy corn is quite possibly the biggest possible affront to the world's best food group. (No disrespect meant if you're one of those people who love the controversial kernels, but let's talk because I have a lot of questions for you.) Whatever your opinions on the waxy pellets of sugary doom, I'm pretty sure that we can agree on this: candy corn most certainly does not belong on pizza.” [via: Teen Vogue]
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Good morning! Ecological Armageddon is Here

Three-quarters of flying insects in nature reserves across Germany have vanished FROM The Guardian: “Insects make up about two-thirds of all life on Earth [but] there has been some kind of horrific decline,” said Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University, UK, and part of the team behind the new study. “We appear to be making vast tracts of land inhospitable to most forms of life, and are currently on course for ecological Armageddon. If we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.” [more inside]
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All in the game

Davon Mayer was a smalltime dealer in west Baltimore who made an illicit deal with local police. When they turned on him, he decided to get out – but escaping that life would not prove as easy as falling into it
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We did this.

After almost a month of coalition negotiations, 37 year old Jacinda Ardern will be New Zealand’s second-youngest Prime Minister ever. [more inside]
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Blackcurrant cordial with hot water

‘Just let her do the album by herself’: An oral history of Bic Runga’s Drive
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October 18

beyond the trailers

After the runaway success of his music for the Inception trailer (Mind Heist) Zack Hemsey talks about his process and how he moved from hip-hop to orchestral compositions and the equipment he uses. [more inside]
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She had become the unwanted mad

Culture profoundly shapes our ideas about mental illness, which is something psychologist Nev Jones knows all too well. David Dobbs writes about her experience at the intersection of culture, mental health, and academia. [more inside]
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Powerless Posing

When the Revolution came for Amy Cuddy. Amy Cuddy's 2012 TED Talk on power posing is the site's second most popular, viewed 43 million times. But after the reproducibility of her research was questioned, things have gone south in a complicated fashion. This NYT article discusses the controversy, the main players and the background behind the reproducibility problems (previously) in social psychology. [more inside]
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It was the early days of the graphic novel

The Bayeux Tapestry - all of it, from start to finish. (SLYT)
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The diary of Alex Case, researcher.

Xi is happier now. She opened up to me about how much she hates the life here. She said she dreams about The Sick Land. Although her academic career has been mal anthropology, she's planning to leave the field. She doesn't want to think about it for the rest of her life.

I can relate to her view. There's something different about being here. It makes you look at the research with new eyes. A lot of the stuff they've found out is horrible. When it was just pages in a book, I don't think I even noticed. [more inside]
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Garth Greenwell on escape, and finding himself...

"I became an opera singer because I failed ninth-grade English..."
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Empathy requires inquiry as much as imagination.

"...And so it was with a familiar disappointment that Somalis watched as details of the attack failed to headline broadcast news or resonate globally on social media. There was no impromptu hashtag of solidarity, no deluge of television coverage. It was as if the bombing were just another incident in the daily life of Somalis—a burst of violence that would fade into all the other bursts of violence. The lack of public empathy was startling but not surprising." [more inside]
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Always look for the helpers

California wildfires continue to rage but one doctor managed to rescue several newborn babies on his motorcycle. Devastating fires have been burning counties in Northern California for weeks now, leading to massive property destruction, death, and a healthcare crisis. New fires are cropping up in Santa Cruz County and Sausalito and Dublin. Fires have been worsened by a perfect storm of fire-favorable conditions. In addition to paid firefighters, incarcerated women are being paid $1/hour for fighting on the front lines.
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Rageaholic has matched over 200,000 YouTube videos to the last 20 years of ABC1's rage playlists in an easy to use interface. (They also have a free app: Google Play / Apple). The videos are a diverse mix of mainstream and rare music across many genres, including many little-known Australian, alternative and independent bands. (Via.) Also see: The The 30 Best 'Rage' Guest Playlists Ever. [more inside]
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The confusion (and history) of Catalonia's efforts towards autonomy

The Catalonian desire for independence goes back almost 400 years, though the siege and ultimate surrender of Barcelona to Philip V, king of Spain was a key turning point. In fact, the Eleventh of September in Catalonia has been synonymous with large demonstrations in support of Catalan independence since 1714, when Barcelona fell to the troops of Philip of Bourbon. Since then, Catalonia has been a part of Spain, but with varying levels of regional independence. It is now facing a very real deadline: Carles Puigdemont, the region’s president, must clarify if the region declared independence by Thursday, October 19, 2017, as Spain is ready to impose direct rule on Catalonia on eve of this deadline. [more inside]
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"You’re gonna show up naked sometimes."

Lin-Manuel Miranda interviews and writes about Stephen Sondheim (slnyt) for the New York Times Style Magazine's 2017 Greats Issue (slnyt).
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I, for one, welcome our new robot Go masters

Deep Mind reports a new Go-playing neural net. In 100 games against its predecessor — which defeated the human world champion — it won every game. It's vastly more efficient than its predecessor, because it uses a neural net to predict who's going to win instead of playing out a quick game from each possible lookahead. The network learned without access to expert human Go knowledge. It was trained entirely from self-play, and no knowledge of the game beyond board structure, legal moves and turn-taking built into the architecture and training schedule. [more inside]
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What can brown and furry do for you?

Sean McCarren has been working for UPS for 17 years now and is a proud "driver of the big brown truck," he told BuzzFeed News. One of the greatest perks of his job, he said, is the dogs he meets on his routes. "I wish we could just hang out with the families and their dogs all day, but it's just not feasible," McCarren said. He explained that he and other UPS drivers will often take their work breaks to play with these dogs who run up to their trucks or greet them when they come to people's front doors. Five years ago, McCarren was inspired to start a Facebook group — a community of sorts — for him and other UPS drivers to share photos and videos of their pup friends. He named it UPS Dogs. (Tanya Chen, BuzzFeed News Reporter) [Links to FB but should be viewable w/o an account]
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An Important Question Answered

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"We need the novel because paradise is always a lie"

the novel matters because it's fiction, and fiction, like truth, profoundly matters to the human species. In the age of Trump, when truth is so blatantly revealed as something dismissible, somehow simply no longer relevant, the novel matters even more, because to some extent we all live by fictions, we have all along survived by using them.
The novel in the age of Trump by Ali Smith.
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"I want tariffs. And I want someone to bring me some tariffs."

The US International Trade Commission has voted to proceed with a complaint filed by bankrupt solar manufacturer Suniva, joined by SolarWorld, under Section 201 of the 1974 Trade Act claiming imported cells and modules "caused significant harm" to US solar manufacturing. If ITC finds in Suniva's favor, they could vote to impose tariffs of $0.25/watt on cells , along with a floor price on modules of $0.74/watt. [more inside]
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The Future is Nothing but a Robot Punch

The long-awaited duel between America's Megabots and Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry has finally arrived (YT). [more inside]
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Gord Downie 1964-2017

Promise me, promise me,
They bury me some place I don't want to be,
You'll dig me up and transport me, unceremoniously,
Away from the swollen city-breeze, garbage bag trees,
Whispers of disease and the acts of enormity
And lower me slowly, sadly and properly
Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy

Gord Downie, lead singer of the Tragically Hip, has died.
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She made it sound like a bad-ass bitch boot camp

Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded
Content warning for abuse of all sorts, please tread carefully. [more inside]
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Jan van Hooff visits chimpanzee "Mama", 59 yrs old and very sick [Youtube] [more inside]
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I think punk did save me, and that music sounded like I felt

“My name is Chris Packham. What you probably don’t know about me, because I’ve been hiding it most of my life, is that my brain is different than yours because I’m autistic. I’ve spent 30 years on the telly, trying my best to act normal, when really I’m anything but.”

On October 17th, The National Autistic Society announced television presenter, photographer, naturalist, and campaigner Chris Packham as its new ambassador. On the same day, the BBC broadcast a documentary about his life with Aspergers: Asperger's and Me.
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How To Get Covered in London Parakeets

You will need an Oyster card, an apple, a sturdy constitution, and this Londonist guide to London's iconic feral parakeets.
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Vulcan, you are Cleared for Take-off

On 18th October 2007 G-VLCN, better known as XH558 took to the air for the first time in 14 1/2 years. [more inside]
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October 17

He did the mash, he did the Markov mash

Wikipedia Markov Masher takes your two topics and Markov-ily mixes their Wikipedia articles to generate simulated silliness. [more inside]
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Getting Buffett's number

Warren Buffett, Oracle or Orangutan? A statistical analysis of the Sage of Omaha's investing aptitude.
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New Atheism's Idiot Heirs or 2nd Wave Internet Skepticism

In the heydey of the internet messageboard, let’s say in the 1990s, a certain species of idiot materialized. He was male, aggressively pedantic, self-professedly logical, committed to the hard sciences, prone to starting sentences with “actually,” and almost always devoted to the notion that his disbelief in God imbued him with intellectual superiority. This archetype’s golden years were the 2000s, a decade that saw George W. Bush’s politicized creationism and the use of web forums peak in unison. [more inside]
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“Unimpressed women who don’t give a shit about you”

When you queef and he says it’s not that funny but you definitely aren’t going to be mature about it. (all links NSFW!)

When you can’t reconcile your need for independance with your fear of being alone.

When you’re leaving the motherfucking office.

When he can’t find the condoms.

When your friend promises there will be food at this party so you skip dinner and when you arrive there isn’t one fucking charcuterie plate in sight. [more inside]
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Lord , Carry Him Now 🙏🏾

Celtics’ Gordon Hayward Suffers Gruesome Ankle Fracture in Opener [WARNING: Graphic Video of Injury of Fractured Ankle] [YouTube] “Less than six minutes into his first game as a member of the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, Gordon Hayward badly fractured his left ankle on a failed alley-oop attempt. The injury is a crushing blow to the Celtics in their quest for Eastern Conference superiority. Hayward, a forward who signed a four-year, $128 million contract with the Celtics in July, was to pair with Al Horford and Kyrie Irving in a new Big Three for a team that has been on the rise for the last several seasons. On the play, Hayward was leaping toward the basket to receive a pass from Irving when he became entangled with LeBron James and Jae Crowder of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hayward landed on his left foot, which twisted in gruesome fashion under him as he crumbled to the floor.” [via: The New York Times]
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"performance claims without benchmarks probably aren't true"

A scientific test of keyboard latency. "Gaming" keyboards are middle-of-the-road, while the lowest-latency keyboard tested is about the last thing you'd think of for computer gaming.
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