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Woot, the top two photos on the Merci Trains page are both from the one in Oregon. I can't wait to visit this the next time I'm down in Coos Bay. [more]
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Movie: Addams Family Values
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Maybe call a local garage door specialist type person to see if they have heard of similar problems before? There must be some common cause of this kind of problem they've run into over the years, right? [more]
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falameufilho, Scott Adams draws community ire here for two reasons, one is personal taste related, the other is more philosophical. So there's the question of whether or not you find Dilbert funny. That's pure personal taste. I thought the strip… [more]
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Note from admin: This thread gets a special treatment [more]
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I had high blood pressure all my life as a kid. I exercised like crazy, ate well, and was in great shape, but always clocked in a bit higher than normal. I never took medication for it, but the doctors always told me that when I grew up I'd probably… [more]
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Movie: Repo Man
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I spent 3 years of college working at pizza places on nights and weekends. Every transaction ended with "thanks, and enjoy your pizza!" as I handed them the box. I did it thousands of times over the years. Years later after I graduated… [more]
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I can't recall a single IMDB board comment that ever enlightened me or changed my mind about a film. Good riddance. [more]
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Movie: Edge of Tomorrow
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Movie: The Big Lebowski
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oooh, I like that, joshfrai. How about:Questionable Assumptions [more]
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I'll leave things as-is for now and adjust if the demand is really there. I think today we'll see a lot of questions and then they'll eventually peter out. [more]
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I do want to reiterate I'm sorry about flubbing this process in the beginning. There's definitely a huge obvious difference between I/P threads and anti-semetic stories coming out of Western Europe and I was conflating the two and being lazy about a… [more]
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St. Alia, if you think the presence of a photo of a dildo on the internet is... meanspirited... of all things well you just spoke volumes and I have no response. [more]
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Ha! Someone in my group of San Francisco friends noticed we were doing this way too much, and everyone made a pact that if anyone utters a Simpsons phrase, the conversation is officially over, with the thought that if you were truly saying… [more]
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Final update from the OP:Matt got in touch and said “so, with the benefit of hindsight, how do you get a job at public radio?” So, I decided to compile a six point list that reflects my experiences in public radio. [more]
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I wish more such people were publicly humiliated for their reprehensible abusive conduct. I wrote a story on my blog about how my parents (mostly my dad, but my mom too) would beat us with a belt about once a month or so, but worse than… [more]
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These are all magnificent but also damn, every custom chair looks incredibly uncomfortable. [more]
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I was so stoked to see this news. I think I've been to every zoo on earth that has a fishing cat, and I've only seen them not asleep once, and I've never seen one jump in the water. But seeing one in nature doing its thing, at least I have closure… [more]
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Please post photos, I'm dying to know what it looks like inside that place. Also, as a show of solidarity, I'll be wearing my sunglasses backwards on my neck all day. [more]
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little bits where Matt had the gist right but the details wrong. Yeah, before we talked about the fake suicide thing, I told him upfront I don't remember a lot of the nitty gritty details since it's been a few years and I was so angry… [more]
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We didn't always see eye to eye on things, and I used to play some little jokes on him in the early days because he frustrated me so, but I'm pretty bummed to hear about him passing. He was one of the very first usernames I recognized as coming back… [more]
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First off, I've been overworked and stressed out, and after seeing Joe Clark's post, and some others (like this one), I was tired of the "hurry up Matt, chop, chop, get it done already" attitude. So I kind of freaked out, and I'm sorry about that… [more]
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Jeff Bezos has this mantra that you need to align a business' needs with the customer, and how few businesses online actually do this. You see it all the time on ad-supported sites. You have lots of great content, but then you pitch newsletters… [more]
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Man, it pisses me off so much when someone abuses the entire community like this. It reminds me of the anon suicide questions. For the first couple ones that came in years ago, I used to go to great lengths to talk people down from the ledge… [more]
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Also, I forgot to add: "The longer we talk the more rational I will sound" will totally become a line nerd dudes will use on women after this movie becomes popular. [more]
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A post about this movie is quite possibly the entire reason we built this FanFare site. [more]
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pb, I don't even know where to start with this. When you first started helping out, it was a little over a year after I started doing MeFi full time and the code was absolute shit, and at first you could only work part-time one day a week to chip… [more]
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mrbill, the last thing you needed was the ER/ambulance bill hanging over you for the next few months. Again, I'm so sorry this happened and I'm glad I could be of some help. [more]
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I'm just saying if you have two... let's say mods, and one is female and one is male and they do more or less the same job on the same website to the same degree of competency, the female one will get more shit and more random aggressive (and… [more]
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My proposed action would be that all comments inferring, implying and down-right accusing other members in the way I have outlined above should be flagged for deletion by default. I disagree, mainly because it's sometimes helpful to stop… [more]
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Movie: Pontypool
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I'm perfectly ok with someone calling a thought I hold as hypocritical if it means I treat words directed at people in a group enduring thousands of years of oppression as different than words describing a group that was usually doing the oppressing… [more]
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And oddly, I've heard it used to describe behavior of guys being bullies in the IT world, not really used in any way to "bully" guys. When an IT jerk yells at you for being too stupid to join their WiFi and places blame on you and… [more]
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Huh, that's a weird first definition, I never associated it with gamers. I've most often heard it in Open Source circles, as a way to put down jerky programmers who have a know-it-all attitude, where if something isn't working for you, it's… [more]
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but to call this bullying and sexual harassment requires quite some imagination A male student wrote "Teach Naked" to a female teacher. It's basically saying "I want to see you naked." That is pretty much the standard… [more]
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omg this is glorious. [more]
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For anyone wondering why others like it, it's just methadone for coca-cola addicts. I've known my entire life I shouldn't put sugary swill into my body but I did it daily for 30 years, and I went cold turkey in 2016, so I just replace it with La… [more]
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Katie Couric's repeated use of the noun "transgenders" in this video Wow. Reminds me of the uncomfortableness I feel when I hear old white people talk about "illegals" as a noun. Super gross way to talk about people. [more]
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I'm not a fan of traditions that make no sense, so for my wedding we kind of threw out the book on things and started from scratch. Here's the guiding principle for everything, especially if you're paying for it completely out of your pocket like… [more]
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The thing that stuck with me from this episode is all the recordings of Gutierrez made me wonder if Adnan is in jail now because her delivery sounds so irritating if you had to sit and listen to it for weeks on end. When they play the 2-3 minute bit… [more]
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Now if you would just apologize for calling it a crazy conspiracy video, we can probably close this out. You're right, my bad, I shouldn't have called it a "crazy conspiracy". I meant to say it's batshit insane to blame… [more]
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The question was phrased so the irritable-ness carried through, but I think we've all been in that position at a party many times for whatever specialized thing we do. I once told someone I made money with a website and got the loud "oh, so you run a… [more]
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Artisinal Denim
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Who doesn't seem especially fondof Metafilter. I've seen this repeated in a few places, but no matter how many times I read Jason's post, I see no hint of negativity towards MetaFilter. He's just saying there are a lot of words here, whole… [more]
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