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I find it a little troubling from a racial standpoint to suggest that the indigenous peoples of the Americas were not "conscious" at first contact. I mean, that's all kinds of fucked up. [more]
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And that's one thing where I do feel sympathy for the childfree who feel guilt tripped. Because who the fuck doesn't want nice food and good vacations and fun activities and a nice home? I have a kid and still want those. Or, honestly,… [more]
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If someone called me and said "I have a flat and I don't know what to do", I would not have to be a certified genius to understand that they meant "please help me". I think "passive aggression" is a total canard in this… [more]
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So you are 21ish? And he is 26ish? I don't know, I think that it can be quite tricky - leaving all else aside - to make a relationship work between someone who has some years of adult life under their belt and someone who is still in undergrad. (A… [more]
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The first compact disc I ever purchased for myself - and indeed, the first one I had ever handled - was The Quality Of Mercy Is Not Strenen by the Mekons, an expensive import reissue. I do still have fact, I think I still have… [more]
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it would have been truer to my meaning to say "AFAB people and generally people who identify as women"...I could really use a good way to express what I see as a similarity of experience between cis women, trans women and many AFAB people… [more]
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(Re "breeder": As I encountered the term, it was an eighties thing that the gays/lesbians used to refer to straight people - an insult from a time when being gay or lesbian was a lot more universally stigmatized than it is now and when,… [more]
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One thing that I hope your daughter will pick up in some way, whether from you or from other resources: it is okay, and can even be healthy, for her to look at porn/sexual stuff. This issue often gets framed as "men all naturally want… [more]
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$45 a month (what she says she spends on cigarettes) is very little - $1.50 a day. She could get...a candybar? A very cheap coffee? A couple of donuts? I don't think $45 even gets you very much weed, right? I am not rich, but I don't have kids… [more]
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And one more comment - the single most important thing I've found in making groups work on any basis is to take the time to do appropriately chosen group-building stuff. Training for Change, an organization with a rather peculiar underlying… [more]
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I've been part of organizations that operated by consensus for most decisions and that worked pretty well - at least as well as the similar organizations that ran on voting. (It's a mistake to think that voting solves the problems of power - holy… [more]
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Dude, all this gender stuff is also a bit misleading - it's not about "manly he men fix car problems for ladies so the ladies don't need to know their stuff", it's about helping another human being who is in a jam. Back in… [more]
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I just...I remember feeling the same way about race as he writes about gender in his response post. "I tried so hard to be committed to anti-racism only to be rejected and criticized....Can't you see that you're tearing me… [more]
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If these were mine, I would try washing them in a washing machine on gentle with bleach in the water and seeing what happened, because I would want to have a lot of water involved to completely saturate/rinse the linings of the shoes. Otherwise I'd… [more]
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Some very useful organizations emerged from Occupy. I mean, I had no connection to the movement then or now, but calling it a failure because it (eventually) ended and gave way to other things is taking Occupy to be the termination point, rather… [more]
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Sweet potatoes are cheap, nutritious and pretty easy to cook. I don't like whole sweet potatoes or sweet-potatoes-with-sugar, so this is what I cook: 1. Sweet potato hash - does not crisp up much, though. Coarsely grate your sweet potato and… [more]
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My observation of academia suggests that it is full not of absent-minded professors who just can't remember where we keep the toner or how to check their voice mail but of very bright people who do not want to know how to do what it is inconvenient… [more]
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(I mean, if there is one thing that is truly bourgeois in activist circles, it is the idea that only Too Much Radicalism prevents a loose agglomeration of people with very different experiences, understandings and goals from coalescing… [more]
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I'm a little surprised by the hostility expressed over my opinion. People are hostile because you sound like a right-wing talking point, and because the monstrous poor person who doesn't use their food stamps right is a propaganda… [more]
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I never received government assistance or asked for it. I want to point out that it would not exactly have been the world's greatest tragedy if you'd gotten some food stamps and bought some groceries here, nor would this have turned you… [more]
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The thing is, we all might change our minds about big life choices. I wish I had gone on the Oxford Semester in college because I surmise that it would have set me on a much more fulfilling and respected career path. I could have - I… [more]
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( I really, really like the etat routlette thing, actually, and may propose it should I get back involved with a particular project.) What would actually be useful might be gathering some information about times where consensus is felt to have… [more]
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ernielundquist - i feel like i read a book at some point where the "wifely dutes/incest" thing was a plot point. i thought it was Bluest Eyes but it's not what i'm thinking of. but i know i've read of it before enough to know that it was… [more]
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And this is what happens when people make assumptions about other people. I'm about as far from right-wing as you can get. I'm a leftist, gay man in my 40s. I was bringing up a talking point, but something that I witnessed with my own eyes. I… [more]
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It's simple, really. Look at Occupy. Look at Selma. It's really, really important not to say that the primary difference between these events is one of decision-making process (and clothing choices??!!). This does a huge disservice… [more]
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But Quakers, especially here in the midwest where I live, are a remarkably homogenous people with a comprehensive set of shared values. We value process over product; one of the very best business meetings I've ever been part of ended with us… [more]
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I assume that there is a supply problem for dentists as there is with doctors, where they control the number of medical school graduates and create barriers to doctors from overseas freely entering the profession here. (I assume that the theory… [more]
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I feel like putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 would do the same thing to her story that has been done to MLK's - turn her into someone to namecheck when you don't want to look racist and eviscerate the complicated and radical nature of her actions… [more]
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My mom has no rock; my parents consider popular music vulgar. My mom likes Edith Piaf. This guy's mom is no fool, though, vide her comment about "what do black dads think of as 'dad rock'", which kind of exposes the class and race angle… [more]
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Also, what the fuck is it in these conversations that it always comes around to "but maybe he was just socially awkward?" A good mental trick for me in other contexts has been reminding myself to stop identifying with the… [more]
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Yeah, I remember that time that I lived with two girls who wore a lot of make-up. One of them also wore vintage dresses every day and the other one dressed in hard femme rocker get-up. I couldn't face the pressure that their appearances placed on me… [more]
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He's not a faculty member. The Stanford directory divides people into four groups: faculty, staff, students, and "affiliates," a sort of catch all category. He's an affiliate. So when he's described as "faculty" in the… [more]
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Also hilarious - the quantification bias. Attended one protest? Well, that might have been a mistake! But two? Not two!!!! Three drinks a week? A-ok!! Four? Nope. One prescription yes, two no. I wonder if "songs with explicit… [more]
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(drawing the pejorative "anarchist", you might add. I dunno, I am personally acquainted with probably ten people who call themselves Leninists and with two people who call themselves, incredibly enough, Stalinists - when I think about… [more]
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Honestly, I'm about as liberal as a person can get, but when I see items being purchased like this with funds that are meant to be feeding people who actually need assistance, it boils my blood a little. As if poor folks - and how many of… [more]
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I bet the reason Stars In My Pocket was not mentioned is that it's a really difficult book to get into and you don't get to the gender stuff until you've gotten through Rat Korga's story. In my experience, people who read relatively serious… [more]
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I think that a problem with the linked article is that the author doesn't have a clear fix on what she expects popular music to do and how this relates to the role of popular music through (let's say for the sake of argument) modern Western… [more]
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This is so nice! Since I’m a ‘Gen-X’er born in 1977, the conventional wisdom is that I’m supposed to be adaptable, independent, productive, and to have a good work/life balance. This is not what they were saying about us in the… [more]
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I have observed that most moral panics involve things-centered-around-women, things-centered-around-"femininity" or things-centered-around-poor-people. Although in this case, the poor get married in insufficient numbers, so that's not… [more]
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baby, it's time to boogie before those fixed assets depreciate Isn't this basically "then worms shall try That long preserved virginity, And your quaint honour turn to dust, And into ashes all my lust" only using an… [more]
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The driving force with this article isn't as much that she's a historian (notice how dodgily she employs historical example, even if her other work is better) but that she's writing for Jacobin and clearly swings marxist in some way. The key… [more]
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Are you the kind of person who tends to self-sabotage? For some people, "this person is available and a great choice" tends to produce disinterest while "this person isn't really available and isn't really a good choice" produces… [more]
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Wear whatever you like, but know that I will be judging you according to idiosyncratic preferences derived from childhood experience, random ideas picked up from books, my own deep fears about fitting in/being different and some fuzzy, largely… [more]
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The thing is, he may be a good guy - he may be a great guy! But he's sick right now and not in control of himself, and the sickness may make him do all kinds of things that can really fuck things up for you. For me, it is really difficult to hear… [more]
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"My wife is not attractive". That's cold. Holy crap, that's cold. If I found out that my partner flatly referred to me as "not attractive", I'd....well, it would be the start of the end of it all. Honestly, if I were you,… [more]
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Cops always abandon dangerous fucking jobs. I mean, if there's one thing I've noticed about protests, and one thing I've noticed about my heavily policed neighborhood, it's that the vulnerable groups are the ones the cops pick on. May I never… [more]
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Wait, surely no one actually believes that cut off jeans are a blight on humanity? I would personally suggest some kind of desensitization therapy if that's the case - I mean, that must be like believing that t-shirts are a blight on humanity, or… [more]
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I feel like when people say "could Naziism happen here" they are usually asking two different questions - The first one is a moral question - ie, could something of comparable moral horror happen in the US? Which, obviously, it… [more]
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Hooves and paws are filthy messes too, much of the time. Ahem, my cat has beautiful paws, thank you. [more]
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Wolverine 1000 mile boots are made in the US (I believe by Allen Edmonds, actually) and come in women's sizes. Wolverine is doing this very fucking dodgy thing where only some of the 1000-mile boots and shoes are US-made, so unless they specify that… [more]
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