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She's the one with the gross Evelyn-Evelyn fake conjoined twins thing, right? And the vaguly "sex workers are gross and risible" song titles? And the snarking on fat people via Twitter? I mean, I've never heard a good thing about her... [more]
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You think this is true love and fate and destiny and the only person you can ever be yourself around. I promise you that this is not. One of the weirdest things about having enough relationships/crushes/etc to see a pattern in my life is the... [more]
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“I’m positive that we could go on Craigslist and post an ad for a delivery driver, and find plenty of people with crappy cars who would work for minimum wage,” he says, grabbing his laptop and flopping onto a couch in the Washio break room. “But I... [more]
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Of course it's not justifiable to murder your [autistic] kid. I feel like there's always a missing term here, though - what does it do to a person to be under incredible stress and in fear of violence for years and to have no hope... [more]
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But you implicitly are. You are and MartinWisse and gorbweaver and that Bruce Crumley piece Joe in Australia link to above are all engaging in blaming the victim and tacitly saying Charlie Hebdo deserved what they got. I would rather not... [more]
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That article was so depressing. But also hilarious! The interviews which boil down to "Oh, everyone should make their own choices and we are all free to do that, but I would never do that because I think it's gross and unfeminine... [more]
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Here is a thing: I've learned that when I am the privileged person in an interaction, it is very difficult for me to viscerally grasp how painful casual injustice is to the marginalized person. It's very easy for me to feel that a casual... [more]
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I am familiar with this problem. Like you, I had no success with the nerdy guys who were more similar to me (this was back when I dated dudes) and all my dating success came with non-nerdy guys. The relationships went very well in the sense that... [more]
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At the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, police conducted peremptory raids on the homes of protesters before the convention had even started. Police broke into the homes of people known to be activist rabble-rousers before they... [more]
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You know what? I think you should leave her. I really do. I looked at all those other questions and I think you should split up. Think about this - you're my age, you're getting on for forty. We don't have infinite time in life, our risks... [more]
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But the theme that girls stop being interested in cool/fun/interesting stuff and become "boring" when they start being interested in boys is certainly not a hard one to pick up on, either here or across the board in all kinds of texts... [more]
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And this is what happens when people make assumptions about other people. I'm about as far from right-wing as you can get. I'm a leftist, gay man in my 40s. I was bringing up a talking point, but something that I witnessed with my own eyes. I... [more]
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Honestly, I'm about as liberal as a person can get, but when I see items being purchased like this with funds that are meant to be feeding people who actually need assistance, it boils my blood a little. As if poor folks - and how many of... [more]
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They are. They are building a highly armed force to protect them and giving that force the freedom of action to suppress the poor. This is really important. I think it's easy to fall into a sort of Hunger-Games mentality, like... [more]
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When someone who's had a set of awful experiences writes about them, I am always surprised by how much hostility this provokes, how much denial. Here's something I have learned: You do not have to identify with the oppressor. All you need to do... [more]
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I would really, really hesitate to stay with someone who cut me off totally when something bad happened in his life, particularly if it left me financially vulnerable. (How does he expect you to pay his half of the rent?) I would hesitate even... [more]
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As for the laundering...from my limited experience, you can do this without the washing machine. I grew up poor, had poor relatives, and am old enough that some people still used cloth because that's what they've always done. I could be... [more]
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An unmarked black van, with a bunch of burly 30 to 40 somethings wearing and putting on Black Bloc gear. This is from way, way upthread, but if you see something like this, those people are not anarchists, they are not Black Bloc,... [more]
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As someone who is usually (incorrectly) read as a butch lesbian (and thus gets a lot of the same treatment that butch lesbians get), I find the hostility to this essay shown here suuuuuupppper interesting. One thing I've noticed -... [more]
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Weirdly, this reminds me of my thoughts yesterday about the "I smack my partner lightly when he tells a racist joke" askme. [Naturally, I have no knowledge of the actual experience of that poster.] I was thinking about how women are... [more]
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