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You know what? I think you should leave her. I really do. I looked at all those other questions and I think you should split up. Think about this - you're my age, you're getting on for forty. We don't have infinite time in life, our risks... [more]
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As for the laundering...from my limited experience, you can do this without the washing machine. I grew up poor, had poor relatives, and am old enough that some people still used cloth because that's what they've always done. I could be... [more]
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I would really, really hesitate to stay with someone who cut me off totally when something bad happened in his life, particularly if it left me financially vulnerable. (How does he expect you to pay his half of the rent?) I would hesitate even... [more]
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And here is a thing: I would contend as someone socialized female that women are brought up to feel that attraction is a dangerous and charged way to related to the world, and we are brought up to believe that we are not active agents who... [more]
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Many white folks think it's rude to even mention the fact of racism, because they feel that talking about racism is controversial or divisive. This is usually, IME, an indicator that the white folks in question - whether they themselves are... [more]
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I would be concerned. I would not minimize this. (I am a queer person of indeterminate gender identity, trying to figure out this whole transitioning thing.) I think the people who are saying that this doesn't sound serious are not really... [more]
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Lisbeth Salander, the heroine of the popular The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo series, is emotionally stunted but, damn it, she actualizes herself! She punishes the people who hurt her, she sleeps with whomever she wishes, she zips around on a... [more]
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I think you should tell him that if he won't take steps to get some kind of treatment, you'll leave him, and if those steps are not taken by [time], you'll leave. Don't drop out of school. Leave him first, if that's what it comes down to.... [more]
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I believe Zimmerman viewed Trayvon as a "threat" most likely because of the color of his skin and the way he was dressed, but I also believe if he saw a too skinny white guy with a shaved head and punk piercings, he probably would have... [more]
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What I think he's really doing is breaking Sears up into salable pieces or pieces that can become corporations in their own right with separate stock, and sweetening those pieces by transferring long term liabilities from them to the parts he... [more]
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Yes, interviewing a group of US college students in 2012 totally explains every social interaction between all straight men and women ever. Just think of the topics we can settle by studying these kids! I bet we'll discover that women expect to... [more]
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I'm not clear on why this is more sinister than other delivery services. But I'm a Bay Area software engineer with a philosophy degree, so I guess no more could be expected. See, this is one reason that I actually want to do my own... [more]
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There are black folks on pintrest .. some black people play croquet ... some black people have cats This is why a lot of that "lol white people" stuff done by white people bothers me. "Ha ha, yes, white people are so... [more]
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I find it absolutely bizarre how much this freaks people out. There are all kinds of things which we gently deplore - raising kids to be homophobes, raising them to be against evolution, raising them in houses with unsecured guns, feeding them... [more]
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I wish we could separate "jeans that do not flatter the body" from "things that remind us of mothers". I really dislike that whole "of course moms are frumpy and boring and have bad taste and are not sexy, and of... [more]
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I RTFA, and the thing that jumped out at me was the passage where the writer spoke of a woman who was interviewing for a secretarial position at the salon chain she worked for, so she could move up from being a hairdresser. When she left, the... [more]
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In a weird way, this makes me think of the lack of care given to young women of color in the music industry whose personae are based on exaggerated sexuality. Miley Cyrus is named in this letter as a vulnerable young woman and this is, I... [more]
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As a secretary, I found the "you too can work late and assist in parenting the boss's daughter" section particularly amusing. Secretaries, of course, never have children, so we're happy to be "trained" to support the boss's... [more]
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So this means that no one will market crap to me anymore? I guess there's an upside to everything. [more]
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Everyone is going to say that Lydia needs therapy, like, stat - but I do want to add that if my partner were friends with someone who was buddies with a person who had sexually assaulted me while I was unconscious, and my partner had sort of a... [more]
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