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21 minutes from hi nice to meet you to physical threat of violence. Jesus, I hope she called the cops on this guy or least got him banned from the service. [more]
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No, but this kind of "ho ho ho aren't I a scamp flaunting my stuff in a not-really-flaunting-it way (but still, look at my stuff)" writing is not exactly charting the middle course between more conventionally recognizable douchebaggery… [more]
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Hey! It's that sound Jessamyn makes on the podcast when Josh talks about sci-fi nonsense! [more]
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Oh shit, retired tag, y'all [more]
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Movie: The Big Lebowski
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The only piece of info I have on anything aside from what is public on the site is your IP when you make posts to mefi. If the fascist pig cops came after me with guns blazing, that's the only piece of info I could give. But then again, I have a… [more]
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Jesus, this sucks. I was just thinking about Aaron the other day, and how I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks. I was going to tweet at him to see if he was well, but then I remembered he didn't answer me the last time I tweeted at him so I never… [more]
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Movie: Furious 7
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Testing testing
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Argh, saw this on Twitter and you made me load MetaTalk! I broke my streak! [more]
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RIP Bill Zeller
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Someone wanted to post this anonymously, so I'll go ahead and copy what they wrote me: My mother was your wife. A few years ago, after my parents had been married for nearly 35 unhappy years, she died of cancer because her illness had progressed over… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 2 weeks ago

9: ColdChef goes six feet under
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I actually, no fooling, got my goodbye thread printed up into a book. I suggest mathowie do the same with this one. So much love. That's a terrific idea, I will get a book print of this thread when it closes next month. That, along… [more]
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is there any way that we could resurrect the img tag, but only for Matt? [more]
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Holy shit that was fantastic. I had no idea what the movie was going to be about, just heard it was good and I was not at all disappointed. Really good story, good action, made me tear up a few times. It was as if they made The Incredibles 2:… [more]
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I have to say that was really satisfying. It was silly, over the top, endlessly entertaining, and never took itself too seriously. The action sequences were nuts and the whole thing felt like an Avengers movie. I was looking forward to this movie for… [more]
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So tomorrow at some point, you'll hear a podcast we recorded just before this post went live and it will probably sound very strange both because I had no idea how people would take the news so I didn't know how to talk about it in the future but in… [more]
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That was pretty remarkable as an episode. If anything, I wish the host would offer up an unedited version of the live gig, since I imagine it went on for an hour or so of talking and I'd love to hear more about it. The funny thing is I can play… [more]
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FanFare comment - 3 weeks ago

oooh, I should be like that creator of the GIF guy that tells everyone to pronounce it wrong by saying once and for all I always intended people to pronounce MeFi as May-Fay and watch the battles that follow. Congrats, Dr iamkimiam! As a PhD, you… [more]
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for some reason I found the account of the killing of Bobbie's horse so much harder to take in the book Yeah, I was really dreading this scene in the movie since it's excruciating in the book. They shot the horse in one shot in the film… [more]
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FanFare comment - 4 weeks ago

/ \--..____ \ \ \-----,,,.. \ \ \ \--,,.. \ \ \ \ ,' \ \ \ \ ``.. \ \… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - Last month

If you're using a DVI connection, every few months you should unplug it from your computer, put the plug up to your mouth (put your t-shirt over it first) and blow out the dust. It's kinda like the old NES cartridges, but when you get a bunch of dust… [more]
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Did you guys update your graphics card drivers recently? I'm not seeing what you're seeing. [more]
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I would watch an entire separate series called Arya and The Hound. [more]
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FanFare comment - Last month

How to Make an Accused Rapist Look Good [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

I should share that I talked to this reporter for a good long while (45min?) and the fishfucker line was the definitely the highlight, but I was surprised to see all that interview time just end up being one or two sentences in the larger piece. [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

Plastolux is a cool modern architecture blog that is getting kind of cluttered looking after many years but I go there for the content, which is a pleasant diversion from my work day, to imagine being in any one of those homes. Cabin Porn is a… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - Last month

also: bribes [more]
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Sr. Cardoso, this is Matt, reporting for final duty. ░░░░░F░E░E░L░░T░H░E░░░░ ▀██▀─▄███▄▀██─██▀██▀▀█ ─██─▐██─██▌██─██─██▄█─ ─██─▐██─██▌▐█▄█▌─██▀█─ ▄██▄█▀███▀──▀█▀─▄██▄▄█ [more]
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I liked the episode personally. It was a vacation/paternity week off for the hosts, but felt like an interesting internet story to tell, much like their others. When they reveal who uploaded the new videos I was TOTALLY on board with hearing more and… [more]
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FanFare comment - Last month

Sounds like they edited the first few minutes of the show, so they do mention Paul Ford's Medium article now. I'm so happy with how this episode turned out, every few weeks I drop Alex an email with ideas, but after I saw them gushing over the… [more]
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A few years ago I stayed at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, because I always wanted to try it out. It has everything you ask for, but is very expensive. Outside of that, I've stayed at a couple different places in La Jolla on the beach… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - Last month

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Luckily, the only collarbone break I've suffered was at birth (it happens all the time to kids, one of mine is bent at a crazy angle from the delivery break) and I've been lucky in every bike crash to spare my collarbone (did lose a wrist a couple… [more]
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The thing that stuck with me from this episode is all the recordings of Gutierrez made me wonder if Adnan is in jail now because her delivery sounds so irritating if you had to sit and listen to it for weeks on end. When they play the 2-3 minute bit… [more]
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The plus side of always hiring people smarter than me is that leaving them in charge means it's a net positive for everyone involved. I'm really happy with how well everyone on the team took the news and am excited to enjoy the site as a user and see… [more]
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Huh, I thought for sure it was on FanFare by now, but no dice. I listened to the first two episodes and was blown away by the care and knowledge the hosts bring. I mean, I've read Ask MeFi for 12 years now, so I thought I was good at dispensing… [more]
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Biketown, USA
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MeFi post - Last month

I hope ReplyAll does a podcast and tracks down whoever -jgs is, and we find out they crouch over an old typewriter with reams of paper creating new ASCII artworks. [more]
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102: Retired
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to compare anyone to Bono dude, I'm just talking about the paralells with dayjobs and musicians, and plucked a name out of thin air. At one point, everyone that was good at something was bad at it, and probably boring to watch practice… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

Holy shit, I made SO MANY dot-matrix banners in PrintShop on my c64. I think my parents returned home to find them on the garage door constantly in about 1983. [more]
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Imagine if it were 1980, and's latest post said this: I can't believe I'm finally doing it. Today was a big day at the factory. After lunch, I had a few pints, talked with my mates about getting serious and then I just did it. I… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

You shouldn't compare this to Gruber, but Andrew Sullivan. A couple years back he asked for donations with no promises of what was to come, and no secret content of any kind. Anyone remember how he did on it? He pulled in over $80k in a few days… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

Ok, just to recap, today you had your first Ask MeFi comment deleted. You made a small joke about snakes & the Occupy Movement in a thread where someone was looking for non-chemical alternatives to fixing their slow draining plumbing. Below the… [more]
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