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I love this article because I have virtually no clue what the world of fashion blogs are like, and I'm constantly baffled by what kinds of things can garner 27k likes on Instagram and why that is (just a picture of shoes, really?). That... [more]
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MeFi comment - 15 hours ago

So do we get a gear list? Yeah, go back in the archives and I describe pretty much everything I rode on and carried. I'll write some posts next week about reflections on it and what I would do if I did it over again tomorrow.... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 3 days ago

Oops, I should have put this up on Projects. [more]
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I'm just saying if you have two... let's say mods, and one is female and one is male and they do more or less the same job on the same website to the same degree of competency, the female one will get more shit and more random aggressive (and... [more]
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Seriously though, I like that unicode flag and would totally consider swapping the [!] someday for a [⚑] instead. [more]
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Jesus, this sucks. I was just thinking about Aaron the other day, and how I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks. I was going to tweet at him to see if he was well, but then I remembered he didn't answer me the last time I tweeted at him so I never... [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

My proposed action would be that all comments inferring, implying and down-right accusing other members in the way I have outlined above should be flagged for deletion by default. I disagree, mainly because it's sometimes helpful to stop... [more]
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Yes, if you felt like taking a couple shots / describing your setup and gear for this trek, that'd be swell. Before I took off I did this post on the blog. I also did a couple posts on what is in my bags, but mostly it's just one set of... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 5 days ago

Movie: The Fault in Our Stars
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FanFare post - 5 days ago

Man, it pisses me off so much when someone abuses the entire community like this. It reminds me of the anon suicide questions. For the first couple ones that came in years ago, I used to go to great lengths to talk people down from the ledge... [more]
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Yeah, like Dumbo's magic feather, I imagine every comment had an implied sincerity flag already since the dawn of the site. [more]
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. body, .recently, .tags, #sharelinks, #deck, #footer, #prevDiv, #prevDiv2 {background:#663399!important;} .copy, .comments {color:white;} .smallcopy {color:#ccc;} a:link{color:#cc0;} a:visited{color:#cc9;} a:hover{color:white;} a:active{color:#ffc;}... [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Give me your most jargon-filled work-related statements
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Ask MeFi post - 7 days ago

I'd be surprised if there weren't anyone out there doing a false flag thing as a roundabout way of attacking their enemies. Here's the thing that is nuts to me. This could be a random person trying to "get" the company from a... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 7 days ago

I read on Kumail Nanjiani's Twitter before the episode played that we were being set up for "the most elaborate dick joke ever on TV" and I seriously doubted it, but man was that epic, and hilarious, and I think he was right.... [more]
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FanFare comment - 7 days ago

I liked the build-up of the painful push to a launch day demo, but it was kind of a bummer there was no pay-off at the end, that the demo descended into chaos and that was it (which was funny, but still I wondered where the story was going to go).... [more]
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FanFare comment - 7 days ago

Net Neutrality day: September 10th
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MetaTalk post - 8 days ago

I'm fairly sure if a Mefite started posting hateful anti-feminist things on Twitter targeting and naming specific feminists on Mefi, that would be brought up and made public pretty quickly This has happened before. We don't give people... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 8 days ago

Burying a thread like this is exactly what I was concerned about. And yet, the thread is here, and was approved quickly after it went into the queue, so what do you oppose exactly?... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 8 days ago

Yep crayz, if someone emails or has a facebook group or IM or other offsite mention of you, feel free to take it up with them, preferably in that other venue rather than drag it all here.... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 8 days ago

About a year ago I researched getting our plumbing fixed so we could have decent water pressure. The house I moved into a couple years back had the worst wimpy showers I've ever used. You could barely get shampoo out of your hair. Not wanting to rip... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

Depending on how many times they have done this (and it appears they have done this a lot), this is a 20 year felony. Plus conspiracy to commit forgery. I decided to finally sit down and contact the Mississippi courts about this. I called... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 10 days ago

More like Freezer Burned out
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MeFi post - 10 days ago

Whoa, someone from GE Appliances found this on Twitter and responded. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 11 days ago

It could be fake, but it seemed real and the guy usually seems pretty honest in his videos. I can't believe it took him 692 episodes to realize the pointlessness of everything.... [more]
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MeFi comment - 11 days ago

Yeah, zarq, the CDA is still pretty tight and grants operators of forums pretty good insulation from what happens on their system by users. I'm actually not stressed out about this at all, I wouldn't bother with a civil suit, I haven't suffered at... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 12 days ago

Every flashback about Suzanne/Crazy Eyes was heart breaking. [more]
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FanFare comment - 12 days ago

corb, those are all time-intensive solutions on the mod side to research and track every thread where they come up, and note it on every user with a history of behaving that way in those threads -- what I'm saying is we're doing the best we can as... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 12 days ago

Last year Bicycling Magazine did a huge article on the history of bike helmets and how generally poorly designed they are, and how the best helmets come from Europe and why most helmets in America are lagging way behind. Other links in this thread... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 12 days ago

The secret Chipotle Nachos where you just buy a burrito bowl but ask them to substitute chips instead of rice is so fucking simple and brilliant that I'm kicking myself for never thinking of it before.... [more]
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MeFi comment - 12 days ago

Yeah, I get the chinese fake trademark warnings all the time, they scared me at first until I found out they were low-level scams. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 12 days ago

[yeah, things are getting a bit heated here, I'd like everyone to take a step back and reconsider how their comments add to the original points being made in the post please.... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 12 days ago

FWIW, this appears to be scoped per-subsite and not metafilter-wide Dang, sorry about that. I'll ping the people behind it to see if they can set their hide cookies to be domain-wide instead of per-subdomain.... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 12 days ago

As someone enjoying my first Star Trek viewings over on FanFare, this is the coolest thing ever and maps more closely with how I thought I'd enjoy Star Trek for the first time.... [more]
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MeFi comment - 13 days ago

They might cut the dependence on the iphone for gps/wifi I would LOVE to be able to go for a run without my phone on me, using the watch to measure distance and bluetooth music to my headphones, but it sounds like the first version of... [more]
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MeFi comment - 13 days ago

So it's just a nicer looking nomad? This was supposed to be a big deal? [more]
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MeFi comment - 13 days ago

Defendant Friedman I can't believe I missed this until today, but yeah, I think that's some of the original court order they forgot to edit out.... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 13 days ago

Also, I forgot to add: "The longer we talk the more rational I will sound" will totally become a line nerd dudes will use on women after this movie becomes popular.... [more]
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FanFare comment - 13 days ago

MeFi State of the Update
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MetaTalk post - 14 days ago

Thanks for the detailed analysis, plinth! [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 14 days ago

This is my first attempt at a flip-off for Coldchef [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 14 days ago

Cue lots of frantic clicking noises Normally I cut out keyboard noises (sometimes cortex answers a contact form email in the middle of a podcast while jessamyn or I are rambling on) but I thought the clicker clicky sounds were so... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

Get your attorneys to send this company an ESI preservation letter and a notice of claim or presuit demand. This is bullshit. What jurisdiction is the crime taking place in? They forged Mississippi documents, but did it from an IP in... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

96: The Great Flip-Offening
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MetaTalk post - 2 weeks ago

Downtown Courtyard Marriott: My IP was reported as Thanks SpiffyRob, that's the exact same IP as the original contact. So I'm 1000% sure now that they sent it from that exact location, and it sounds like you just walked... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

Silicon Valley: Signaling Risk
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FanFare post - 2 weeks ago

From the OP:To answer a couple of things: I did ask my PCP about this the last time I was in. I asked whether I could have my hormone levels checked because this is out of control. Her response was that it wouldn't matter because in women it... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 2 weeks ago

It's never too late, pjern. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

[crayz, don't bring offsite drama here, period] [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

Holy shit, doing a bit more IP digging, I get a Courtyard by Marriot in Pennsylvania from that IP, which is *drumroll* the state where Sundance Vacations is based.... [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

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