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I think that going to your mentor and asking for feedback is a good idea - very often, showing that you know you made a mistake can be good for your relationships and your reputation. (I'm not an academic, but I do some Things Where Exactly... [more]
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The one thing that puzzles me a little bit in this article is the way that it conflates pre-existing ethical/philosophical beliefs with other "mistaken" approaches. It seems like he is saying that having any set of pre-existing... [more]
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However, in this case, you've got a major national organization with a multi-billion dollar budget and 30,000 employees. You're never going to get leaders who can manage that scope on a professor's salary. I always wonder about this. I... [more]
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The more I think about it, the more I wonder....every change in the world is an opportunity to make money, right? Every big change is a new frontier, disaster capitalism, etc. Now obviously, no one seeks to rise in the ranks of a disaster... [more]
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Right, but for some of us, we've had to deal with intrusive and unwanted behavior all our lives, so this isn't really groundbreaking, thought-provoking art so much as it is just another entitled asshole. This. I am gender non-conforming... [more]
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She likely works very long hours and travels a great deal, which means that she'll need to be able to afford to hire help to do things like clean her house or take care of her kids (if she has any). Again, this is the kind of thing we... [more]
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If you think that people aren't talking about the problem of low wages, then you're not paying attention. the paper of record is talking about it, the president is talking about it, the internet is talking about it, et cetera. Seems like every few... [more]
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I have been making this thing which works best with large's not as large-onion specific as some of the recipes here, but they do help. Slice two large red/orange/yellow bell peppers so that you get a lot of medium-sized vertical strips.... [more]
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(And I add that we don't seem to be getting fabulous results with MBAs hired externally, because they bring MBA values with I find myself wondering if there is a way to, perhaps, get people the kinds of training and experience they need in... [more]
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I cannot vouch for any of these, although Verso is usually pretty good: A People's History of Scotland, which I am now going to order since I hope to visit Glasgown in 2016. Britain's Empire A People's History of London....actually I sort of... [more]
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Frowner, I do totally agree with you, but my personal experience with mission based NPOs has been that the "rank and file" often don't rise in the ranks not because the NPO felt compelled to bring in "someone from the outside"... [more]
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I remember at the time reading things by people in Occupy Sandy and just being completely shocked - I mean, also proud - that a constellation of Occupy folks could get stuff done when the Red Cross was just failing. It was really scary to read about... [more]
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In FY12 they paid out $1,772,593,711 in "salaries, employee benefits, and other compensation" to 28,973 employees. Well, if that meant that everyone from the lowliest regional administrative assistant to the office grants manager... [more]
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Bringing PoMo Back! It's an interesting artifact of the culture wars of the nineties that any form of cultural writing later than Freud which relies on a specialized vocabulary is assumed to be postmodernism. I mean seriously, if the... [more]
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I always think that if there's anything that Frankfurt School critique is useless, sounding and bombastic in terms of, it's sort of "and Our Culture Is Blah Blah Thing, just like Adorno warned us". Look how silly and partial Adorno was... [more]
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For instance, today our customer experience team works a regular eight-hour shift, not 12. We supply our employees with laptops, they don't use their own. And we don't ask prospective employees to work a trial day before they are hired. Was it... [more]
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This whole "oh yeah it's so appealing because you don't have to think" line...well, that does not match up at all well with the nuns I have met. Nothing but thinking, those nuns - you seem to have quite a lot of time to think and to... [more]
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(Oh, with the exception of the People's History of Scotland, they are not Big Giant Books Of All The History, but they are written in the spirit of people's history and would I think be enjoyable if you enjoyed Zinn.)... [more]
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(Sorry, just going by what I see with my own eyes at the cinema. If it was middle-aged Latino Catholic priests with pencil-thin mustaches I witnessed reacting the same way, I'd have said, "The idea that you have to make middle-aged Latino... [more]
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An aspect of this - do all your clients have genuine ability to cancel/reschedule based on their own health? Or is this the kind of service where they have to work with you because of their jobs? Many people are discouraged from allowing any delay... [more]
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Oh God. And the speed with which this is happening is amazing. I am so sick of hearing soccer moms and Dockers-wearing dads say "that's how I roll." Jesus Christ, would those people fuck off. The thing is, I think that kind... [more]
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Actually, I think I feel good about being "afraid" to say things here...that is, I think I've learned to think more strategically about conversations and since I'm naturally pretty heedless and impetuous and "but surely you want... [more]
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Actually, there is this shock that I can't get over - that people who are not otherwise intellectually serious or left-wing have good taste in music. That really was not true in my social circles when I was growing up. I... [more]
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I have an autistic, sometimes abusive child. He's 12, and the mind-breaking stress doesn't really let up. He's almost as tall as I am and strong enough to hurt me if he wants. If I felt that I were at a breaking point where it was starting to seem... [more]
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Of course it's not justifiable to murder your [autistic] kid. I feel like there's always a missing term here, though - what does it do to a person to be under incredible stress and in fear of violence for years and to have no hope... [more]
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(As far as I know, Benjamin committed suicide on the very plausible belief that he was going to be turned back at the Spanish border by the Franco government. Adorno died of heart failure mere days after he was heckled and abused by a bunch of... [more]
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The Apple representatives have talked to technology providers like HID Global and Cubic, which enable secure access to buildings and transit fare systems, respectively, said people briefed on the discussions. Spokespeople for the companies... [more]
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Every time you think of the guy, short-circuit the thought and tell yourself "nothing is ever going to happen with him, ever; he is not interested". Often, folks get stuck where you're stuck because they do not want to accept that nothing... [more]
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Oh, and I second urufu's point. One big thing for me (and for you?) is that I learned early to figure out what I should be feeling and think that I was feeling it. I could easily see myself being really mature and cool about a date being a... [more]
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I had/have a lot of trouble with feelings, although I didn't realize this until relatively late in life. I found therapy immensely helpful, but it is a big commitment (in at least time and maybe money depending on your insurance) so if you don't... [more]
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The money/scanner thing sounds a bit like a hyperfocus/absentminded situation - it seems weirdly familiar to me, actually. I've had those moments. Once, I was at work at an old job on Halloween, passed a woman wearing really realistic cat ears and... [more]
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If he is so improved now and has seen the error of his ways, he will be a wonderful partner for someone new, someone he has not hurt and worn down. Even if you improve and change, you aren't entitled to start anew with people you hurt.... [more]
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Not that I don't dislike thoughtless, selfish people, but it might be worth considering whether tossing someone into the awful American prison system is really an especially good idea. There are loads of people who do things that are worse and... [more]
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Destination Venus by the Rezillos is the best SF-themed pop song ever, sorry. Surely we also count much of OMD's Dazzle Ships and The Golden Hour of the Future.... [more]
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Everyone is just astounded when they and their friends get old. For me it was that my parents had this whole narrative of "Frowner you are so old, you are Too Old for [trick-or-treating at 12; going back to school at 24; behavior that... [more]
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It's funny - everyone is always like "those idiots set fire to a puppet, I'm done*!" and very seldom like "those amazing people organized this terrific bookfair and donated all the proceeds to the Trans Youth Support Network,... [more]
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Well, the most expensive and disruptive actions that the Soviet Union could have done are launch a full on attack on Western Europe with the largest armies in the world and/or launch a full on nuclear attack on the West with thousands of... [more]
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That can be really tough, especially if you ancestry is spread across many countries. I have Irish, British and Bavarian ancestry, and though I do look shockingly similar to Ludwig II I feel no real connection to any of those countries. My roots... [more]
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Here is the thing: you are insecure about your ability to be an adult, because you are still getting used to being successful at it. (And good job, by the way - I struggle with some of the same type of things in terms of upbringing and lack of... [more]
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Ummmm, screw that affluenza shit. Someone who messes up national parks like this is at least as deserving of jail time as a large percentage of people who are currently being jailed. Yes, and actually the very point of my comment was... [more]
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In the context of the Cold War, and both being self-professed Communists, it sounds to me like MI5 were just doing their job. If one of them had turned out to be a Soviet spy (as Sir Ivor Montagu, the inventor of table tennis, did), it would have... [more]
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Yes, you should call her to clarify. Absolutely. You made an innocent mistake that sounded pretty bad. I've done the same thing (with very different specifics) and calling and talking it through was the right thing. "Jen, I wanted to call... [more]
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And if only you were wintermute instead of wintersweet, this post would also be eponhysterical. [more]
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I just now happened across this little review of some Bread and Puppet pamphlets, which I'll quote since it's short and I can't link to the individual bit on nplusone: In 1963, Peter Schumann founded an experimental activist puppet theater called... [more]
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Why wouldn't you put kalamata olives on pizza? That's what I'd like to know. [more]
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I never approve of anything and am always ready to find the reason why something you like is politically unsuitable. [more]
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I never heard of taking one's shoes off in the house as a regular thing and was surprised as an adult to encounter so much moralizing around it. (I wonder if it's a class thing - everyone I know from the "shoes off or you're an uncultured... [more]
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That's what confused me (cis male, so in many ways doesn't matter what I think) about this. If it's a safe space for women, it's a safe space for women. If you're a trans man, you're not a woman, isn't that sort of the whole point of how everyone... [more]
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(I actually have my own amusing tangent on that flaming-puppet thing - I was there with a friend, and at first the whole crowd was just standing there in shock looking at these two-story-tall flames leaping up out of the crowd. We were both... [more]
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