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So the woman mentioned in the FPP would apparently rather starve than wash a soiled cloth diaper. I can't get worked up over this... It just so happened that I lived with a friend who was using cloth diapers and was...well, let's say,... [more]
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Will this be another thread where we all humble-brag about how we don't really care much for refrigeration and would be happy with a dorm fridge did circumstances permit? I like having a decent sized refrigerator. I do not like... [more]
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One of my dreams in life is to have enough time to spend in an area like this to "get in" with everyone, photograph them all, make a book and use the proceeds to help them. But I'm quiet and white and not very social, so all I'd wind up... [more]
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I have observed that most moral panics involve things-centered-around-women, things-centered-around-"femininity" or things-centered-around-poor-people. Although in this case, the poor get married in insufficient numbers, so that's not... [more]
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See, this whole business is the result of a chronic inability to address the truths of capitalism. It's just like how the United States absolutely will not endorse a living wage or meaningful worker protections, so we sneak in social welfare... [more]
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I like the wonky old-school interface used here. It's easy to read lots of content and it's easy to scroll through. No infinite/perpetually-loading scroll, no blinky things on the sides. I sincerely hope that this shake-up doesn't con anyone into... [more]
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To respond to far upthread: if you haven't read about the miners' strike that was basically Thatcher's defining moment, it's simply unbelievable. Troops, police infiltration, people getting shot - it's like the 1968 Democratic convention, or one of... [more]
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She was a woman ahead of her time. There's nothing she did that political leaders around the world aren't doing today; they're just doing it in a more stealthy and underhanded manner. At least she was open about it. It's not just that - it... [more]
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Capitalists are such frauds. They appeal to "market logic" when it's for themselves - "oh, we can't offer benefits, we can't afford it!" or whatever - but when people who are not desperate economic refugees refuse to work for... [more]
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I don't like it when someone asks me leading/pedagogical questions. If I ask "where's the THING?" and you respond like it's your job to help me deduce where the thing is, it feels very patronizing. If I ask you for information and... [more]
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It still seems strange to me, because I have zero interest in the first thing and think of the second one (caring for each other) as the basis of any relationship, but maybe I already have non-traditional relationships. Oh god the emotional... [more]
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I've never understood why some people can't get past it. I don't mean to be insensitive, I just don't get it. Here are some suggestions: 1. Their bullying was worse than what you experienced. 2. Their bullying was physical as well,... [more]
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Perhaps, too, as an anarchist I can say this: capitalism is popular because, in part, it makes life better and easier. It also makes life worse and crueler and in the main I do not care for it, but the anti-technology strain in this kind of article... [more]
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I am also interested in the trigger warning as a cultural pattern, though, both in the ways that it oversimplifies and fetishizes consent and the ways that it figures the individual as always-ill. Like, it's totally okay to... [more]
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"People would say racist, homophobic, and misogynistic things in jest. It was like playacting, a kind of pretending to be racist that makes fun of both racists and those who are literal-thinking enough to not see that it is playacting. I... [more]
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I think, also, people are reading this differently from me, e.g. Frowner's summation of "I want to get laid tonight doesn't matter who as long as she's attractive enough that I can get it up" is not how I read it—I read it as "I... [more]
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Somewhere Samuel Delany, the great, great writer and literary theorist, remarks that everyone is doomed to make a noisy, scary emotional spectacle of themselves in public about three times in their lives - he's talking sobbing, flailing bizarre... [more]
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I don't think this phenomenon is unique to men, and don't care for the term 'mansplaining.' But the point is that there is a particular kind of explaining that is sexist - that's rooted in male socialization. Men are socialized to... [more]
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This brings back something for me: a long time ago, I lived in a house next door to a place there was a murder. One of my housemates was a young black woman. She saw most of the murder - not the critical moment, but she saw the quarrel through a... [more]
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I never received government assistance or asked for it. I want to point out that it would not exactly have been the world's greatest tragedy if you'd gotten some food stamps and bought some groceries here, nor would this have turned you... [more]
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