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Not Featured: "Waterlillies" or "The Kiss"
My first apartment? Well, technically my first apartment was so very small that all the wall space was either radiator, door or bookshelf. My first posters were one of Morrissey back before I knew how racist he was and one from that Clash On Broadway compilation. In college I had soulless posters (the famous Clash one) and then dorky posters (Sandman) plus one awesome poster (Love And Rockets, vintage, nineties, have it still in… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 1:24 PM on July 31, 2013

Women are writing science-fiction! Original! Brilliant!! Dazzling!!!
The "note to redditors" is hilarious but also very sad.

What a great list! I am going to share it with an SF class I facilitate. Happy to see Aliette De Bodard on there - she is a really terrific and very unusual writer.
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 8:23 AM on July 31, 2013

Amazon’s practices are detrimental to the nation’s economy
Making a "grand bargain" with a bunch of corporations is no bargain at all. We know that a "bargain" with corporations basically means "let's give you tax incentives; once you've wrung everything you can out of us, you'll split town".
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 12:33 PM on July 30, 2013

"The need for diapers is 'practically infinite'"

So the woman mentioned in the FPP would apparently rather starve than wash a soiled cloth diaper. I can't get worked up over this...

It just so happened that I lived with a friend who was using cloth diapers and was...well, let's say, Very Broke. She could use our washer and drier for free at any point, so she didn't have the "deal with the laundromat" issue. Babies go through a lot of diapers. You need a diaper pail, which… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 6:36 AM on July 30, 2013

As for the laundering...from my limited experience, you can do this without the washing machine. I grew up poor, had poor relatives, and am old enough that some people still used cloth because that's what they've always done. I could be remembering things incorrectly, but seemed like a lot of the people I knew used cloth. They way I remember this being done was that the diaper was emptied in the toilet. You sloshed it around until you got the big stuff off. Pop the diaper
… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 10:14 AM on July 30, 2013

"We have 10 different babies from which you can select."
"Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever. I'm really awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children."

Ah, but Brave New World was the product of a better and more innocent time - in the… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 1:30 PM on July 26, 2013

The Doom that came to Doom
Kickstarter always strikes me as being heavily mythologized - like, "all it takes to do a complex project is money and a dream!!!" and "we can ipso facto do things better than the Big Guys, with their infrastructure, institutional memory and connections". When actually, if you're a Big Guy you have a lot more resources for getting things back on track or absorbing a failure than do a couple of people with $50,000. Not that some great things haven't come out of kickstarter,… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 6:34 AM on July 25, 2013

"But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl."
God, I'm old. I saw Clueless with a friend while home from college for the summer. I thought it was great, actually. On technical points it glorifies wealth and bad values in general....but so does Emma, and Emma has always been one of my very favorite novels. I thought it was a great re-imagining of the book - not a stodgy, inevitably ahistorical and politically retrograde costume film like so many movies based on Austen but something… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:42 AM on July 20, 2013

Hi my name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way
I get the feeling that this annoys goths and fanficcers in the same way 'Star Trekkin' annoys Trekkers. Nevertheless, I felt I had to share.

Actually, it was a fanfic-writing friend of mine who told me about this whole thing. He got an enormous kick out of all this stuff. (And also linked me to all things pertaining to Mina de Malfois. I occasionally re-read Mina de Malfois when I need cheering up.)
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 10:09 AM on July 19, 2013

Welcome to Pismodise
So sick of this generation-bashing all over the internet. Perhaps some people who were born between 1946 and 1964 created the financial crisis or real estate bubbles. And perhaps some people in Generation X or Y participated in those things as well. Most of us just go to work and try to live our lives. Sick of people bashing the baby boom over Social Security as well - hey, if you all don't want to continue the program just give me back the $100,000 I've contributed and I'll call it… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:13 PM on July 18, 2013

Orange is the New Black
I haven't watched this yet - it's on my List - but this passage? Does not make me want to watch it (I still will, I swear). Prison is just like college, (except with bars and guards and no freedom) and it's a learning experience that everyone should look forward to and want to have!

I mean, if you do your time and come out with some insights, that's great and more power to you. But trying to sell imprisonment as this valuable learning experience makes me want to
… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:37 AM on July 15, 2013
First, the show is set in a prison and it does not grapple seriously with the actual issues facing women in prison. It is not dark enough, and doesn't show the depth of the abuse that women suffer behind bars. I will not accept anything other than unflinching, socially conscious verisimilitude in my streaming TV offerings.

I would argue that there's a categorical difference between a show set in a prison and a show set at - for example - a college, a… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 12:49 PM on July 15, 2013
I don't actually believe that for a second, it's just hilarious coincidence, but still... wow. A comparison of this screed to the actual show should appear in their press packet, because DAMN.

Well, actually, when I was going home yesterday I realized that I had kind of done what we all hate when others do it - jumping in early in the thread with a lot of unsubstantiated stuff - and I recognize that I should not have done it. Prison issues are a… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 2:01 PM on July 17, 2013

"...we should take a close look at repealing compulsory education."
It's funny - I tend to be most interested in an intellectual tradition which is skeptical of the enlightenment and the unified subject, tends to decry virtually everything that has actually been achieved in terms of social justice as being reformist (and therefore doomed to fail - which actually is the hazard of half-measures), etc.

And essentially I agree with all that.

But the things that have been happening lately make me… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:52 AM on July 17, 2013
This whole thread is a mishmash of sneer. Isn't possible to show disdain with better ideas? Denial of obvious problems with any system isn't a solution.

And that's because no one with any political power is actually interested in the "obvious problems" - kids struggling in school, broke schools, kids who don't have enough to eat, etc. People are interested in pretending that they care about the "obvious problem"… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:59 AM on July 17, 2013

Zimmerman acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin
This brings back something for me: a long time ago, I lived in a house next door to a place there was a murder. One of my housemates was a young black woman. She saw most of the murder - not the critical moment, but she saw the quarrel through a window and saw the victim run out fatally stabbed to die on the street in the rain. The cops came, and then they left for a while, and they left the body out there, uncovered, in the rain for 14 hours until my housemate called the mayor's office. (I… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 4:28 AM on July 14, 2013

"The bloodiest battles took place in the marketing meetings"

What I think he's really doing is breaking Sears up into salable pieces or pieces that can become corporations in their own right with separate stock, and sweetening those pieces by transferring long term liabilities from them to the parts he knows won't sell or be able to stand on their own; then, when he's sold or hived off the artificially sweetened good pieces, collecting massive executive bonuses and options along the way, the moribund remainder, now crammed with
… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 7:35 PM on July 12, 2013
So basically, the product of the business is no longer widgets or even dividends - it's fancy jobs for the already-rich. When you stop seeing businesses as about providing a product, a service or even an ego boost and start seeing them as all about being a jobs farm and a money distribution system for the elite, a lot of confusing business decisions suddenly start to make sense.
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 7:37 PM on July 12, 2013

I've looked at appliances at many times. Their site is actually pretty sweet. You can filter your search to show you a list of pretty much EXACTLY what you are looking for. However, I don't own any of these products because the store didn't offer delivery. How in the fuck am I going to get a stove to my house myself? And I'm sure as shit not going to order it online and have it shipped via Fedex. Can you imagine the cost of that? How are you going to make money by
… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 10:11 AM on July 13, 2013

I would be interested to hear folks' readings in terms of gender, race and sexuality stuff.

Things that jumped out at me:

1. Initial uneasiness about reconfigured Janelle Monae with her hair down and girlier clothes. On the one hand, I'm a very non-femme person but I used to get a huge kick out of wearing vintage dresses; playing with costume and gender presentation is good. And I hope that it's fun and productive for Janelle Monae. At the… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 2:03 PM on July 9, 2013
Which is funny my read wasn't "less butch" then the tuxedo jacket look, it was that she was kind of terrifying. She's like Janis Josplin having a Galadreiel Tempetation moment, a screaming wailing hurricane of fake fur and hair that looks like it might explode at any moment. This is less Arch Android and more "Primal force of nature here to fuck. your. shit. up."

And I mean, this video is really hard to read. I think that's a very… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 2:21 PM on July 9, 2013
I mean, she is amazing. She's able to be innovative and intellectual in ways that most women performers do not have the space to be. Even someone really cerebral like Santigold doesn't, I feel, get as much space.
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 2:23 PM on July 9, 2013
The Q.U.E.E.N. video makes me hope she's the next Doctor Who

I would...gee, I dunno, pay good money or sign a petition or do some other fannish yet persuasive thing (and also start watching Dr. Who, a show I've never really gotten into due to the gender stuff) if Janelle Monae were the next doctor. She would be so fucking perfect.
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 2:27 PM on July 9, 2013
I definitely don't read this as "Janelle Monae Gets Sexed Up in Preparation to Sell More Records" as your post seems to fear.

The thing is, I am uncertain to what degree I am projecting onto Monae a set of concerns about being a young queer woman of color trying to make it as a musician - an enormously talented and obviously really smart young woman, of course, surrounded by a bunch of enormously smart and talented collaborators. The thing… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 4:48 PM on July 9, 2013
Is there some Official Radical Queer Theory Politburo that determines the party line on these things, or just a bunch of people being extremely cruel to each other on tumblr?

Surely you know the answer to this question.

(Or really, People Being Cruel To Each Other On Tumblr constitute a terrible Big Other for which we all perform.)

Actually, this song reminds me a bit of "Make The Bus, in terms of… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 7:48 PM on July 9, 2013

Further Materials Toward a Theory of the Man-Child
Deep down inside, the Young-Girl has the personality of a tampon: she exemplifies all of the appropriate indifference, all of the necessary coldness demanded by the conditions of metropolitan life.

The "theory of the Young-Girl" as I understood it (read it, it put me off Tiqqun, honestly - a surprising number of European anarchists are really fucking misogynist, from the rape-apologists in Greece to these dudes) names and describes the figure… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 10:25 AM on July 9, 2013
Apparently anyone who decides not to reproduce is a man-child, according to her definition. I know a lot of (dumb) people who share this view, but somehow I don't think the author is as forward looking as she proclaims.

I would be astonished if that's what she actually meant - I think it's just clumsy writing. I think what she's trying to say is that to 'grow up' involves making choices about how you want to live, one of which is… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 10:43 AM on July 9, 2013
Now, I say this lovingly, and I say it as a person who regularly struggles with the same feeling, but: it is very easy to assume that 'difficult' or 'uses specialized language' is the same as 'bad'. Texts are for different audiences, serve different purposes, attempt to use language differently. Writers are different from each other. Some people have brilliant ideas and struggle to articulate them; some people write like angels (to borrow from Margery Allingham) but have… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:43 AM on July 9, 2013

but instead it kind of seemed like the authors went full-circle past meta-irony and into sincerity and forgetting that the whole "man-child" construct was meta-ironic, and rediscovered popular front communism or mussolini or something

That's a good point! She really does go from that whole 'Man Child as-if-Young-Girl' thing to "this is how men-children really are". You don't suppose she's doing it in order to reproduce… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:47 AM on July 9, 2013
What a depressing thread. Do I really need to point out that if you refer to the author as "she," inadvertently revealing that you haven't even read the byline (or this FPP!) carefully enough to realize that the article was written by two people, not one, then it's fairly doubtful you put in enough effort to determine whether an article about French theory was insightful or not?

We're not - or shouldn't be - aiming to… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:51 AM on July 9, 2013
But I don't understand why you would write something on what is, basically, an introductory-level forum most of the time (the Internet) at a level that seems weirdly inaccessible. Unless New Inquiry wants specifically to set itself up as a community that requires a certain intellectual entry fee to participate, which is fine, but then, if it's a closed community type thing, it seems like weird fodder for a MeFi post without further context.

See, here's… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 12:21 PM on July 9, 2013
Also, I add that on re-read, being all "I am a practiced reader" comes across way differently than I meant it to. I was trying to say that because I've read a lot of random stuff over many years, I read really quickly and have a big vocabulary, and thus certain things are easy for me, but it's much more like someone being able to add numbers quickly because they need to add a lot than like someone who is actually a mathematician. This always comes to mind because I… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 12:31 PM on July 9, 2013

I'm sorry I sarcastic-ed back at you, man.

Well, it was the kind of sarcasm that I would totally have favorited had it not been directed at me.

Here's the thing, for me: YOU are not doing that. So aren't you personally demonstrating that it's not necessary?

Here is what I am thinking:

1. I don't regularly use academic language,… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 1:45 PM on July 9, 2013

"..isn't a huge amount of money compared to what you save in welfare.."
Yet, Kimberly Jeffrey says she was pressured by a doctor while sedated and strapped to a surgical table for a C-section in 2010, during a stint at Valley State for a parole violation. Jeffrey, 43, was horrified, she said, and resisted.

“He said, ‘So we’re going to be doing this tubal ligation, right?’ ” Jeffrey said. “I’m like, ‘Tubal ligation? What are you talking about? I don’t want any procedure. I just want to have my baby.’ I went into a straight panic.
… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 3:57 PM on July 7, 2013

"He then looked up, and saw . . . former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal."
At the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, police conducted peremptory raids on the homes of protesters before the convention had even started. Police broke into the homes of people known to be activist rabble-rousers before they had any evidence of any actual crime. Journalists who inquired about the legitimacy of the raids and arrests made during the convention were also arrested. In all, 672 people were put in handcuffs. The arrest of Democracy Now journalist Amy… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:07 AM on July 7, 2013

It's My Day
I have observed that most moral panics involve things-centered-around-women, things-centered-around-"femininity" or things-centered-around-poor-people. Although in this case, the poor get married in insufficient numbers, so that's not relevant - unless you're writing an article about poor folks recklessly spending a lot of money on a wedding.

No, really, there's a story - and it's a story about consumption in general, but here it's the old familiar story about… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:06 AM on July 5, 2013
(I organize an annual two hour catered cocktail event for about 100 people at which everyone gets precisely one drink, canapes are tasty but the board does not groan, we have some floral arrangements and send most of the invitations by email....and that event typically costs in the neighborhood of $6500. It's not unreasonable to say "I'm getting married and it is expected that I will invite all my relatives and my partner's relatives and my friends and my partner's friends and provide them… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:10 AM on July 5, 2013

Running with the jackalopes
I'd of course prefer to think he was pulling the wool over the reporters eyes but I don't think it's the simplest scenario.

See, back when I was fifteen, I knew some kids who fibbed to stupid reporters who had showed up at our high school looking for a story about [cue eighties panic]....satanism!!!! Were there local satanists? Oh, of course there were!!! Lots and lots. Worshipping the devil in the abandoned Ovaltine factory down the street. Etc, etc.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:07 AM on July 4, 2013
Journalists are not expected to have encyclopedic knowledge, that's why they interview people.

See, I have done some journalism - not at a very high level, it's true - but I virtually always researched my topic in the course of writing my story and expected to go into interviews with some knowledge of both the interview subject and the topic. But I expect that the journalist in this case is poorly paid, under the gun and being… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:12 AM on July 4, 2013
(I used to do a similar thing back in the early days of BMX where I would explain Canada to American kids in Northern Michigan. Stuff like how we have winter tires for our bikes with nails and that our dad's stood guard while we BMXed to protect against polar bears. The best part was that we all lived much further south than the guys we were talking to.

Actually, I once convinced someone that we had grizzly bears (whose habitat is often described as… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:17 AM on July 4, 2013

Reporting Harassment at a Convention: A First-Person How To
Also, what the fuck is it in these conversations that it always comes around to "but maybe he was just socially awkward?"

A good mental trick for me in other contexts has been reminding myself to stop identifying with the oppressor - by analogy, many white folks read about a white person doing something really egregious that we ourselves would be unlikely to do on purpose and we get in the habit of thinking "but if it… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:06 AM on July 3, 2013
"All told, it sounds like the guy's probably a sleaze. But I'm afraid I'm never going to be comfortable with identifying a person as a sex offender on the basis of an unproven allegation rather than a conviction in a court of law. I'm just kinda old-fashioned about justice that way."

Okay, so how would this work?

Let's assume that "propositioning someone or groping them at a con" should… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 1:20 PM on July 3, 2013

I want to be totally confident that I’m offending the right people
Don’t say “bad”. “Bad” comes from the Old English “bæddel/bædling” which was a slur against effeminate men. Really. I’m not joking.

It seems like, while baeddel was a slur, it's not entirely clear that it is the root for "bad". And yet, this whole thing points to some interesting tensions in the current state of social justice thinking.

If "bad" does derive from a medieval slur, should we stop saying… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 12:17 PM on July 1, 2013
*Actually, I was told 'moron' was racist, not ableist, but this was just a couple of people on Tumblr and absolutely nobody else has ever got on my case about it or showed any sign of it traumatising them, so I still use that word.

Interesting! I'd encountered this on tumblr too, and it's a really interesting folk etymology: the idea is that "moron" was originally pronounced "maroon" and was an insult because it referred to the… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:20 AM on July 3, 2013

new to New York City and friendless

Of course not, but it definitely drives the conversation one way or the other. I have very few friends who are parents who spend a lot of time talking about things other than their children, at least at first.

See, the thing is, I don't even like kids that much. I mean, I like specific kids, but as a generality I can take or leave them. But I've found that interesting people can be pretty interesting about their kids -… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:05 AM on July 1, 2013

"Ahh, Cat Juggling. The sport of kings. Crazy, crazy kings."
This is just like when I was five years old and my mother explained that the cat lady down the street was just a lady that liked cats.

Some years ago, I worked in a large office building whose office culture was such that people would dress up at Halloween. One Halloween as I was returning to my grey little cube, I passed a young women with curly dark hair wearing fairly realistic cat ears whose attachment points were hidden by her hair and relatively… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 12:05 PM on June 27, 2013

Professional Cuddlers

A girl spontaneously talked to me at a bar the other day. She walked up to myself and a friend and said we should both be dancing (we had been) and that we shouldn't be afraid to get down (I'm really not), told me I'm not bad looking for a white guy but I should try to act a little more black (I am quite white. So was she.), put her hand my stomach and said I should hit the gym (I, uh, do, and I could stand to lose another 5-10 pound but damn are you just not used to the
… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 2:31 PM on June 25, 2013

Goodbye, Miami [?]
Just because no one is tracking every single person displaced by the increased frequency of extreme weather; doesn't mean they are not out there.

There's a guy down my block who was a Katrina refugee.

I think a mental block on this is simply that refugees don't look like what middle class USians expect. We've received so much media imaging that says that "refugees" are draggled people in camps somewhere who have… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 6:56 AM on June 25, 2013
Buyouts?! WTF?

It isn't really a "buyout" if the government gives you money for something worthless, is it?

Why do people who persist in building on flood plains or other areas deserve any buyouts? In particular, this is a group of people who, demographically, has generally been against "government handouts" in any form - who, statistically, have mocked us for our claims of "climate change coming".
… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 9:39 AM on June 25, 2013

As if baking wasn't complicated enough already
Okay, here is what I don't understand: why would you spend all this time printing out paper bits and pieces (as with the cupcakes) and assembling all this stuff and buying special paper and so on and then use nasty box cake and brownie mix? I get it, predictability of results, but I don't understand why someone wants to make something that will look so cute (if you're into that kind of thing - wouldn't be a great thing for my dad, for instance) and yet… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 6:27 PM on June 22, 2013

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