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I don't think this phenomenon is unique to men, and don't care for the term 'mansplaining.' But the point is that there is a particular kind of explaining that is sexist - that's rooted in male socialization. Men are socialized to... [more]
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Cops always abandon dangerous fucking jobs. I mean, if there's one thing I've noticed about protests, and one thing I've noticed about my heavily policed neighborhood, it's that the vulnerable groups are the ones the cops pick on. May I never... [more]
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When you divorce - and I bet you'll divorce - remember that you owe your wife financially, big time. You're acting out a cliche - dude gets married, wife goes through the hard times while he makes a success, there's finally some money and he's out... [more]
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I never received government assistance or asked for it. I want to point out that it would not exactly have been the world's greatest tragedy if you'd gotten some food stamps and bought some groceries here, nor would this have turned you... [more]
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This brings back something for me: a long time ago, I lived in a house next door to a place there was a murder. One of my housemates was a young black woman. She saw most of the murder - not the critical moment, but she saw the quarrel through a... [more]
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This is actually literally from their FAQ, apparently: EXCLUSIVE - From the Peeple FAQ Q: Can I start someone else's profile? Yes. You will need their cell phone number to start their profile and they will receive a text that you were the... [more]
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I love rigorous discourse about things that matter. I could do without the smattering of shame that often comes bundled with it as a rhetorical device. But this has a tremendous amount to do with knowing your audience, and knowing... [more]
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it also came from a long history of feminist discourses which basically said that every expression of male heterosexual desire is directly complicit in some form of sexual violence against women. And thinking that through carefully is your... [more]
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Lisbeth Salander, the heroine of the popular The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo series, is emotionally stunted but, damn it, she actualizes herself! She punishes the people who hurt her, she sleeps with whomever she wishes, she zips around on a... [more]
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One of the reasons that Hamas is popular is that they do things - distribute food, advocate for people, etc. Another is that day to day life for many Palestinians is extremely difficult - not enough food, not enough schools, sharply... [more]
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Also, what the fuck is it in these conversations that it always comes around to "but maybe he was just socially awkward?" A good mental trick for me in other contexts has been reminding myself to stop identifying with the... [more]
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You know, when I am in an environment where I have to hear a lot of misogynist pop culture stuff just to do some ordinary thing, you could envision my experience as a cartoon panel where I am walking through a space and all the open area is... [more]
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Actually, we have conversations about how everyone should just go ahead and travel here on metafilter - they're usually couched as "so many Americans don't even have a passport, what hicks they are, not like me". And since having a passport... [more]
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I have limitless confidence that the oligarchs will once again manipulate the economy in order to bring down the new government, and their bought-and-paid media will scream "See? I told you so!" But they are truculent in... [more]
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Bring a cooler for the food - let those who want to eat the Indian food eat the Indian food, and let her know that you're looking forward to junk snacks. Here is a thing: often on metafilter people give advice that's basically "each table... [more]
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I notice that you have described only two frames available here - either you set yourself up to be hurt or you should be upset with him for actively hurting you. Can you think of this in a more neutral way, like "sometimes two people who are... [more]
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This was a very specifically political set of killings - Charlie Hebdo ran a long series of cariacatures of Mohammed, produced an issue supposedly edited by Mohammed, reprinted some of the Danish cartoons that caused so much controversy, etc.... [more]
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If someone called me and said "I have a flat and I don't know what to do", I would not have to be a certified genius to understand that they meant "please help me". I think "passive aggression" is a total canard in this... [more]
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Given that this seems to be a minority position among Orthodox people, it sounds like it has more to do with people's unacknowledged desire for power and cruelty than with religion, per se - it's pretty much on a par with wanting to tell the queers... [more]
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