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So the woman mentioned in the FPP would apparently rather starve than wash a soiled cloth diaper. I can't get worked up over this... It just so happened that I lived with a friend who was using cloth diapers and was...well, let's say,... [more]
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Will this be another thread where we all humble-brag about how we don't really care much for refrigeration and would be happy with a dorm fridge did circumstances permit? I like having a decent sized refrigerator. I do not like... [more]
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It still seems strange to me, because I have zero interest in the first thing and think of the second one (caring for each other) as the basis of any relationship, but maybe I already have non-traditional relationships. Oh god the emotional... [more]
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One of my dreams in life is to have enough time to spend in an area like this to "get in" with everyone, photograph them all, make a book and use the proceeds to help them. But I'm quiet and white and not very social, so all I'd wind up... [more]
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I have observed that most moral panics involve things-centered-around-women, things-centered-around-"femininity" or things-centered-around-poor-people. Although in this case, the poor get married in insufficient numbers, so that's not... [more]
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See, this whole business is the result of a chronic inability to address the truths of capitalism. It's just like how the United States absolutely will not endorse a living wage or meaningful worker protections, so we sneak in social welfare... [more]
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I like the wonky old-school interface used here. It's easy to read lots of content and it's easy to scroll through. No infinite/perpetually-loading scroll, no blinky things on the sides. I sincerely hope that this shake-up doesn't con anyone into... [more]
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I think this article is, overall, somewhat overblown, particularly the pull quote. "I am worth less than a shoe"? No, if you damage a customer's property, you pay for it. Just like if you damage a stranger's property, they can take you... [more]
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Template: I have [radical credentials that make me authentically oppressed; avoid mentioning advantages]. Sad anecdote. In the past I was so radical! I used to do [medium-difficulty things that will seem extreme to a non-activist audience].... [more]
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To respond to far upthread: if you haven't read about the miners' strike that was basically Thatcher's defining moment, it's simply unbelievable. Troops, police infiltration, people getting shot - it's like the 1968 Democratic convention, or one of... [more]
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She was a woman ahead of her time. There's nothing she did that political leaders around the world aren't doing today; they're just doing it in a more stealthy and underhanded manner. At least she was open about it. It's not just that - it... [more]
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Capitalists are such frauds. They appeal to "market logic" when it's for themselves - "oh, we can't offer benefits, we can't afford it!" or whatever - but when people who are not desperate economic refugees refuse to work for... [more]
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I don't like it when someone asks me leading/pedagogical questions. If I ask "where's the THING?" and you respond like it's your job to help me deduce where the thing is, it feels very patronizing. If I ask you for information and... [more]
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Is Charlie Hebdo actually left-wing? The sense I've always had is that there are elements of "left" in it and it's put together by people who were of the sixties/seventies left. But the left in France groups together a different... [more]
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I've never understood why some people can't get past it. I don't mean to be insensitive, I just don't get it. Here are some suggestions: 1. Their bullying was worse than what you experienced. 2. Their bullying was physical as well,... [more]
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I am also interested in the trigger warning as a cultural pattern, though, both in the ways that it oversimplifies and fetishizes consent and the ways that it figures the individual as always-ill. Like, it's totally okay to... [more]
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Perhaps, too, as an anarchist I can say this: capitalism is popular because, in part, it makes life better and easier. It also makes life worse and crueler and in the main I do not care for it, but the anti-technology strain in this kind of article... [more]
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"People would say racist, homophobic, and misogynistic things in jest. It was like playacting, a kind of pretending to be racist that makes fun of both racists and those who are literal-thinking enough to not see that it is playacting. I... [more]
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Somewhere Samuel Delany, the great, great writer and literary theorist, remarks that everyone is doomed to make a noisy, scary emotional spectacle of themselves in public about three times in their lives - he's talking sobbing, flailing bizarre... [more]
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I think, also, people are reading this differently from me, e.g. Frowner's summation of "I want to get laid tonight doesn't matter who as long as she's attractive enough that I can get it up" is not how I read it—I read it as "I... [more]
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