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When I was younger, I thought that a lot of things were absolute dreck - pop music, contemporary literature, experimental literature, popular movies, movies made between about 1930 and 1965 in general, most comics, non-pop music that was not... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 25 minutes ago

The more I think about this question, the more I want to put pressure on the idea that drawing some identity from the culture you like is a bad thing. I mean, whence comes human identity? Even if we assume that I should draw my primary... [more]
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Oh, and hey - when you're all "this is shitty", you're showing that you don't have any background in the genre, its history, etc. I have seen exactly one superhero movie ever, but I know that there's quite a lot of intriguing... [more]
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I actually had a couple of fights with a friend over stuff like this - my friend shared with me that Alison Bechtel's graphic novel Fun Home was hollow, devoid of feeling, pretentious and so awful that it made my friend want to punch Alison... [more]
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With Britain's history of colonies in both Africa and the Caribbean, it would be interesting if Elba's Bond was given a backstory that included some kind of ruling/elite parentage, so that he would have both an ingrained sense duty and belonging... [more]
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I, personally, have a very complicated relationship with my masculinity, and I personally, find it problematic to focus on my own masculinity in light of living in world with enormous suffering that is more enormous for the great majority of... [more]
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"I still remember Regulate and Warren G...could that have been back in the sweet summer of nineteen ninety three?" I mean, nostalgia for Regulate dates back to at least 2005, people.... [more]
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Honestly, though, I would question the idea that Sam is Frodo's "servant." I just wanted to pop back in - Sam is very clearly Frodo's servant. This is spelled out at the beginning of the first book, IIRC in a conversation... [more]
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Does your invoice show different information from your receipt? When I - part of a large bureaucracy! - order things, sometimes I get a "receipt" which does not show shipping, does not have the full product name, tells me thanks for... [more]
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But....and this has to do with what is recognized as trauma....Sam is responsible for Frodo, Sam has to chivvy him along through Mordor when Frodo is virtually dying, Sam has to make all these decisions about how to deal with the ring. Sam... [more]
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Yes! "Lego" sounds odd to me, although appealingly foreign. I've always said "legos" on the theory that each plastic piece is a lego and you have a bunch of them, therefore "legos".... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

Culture doesn't just arrive from the sky; we're not condemned to "having sex equals letting people be horrible to you if that's their thing". Edison is making the argument that, while various fetishes are okay in various pre-specified and... [more]
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There's a sense that blacks are violently unpredictable, that's what TV told me, anyway. You know that white kid in the Louie clip isn't going to murder you with the same certainty that you know this black kid might murder you. My problem... [more]
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They just want to be pretty, to be looked at and admired, while the machinery that turns lost girls into profit for unscrupulous men churns and grinds away their lives. See, I'm really uneasy about this logic - certainly it's a better... [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I always figure that a lot of people think torture sounds fun - to perpetrate, not to endure. I think a lot of the people who commit torture enjoy it. I think that's why, at root, it's so difficult to stop people - because the kind of moral... [more]
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Ok, so those of you who don't want hugs - how do you signal this when a hugger approaches? I always have a hard time figuring out whether or not certain friends/family want hugs. Many people in my social circle - valuing good consent as... [more]
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Oh, and the situations where all the obviously-women-people get hugs, the obviously-men-people don't, and the hugger just sort of dithers in front of me. That always makes me feel awesome.... [more]
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In what is surely a sea-change in British mores, people in the UK, according to new research, now average 13 hugs per day, which last an average of 9.5 seconds each. Now on a monthly basis, the formerly reserved inhabitants of that scepter'd isle... [more]
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ugh do not hug me, anyone, ever. Just thinking about all this hugging is creeping me out. I suppose that I could accept a hug from a medical professional who I'd never see again, just like when I'm sick I want everyone I know to leave me... [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Is it just that people have a problem with criticism / analysis from the social justice POV full stop, or... what? Genuine question. I just thought they were interesting reads. See, this is why I think tumblr is a bad system rather... [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Okay, from that Slate Star Codex post: Race relations are at historic lows not because white people and black people disagree on very much, but because the media absolutely worked its tuchus off to find the single issue that white people and... [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

Isn't this just a version of Freud's repression hypothesis? Yes, it is - but TLP is a Freudian, as far as I can tell. Who reads Freud now, though? (I mean, I have, up to a point. At least TLP isn't asserting that women invented weaving... [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

To add: I think that the sudden proliferation of subjective-osexualities is rooted in the desire to find a non-political way to legitimate sexual preference, a way to put it beyond question, and that this can never happen - putting... [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

Also, now that I think about it, when I was told what materials we needed for a purchase on an institutional card, I was told "invoice" and "packing slip"...."receipt" is not the language used here.... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 8 days ago

I lived in Beijing in 2001 - 2002 and the air quality was...well, I'm sure it wasn't great, but honestly, it beat the hell out of Shanghai in 1996 -97, and the winter winds absolutely scoured the skies. My dominant impression of Beijing in the late... [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

I can't be having with this. I suppose in a hundred years we'll have a touching commercial about Auschwitz or the Killing Fields so that we'll buy whatever the ruins of humanity are still buying at that point. The whole thing leans on... [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

Here is an account by one of the leaders of the German soldiers' revolt which ended the war and established the Weimar Republic. It's on, but I found the introduction to be pretty reliable and the stuff I've read on there generally to... [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

I'm already tired of the outrage about outrage. Slate and Scott Alexander have beaten this drum over and over. I mean, I am tired of the whole "oh no the feminists are tearing each other apart!!!" and "when you call... [more]
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"Who does the dishes in Minas Tirith" is important (and if the Orcs are eating dinner in Minas Tirith something has gone either very wrong or very right, depending on your ideas about Orcs....perhaps you're thinking of Minas Morgul?... [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

(My ambition is to write a fantasy novel about an accountant, and accounting. I actually have a vague, nebulous plot idea around which to organize this, having to do with the folk tale about the sorcerer whose heart is inside a casket inside a duck... [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

However, I would like to ring in 2015 with some way to feel less outrage. One thing I liked in the Slate piece was the little rage/outrage etymology. I think I'm about outraged out, and I need to find ways to interact with the news and... [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

Whites are more confident than ever that their local police treat blacks fairly There is something really, really wrong with white people - the more I think about my own experiences as a white person and the more I feel like I'm able to... [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

In an unfreezing of relations between the US and Cuba, you distrust the US? Funny. Why yes, out of two dubious states, I do distrust the greater power more, funnily enough, particularly in the wake of NAFTA. If Obama is doing this because... [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

It's not harmful to state what POC already know unless they've never heard it put straightforwardly or wanted to pretend these prejudices don't exist. See, this isn't what I've heard from friends of color, which is what's shaped my... [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

But that's not confined to women is it? Picture a man in a stained t-shirt with a beer gut, BO and food between his teeth. Now picture him toned and in a nice outfit and smelling of aftershave. I find it really hilarious (or actually,... [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

And at this point in my life, I have driven myself to a state where I won't read anything unless it's by Terry Pratchett, Daniel Pinkwater, or J. R. R. Tolkien, or Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency; I won't watch anything besides My Little... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

Okay, I know this is the metafilter question par excellence, but are you in therapy? Because unless you are really deep-down okay with this pattern for the rest of your life, ie you would really, truly prefer to be basically single but with... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

I mean I know you can't say "Hey the women dress like ladies here" but you might want to think about what the existing culture is and how much being outside of it is likely to be a problem in whatever position you're interviewing her for.... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

And now we (some of the collective 'we' anyway) are becoming able to pay with our phones at the store, and get discounts on things that non-smartphone owners can't get. With health apps we'll be able to optimize our activities. We'll increasingly... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

This is a very good point and actually why the US does not have diplomatic relations with Canada -- if we were to do so, Canada would be crushed under the ideological might of our ramshackle health insurance system and in two years they would have... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

I will be interested to see whether "anti-Euro opposition leader" Alexis Tsipras, who seems to be a perfectly decent moderate Greek leftist with a pretty solid political background can...dun dun dun....bring down the eurozone. He would be... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

And Beijing was such a beautiful city in so many of its aspects, too, well located and well laid out on the points of the compass, easy to navigate, temples and ancient stuff that survived the Cultural Revolution (unlike in Shanghai, where there's... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

Is it *really* the right thing? I suppose it's the "right thing" to some degree, but I worry about the implications for Cubans being subject to US Imperial interests now. That said I do think it's the right move, I guess I just distrust... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

What a strange framing, as though they are mutually exclusive. Of course they're not necessarily mutually exclusive, but historically, when the US has made "morality-based" interventions in small-state situations, it's... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

"Small people, big world"? You want Melissa Scott's Point of Hopes and its sequels....The queen is very old and must name her heir before the stars change and cast the kingdom into upheaval. The children of Astreint are vanishing... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

As to this epic business - Tolkien wasn't writing an epic the way the-people-who-were-Homer were, or the Beowulf poet was. He wasn't "documenting" a bunch of legends and quasi history from his own time, with the assumption that the world... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

When you divorce - and I bet you'll divorce - remember that you owe your wife financially, big time. You're acting out a cliche - dude gets married, wife goes through the hard times while he makes a success, there's finally some money and he's out... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 10 days ago

(As far as the "what is science fiction" question: That's one of my favorite questions! And it's not as simple to resolve as you think. I'd argue that many people have an unconsidered definition of science fiction as "set in the... [more]
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MeFi comment - 10 days ago

I think "Fred" isn't the question here. Can you take things slow with Fred? How do you know him? If you really like him - well enough that you'd date him even absent James - could you see him casually for a while? The issue is that... [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 11 days ago

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