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Yet, Kimberly Jeffrey says she was pressured by a doctor while sedated and strapped to a surgical table for a C-section in 2010, during a stint at Valley State for a parole violation. Jeffrey, 43, was horrified, she said, and resisted. “He said,... [more]
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You know what's even worse? I've heard there are services where you can call someone or even go online and order food to be delivered to your house! Yeah, and most of those are shit jobs dependent on a long chain of shitty food production... [more]
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Okay, I'm not trans but I have a lot of trans friends. I'm not speaking for trans people; I'm basing this on what I would do if I were to date a girl under these circumstances (except that I wouldn't actually care whether my girlfriend was trans -... [more]
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Personally? If a friend of mine buddied up to a person I sincerely believed to be a rapist and my friend was all "well, he only rapes women he knows really well, so I'll just tell women that they shouldn't date him"....I would... [more]
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Sorry, how stupid do we need to be to pretend that this is a surprise? This is exactly what the NYPD, and police departments across the country, have been doing to citizens, but especially to minority men, since before I can remember. If you are... [more]
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That time is here. It's time for homosexuals to stop with the drama of "coming out" and just get on with their business. No one cares, it's not a big deal so stop making a big deal out of it. There's a lot of hostility in this... [more]
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Okay, hold up, what about this from the Racialicious article: Peterson was frustrated that the school didn’t investigate her anonymous attackers, even after another scary incident in the winter, when someone sent an email to the freshman class... [more]
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Also this kind of sorta-squick realistic/parody art bugs me because I think there's this assumption that everyone everywhere always needs to be made uncomfortable in public spaces. That's one reason I'm not into this kind of exhibit - it... [more]
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Yeah, gee, it sure sucks when, like, marginalized people try to participate in academia by getting, like, a degree in literature instead of something "practical"! All those queer, women, working class and people of color PhDs should... [more]
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(I add that I am the child of two very, very bright people - one of whom was admitted to a grad program at Harvard - and test extremely well. I've always been at the top of every class, graduate and non-. I've always known I'd be going to college.... [more]
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Now I just don't give a damn. Not hurting anyone else? Go for it. Over my lifetime, the amount of effort, money and time women are expected to spend making themselves minimum-sexually-acceptable has increased dramatically. Back when I... [more]
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One thing I learned from housing a friend who was in a situation similar to yours - in general, most people who have stable jobs and stable lives do not understand how hard it is to pull yourself up from disaster. They are not able to... [more]
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You think this is true love and fate and destiny and the only person you can ever be yourself around. I promise you that this is not. One of the weirdest things about having enough relationships/crushes/etc to see a pattern in my life is the... [more]
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She's the one with the gross Evelyn-Evelyn fake conjoined twins thing, right? And the vaguly "sex workers are gross and risible" song titles? And the snarking on fat people via Twitter? I mean, I've never heard a good thing about her... [more]
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“I’m positive that we could go on Craigslist and post an ad for a delivery driver, and find plenty of people with crappy cars who would work for minimum wage,” he says, grabbing his laptop and flopping onto a couch in the Washio break room. “But I... [more]
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Here is a thing: I've learned that when I am the privileged person in an interaction, it is very difficult for me to viscerally grasp how painful casual injustice is to the marginalized person. It's very easy for me to feel that a casual... [more]
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That article was so depressing. But also hilarious! The interviews which boil down to "Oh, everyone should make their own choices and we are all free to do that, but I would never do that because I think it's gross and unfeminine... [more]
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At the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, police conducted peremptory raids on the homes of protesters before the convention had even started. Police broke into the homes of people known to be activist rabble-rousers before they... [more]
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I am familiar with this problem. Like you, I had no success with the nerdy guys who were more similar to me (this was back when I dated dudes) and all my dating success came with non-nerdy guys. The relationships went very well in the sense that... [more]
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You know what? I think you should leave her. I really do. I looked at all those other questions and I think you should split up. Think about this - you're my age, you're getting on for forty. We don't have infinite time in life, our risks... [more]
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