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the term "curate" is annoying and dumb. But reading naju's and other comments, I see that yes, it is actually a very important word. I am kind of a used bookstore fan, and in the time I spent in L.A. last year, I explored a lot of the… [more]
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MeFi comment - 49 minutes ago

The science fiction community is really, really, really good at pandering to assholes in the hope they'll spontaneously get better or at least go away. I don't think this is true. Science fiction fandom is, if anything, a place where ideas… [more]
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I think this article is, overall, somewhat overblown, particularly the pull quote. "I am worth less than a shoe"? No, if you damage a customer's property, you pay for it. Just like if you damage a stranger's property, they can take you… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 ¾ hours ago

In WWI, though, there was a huge push to get shell shock recognized by the military and the medical profession as a result of war rather than a result of bad character. WHR Rivers and his colleagues were instrumental in changing the perception of… [more]
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MeFi comment - 14 hours ago

Well, I guess we still do remember "Regulate" and Warren G. Who knew? 1993 must have been a sweet summer indeed. [more]
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MeFi comment - 14 hours ago

"Why do you have a pile of clothes on top of your dresser?" "That's my curated wardrobe!" Yeah, I have a pretty extensive wardrobe archive curated into some tubs in the back of my closet [I think we should work on… [more]
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MeFi comment - 15 hours ago

And $2000 covers 2 pairs of dress shoes, 2 suits, and 5 shirts, plus any professional development not covered by one's employer. You know what? I have as champagne tastes as anyone, but I have to tell you - either you're working the kind… [more]
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MeFi comment - 16 hours ago

One of the reasons - that is, I got a teaching certificate and have done some teaching but I'm not a career teacher - for all the stuff is that some of it is made by the students. You put up pictures they draw or crafts that you've worked on… [more]
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MeFi comment - 18 hours ago

What I'd like to know: teachers have always spent money on the classroom, but have they always been buying pencils? When I was in school, all the classrooms had paper, kleenex and whatever basic art/craft supplies were needed - that is, all… [more]
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MeFi comment - 23 hours ago

(My ambition is to write a fantasy novel about an accountant, and accounting. I actually have a vague, nebulous plot idea around which to organize this, having to do with the folk tale about the sorcerer whose heart is inside a casket inside a duck… [more]
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MeFi comment - Yesterday

That baby-and-cancer story is in some ways more shocking than the initial post. The part where they "accidentally" cancel her health insurance during her maternity leave and then offer her COBRA instead; the part where she gets back to… [more]
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MeFi comment - 2 days ago

If she's really committed to the relationship, she - like you - will need to accept that "open relationship" usually isn't "have sex with anyone you want at any time". Sometimes that means that you can't act on feelings you have,… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 2 days ago

Here is an interesting breakdown of the votes from Wrong Questions, Abigail Nussbaum's blog. She writes about some historical voting results, too. Her takeaway is actually that the Hugo is generally a very middle-of-the-road,… [more]
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MeFi comment - 2 days ago

Well, you'll never go broke assuring the American public that feminists are shrieking harpies who want to force men to pee sitting down (which, of course, is the most emasculating thing one can imagine, writes the man who apparently has never heard… [more]
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MeFi comment - 2 days ago

I love Young Marble Giants, although for years I had them confused with the Marine Girls because I'd gotten a badly mislabeled hand-copied cassette from someone. [more]
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MeFi comment - 2 days ago

Every time there's a new "the UK is going to hell" post, I feel very shocked, and then I realize that (except for the ASBOs and the universal cameras) it's already something we do in the US. I think the reason it shocks me is how fast this… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 days ago

That's it, I'm done with Amazon. I've tried to stay away from them generally but have occasionally used them when I actually needed something right away that I could not get locally. But never again. Although the "I want my trivially… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 days ago

So there is so much great food in the world, and I`m completely ignorant to most of it, why do we need this stunt food? It's kinda profoundly dull in a world where Ethiopian and Cambodian and Polish food exists, no? Because this is… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 days ago

I feel a lot of guilt! I mean, if it helps. I live in a poor neighborhood and have a pink collar gig with good insurance. I think this is a good idea: Perhaps a budget would help, where x% goes to help those around you, y% goes to… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 3 days ago

Blaming the woman for everything is getting a little stale, tastes of bitter misogyny, and gives the execrable Tony Blair a complete pass. Just in case this was in response to my comment - I think there may be a few crossed wires, as what I… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 days ago

Is there anything redeeming at all about the world of SF fandom? It depends on what you mean by "fandom". Is Strange Horizons part of fandom, as a small, barely-paying web magazine? Are kickstarter campaigns for things like… [more]
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MeFi comment - 4 days ago

I add that needing to use a friend's address seems to me to be a pretty common and noncontroversial working class/poor person thing that many middle class people view as incredibly sketch. There are a lot of things like that. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

I'm sorry, but I feel like they kind of glossed over the part where he was keeping a pregnant heroin addict locked in his home, resulting in false imprisonment charges to which he ultimately plead guilty. Look, there are very few… [more]
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MeFi comment - 4 days ago

Responding to the apologies by generating a giant list of paranoid charts and passive-aggressive self-righteousness about "healing" is just shit-stirring. I don't know - I'm not sure I would have believed any of this without some… [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I would be concerned. I would not minimize this. (I am a queer person of indeterminate gender identity, trying to figure out this whole transitioning thing.) I think the people who are saying that this doesn't sound serious are not really… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I don't actually believe that for a second, it's just hilarious coincidence, but still... wow. A comparison of this screed to the actual show should appear in their press packet, because DAMN. Well, actually, when I was going home yesterday… [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

Vida does not like it when the stupid box of light starts making cat sounds. It apparently does not actually contain a cat, but that doesn't help much. It's almost as bad as when the stupid food ape uses the box of light to listen to Leonard… [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

At my university, you can request a change to your university email address. If the address you used on AM isn't too revealing (ie mhar008 rather than melissa.harkness) you could probably just change your email on your end and ask the people who… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I just realized something else - I actually read the terrific On A Red Station, Drifting (by Aliette De Bodard) because it was reviewed positively on Requires Only That You Hate - so there's one example, I guess, of RH reviewing an… [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

Because it's really interesting to see a bit of confirmation of some often-informally-made claims about this kind of pseudoprogressive shit-slinging — like that it more often targets women than men, even while at the same time declaring itself… [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

That Dickensian ambition — always present in his work — is cheekily explicit in “Purity,” which traces the unlikely rise of a poor, fatherless child named Pip. When we meet Pip — short for Purity — she is buried beneath $130,000 of student debt… [more]
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MeFi comment - 6 days ago

Re Election - is the teacher really supposed to be likeable? I feel like the movie depicts him as such a tool - cheating on his wife, having an affair with a student, just generally being pathetic. I always figured that the only person who… [more]
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MeFi comment - 6 days ago

The other thing is, okay, maybe they are being soft on Hilary. Another thing I know - again peripherally - is that locally there's some debate among Black activists about how Black Lives Matter and parallel projects should operate. There's people… [more]
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MeFi comment - 6 days ago

Maybe I'm being unreasonably charitable but I read the point as applying to myself as well. I imagine it could apply to an environmentalist marrying a petroleum engineer or a campaigner against institutional racism in policing marrying a cop… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

About "fat people should only marry fat people or else they are hypocrites who secretly hate fat people" thing: 1. How does this work with other marginalizations? Or are they less important than being fat? So if someone is a fat… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Even if it's possible, through charm, looks, and force of personality, to "get" a conventional (read: thin) husband, the radical rejection of such a husband in favor of a fat partner is a prerequisite to maintaining consistency in… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

I have really mixed feelings about both this essay and the points it makes. First, I am really uneasy with the "Obama is only president because of a Republican sex scandal" paragraph - and I add that I am no fan of President Drone… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Does anyone commenting here actually know anyone from any chapter of Black Lives Matter? Because I do - peripherally, that is; I've met a couple of people and I've been to a number of Black Lives Matter events - and I find this whole… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Like Frowner, this has disgusted me enough to want to stop using Amazon. So, how does one wean oneself from Amazon? Obviously, it won't be simple--Amazon is just so fucking convenient-. Some of it's obvious, nothing that I can buy at the CD store… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

The moral cost to obesity is the homeless veteran that was denied housing, the food bank that has to close, and the government that can't fund public education because the government is budget-restricted. Those are all real costs. Really?… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

"I See Weak People" In my dreams? No. In gyms? Yes. Walking around like regular people. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're weak. Seriously? We're really rising to the… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

That is a great essay. I write this with a painting of Otis Redding hanging above my desk, staring down disapprovingly at me, but no one wants to hear begging anymore. We want don’t want to hear about the love you have to get back, we need to… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

My personal experience (acknowledging that personal experience does not make a general trend) has been that the more vocal opponents of, not marriage equality itself, but marriage equality as a central and high-importance political goal have… [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 days ago

It's extra awful that everyone else just seems to have caved in and refused to work with her because they didn't want to cross Dr. Dre. That just seems to be the way it works - the woman in the case loses everything even if people agree that she was… [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

I also wonder if "now that we're all focused on gay marriage, other issues that are important to GLBTQI people are losing ground; this is an ideological failing and the result of getting suckered into valuing marriage by an elite of wealthy… [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

I think you should check out all the "mature" lines, because most of them have outlier pieces - I have a modest amount of Eileen Fisher, for example, because their fall/winter lines tend to have a few interesting, shaped pieces in… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 8 days ago

She likely works very long hours and travels a great deal, which means that she'll need to be able to afford to hire help to do things like clean her house or take care of her kids (if she has any). Again, this is the kind of thing we… [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

I have had this problem! In fact, I'd say this problem defined my romantic life until I thirty. Or rather, until I'd had enough relationships to have enough distance for reflection. Here's what I think: I grew up with… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

I am a butch/genderqueerish woman. If I could afford an alternative I would not wear combat boots to an interview, but ...the interview behavior is probably more the issue than the shoes; she may not have had better shoes and figured… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

You know, it is testimony to the massiveness of th dish of sweet potato and onion hash that I just ate that I read this article and am not hungry at all. My parents love Greek food and American variants, good and bad. Partly because Greek food was… [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

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