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Mefites' Choice 2014 winners, Week One

It's that special time of year again (reminder: please vote for the posts you like mostest via the favorites button, and if you are so inclined, sign up on the Wiki to contribute a prize!), and the first week of the Mefite's Choice 2014 best posts extravaganza has come to pass, revealing to us that, with or without salad, Metafilter members love a good chuckle, as demonstrated by storybored's #1 winning post "JokeFilter" (What's the one joke you always tell when someone says "Tell me a joke."). In thanks for the all the hilarity, storybored wins anything from the Mefi Mall from me, up to $25*.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 8:29 AM on December 8, 2014 (29 comments)

Mefites' Choice 2013 winners, Week One

Aaand the results are in for the first week of this year's "Mefites-Choose" all-singing, all-dancing Most Fantastic Posts! (Reminder: the contest is going all month, so please keep voting – using the "fantastic post" flag!)
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 1:27 AM on December 8, 2013 (41 comments)

Reminder: Please update your Mefi contact email if it's getting moldy

This is just a PSA to remind you that we use the email you have attached to your account to answer contact emails from you (unless you change it manually in the email field on the contact page), and sometimes to get in touch with you if there is a problem with a post or comment, so please make sure that it is a working address. You can change or update your email in your profile preferences under "Contact Preferences," as well as choose whether you want it to be visible to other users, and if you want Mefi mail forwarded to your email.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 9:00 AM on January 18, 2013 (39 comments)

PS: This Post Has Been BALEETED

Suggestion, not critical: perhaps a way to show that a post has been closed/deleted, in the style of the "X New Comments" update at the bottom of the thread?
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 12:19 PM on June 17, 2011 (53 comments)

Unexpectedly logged out of the Cesspool?

Did anyone else find themselves unexpectedly logged out of Metafilter recently? It happened to me a few minutes ago for the first time that I can remember, and I'm just wondering if it's a my-system thing.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 4:51 AM on April 23, 2011 (29 comments)

Do you guys remember this cool browser thingy?

I'm looking for a Metafilter post that was about a browser ... um, application? or plug-in? or site? that featured different windows so you could drag/arrange your pages into groups by arbitrary topic or category, or work vs. leisure browsing, or whatever you wanted. Do you remember that?
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 3:45 AM on January 20, 2011 (33 comments)

The GifWell Thread

Can we have have the ability to upload gifs as our profile pix?
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 1:20 AM on November 9, 2009 (68 comments)

This is not my beautiful country

Location-specific questions in AskMe: could we please talk about options for this again?
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 1:56 AM on October 12, 2009 (70 comments)

Viva quien vence... but, still...

I'm wondering if we should add a "History" category to Ask Me? I posted this today, and was surprised to find that we don't have this category choice. I wavered between "Grab Bag" and "Society and Culture" and finally went with the latter, though my impression of that category is that it's meant to address quite different, mostly contemporary questions... and checking past questions seems to affirm that it's not a great fit, though probably the best we have.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 6:05 AM on September 23, 2009 (67 comments)

Everybody needs a mux.

Can we add muxtape to the social apps list on profile pages (and of course to the keen new social explorer)? I'd love to keep track of the mefi-mixes.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 12:46 AM on April 16, 2008 (62 comments)

No E-mail? No? Really? Why not?

Please to put an email in your profile? Most of us don't bite, really. Okay, sure - if your "persona" here is attack-nerd or something, and you're sure you'll get spammed with hate mail, leave it out, but if you're a regular user who likes to participate, can't you at least set up a throwaway webmail address (in gmail, for one, you can create a filter to forward your messages to your regular mail, and you won't even have to log in to your account to check if you have any new messages). more...
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 2:09 AM on June 15, 2007 (167 comments)

MeFi MeCha bookmark art swap reminder.

Last chance: Sign up for the groovycool mefi/mecha bookmark art swap. Yes, YOU. Do it. More is inside.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 7:35 AM on September 14, 2006 (6 comments)

Outting Users

Hey, MeFite Detectives! A request: Please think before you "out" someone. In our personal lives, most of us have learned that just because we can do something, it doesn't necessarily mean we should, and the same is true here. If a user (or perhaps the subject of a post, etc.) has caught your attention for some reason, and they have revealed (or you have figured out) their real life identity, and you go poking around to see what you can find, please think twice before publishing your big scoop. [more]
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 2:12 AM on September 28, 2005 (163 comments)


Lately, there has been some discrepancy between number of "new questions/comments posted" in MetaTalk, and what I'm seeing highlighted on the page as new questions or comments. Until now, it hasn't been such a big difference to really annoy me, but at the moment, I see "There has been 1 new question and 12 comments posted since your last visit", but only two threads are highlighted as having new comments (one each).
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 9:57 AM on June 25, 2005 (7 comments)

These days it seems like MeFi is down constantly

Can I just make a frustration-vent post? These days it seems like MeFi is down constantly, several times a day, and to be honest... I'm getting to the point where I'm about ready to move on to another spot. The problem is that, for me, my main community site is like comfort food; it's a place that I can always pop into to see posts and comments from the people I know, and I can always fill in a time gap or soothe my real-life-related nerves by browsing there. But one of the things about comfort food is that it has to be easy and accessible, and lately, MeFi... isn't. So I have some questions...
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 4:03 AM on May 16, 2005 (154 comments)

community poem weblog

Fun idea? Or... not so much? Inspired by Fuzzy Monster, here, I was thinking of a metapoem blogthing wherein anyone who wanted to participate could post a poem from any particular day, made up of three or four lines created from post "headlines" (first few words — the ones that typically constitute the initial link) from that particular day. If it seems like a fun idea, I have some questions inside...
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 5:49 AM on April 3, 2005 (45 comments)

Flagging error

After flagging a post I got this message: "Error Occurred While Processing Request... Element SITE is undefined in URL". Not sure if the flag registered or not, or if anyone else is seeing this message.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 5:24 AM on February 28, 2005 (3 comments)

Broken Posts: add them here.

Broken Posts: add them here. I also found a couple of threads that went wonky after adding keywords (1, 2). If anyone else has any nasties, we might as well batch them here.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 11:20 PM on January 24, 2005 (7 comments)

Is anyone else seeing strange formatting behavior on this thread?

Is anyone else seeing strange formatting behavior on this thread? I'm seeing a white background, right sidebar stuff lining up on the left, and the page text beginning below the sidebar info. It looks like the stylesheet isn't being applied for some reason. (Firefox, Mozilla and IE)
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 2:05 AM on October 20, 2004 (5 comments)

Viewropa community weblog on IRC

European (and EuroLovin') MeFites: IRC (, channel #euro) chat tonight at 9:30 GMT about "Vewropa" new community Euroblog in the making. If you haven't seen it yet, the AskMe question that kicked it off is here. The Wiki that will get you up to date is here. Have a look around, and show up tonight to share your opinions.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 7:36 AM on September 29, 2004 (34 comments)

I think I may have found the perfect metaphor for the Mefi network experience

I think I may have found the perfect metaphor for the Mefi network experience: it's like travelling, with high spirits and pleasant anticipation, to visit an out-of-town friend for the weekend - someone you've always liked and with whom you have a great deal in common, but once you get there, they are, like, rushing to put a coaster under your glass, and looking at you nervously as lower yourself into what must obviously be the wrong chair. And they're all like,"Ooh. Could you please not walk on that carpet? It just gets dirty so easily." and "Oh, no! Don't use that soap - it's really just decorative; here's the soap we use." and "Oh. Thanks for taking care of the dishes, but we don't put our glassware in the dishwasher." And when they come into the guest room to say good night, they tell you what time breakfast will be on the table, and then close the window you just opened to alleviate some of the stifling heat. "Insects, you know. We get a lot of 'em out here." And the next morning you have your bags repacked and sitting out on the front porch before dawn, ready for the first possible opportunity to get the hell out of there, and they are all like "Oh, no! You're not leaving so soon are you? We were having so much fun!" [SI more DE]
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 10:37 AM on September 4, 2004 (58 comments)

AskMe: inline comments about the suitability or presentation are especially unwelcome

Dear No. 1: Maybe it's time for a little policy action. I think of AskMe much more in terms of archival value than I do MeFi, mostly because a great deal of the information shared there is anecdotal and experience-related, and as such is not wholly dependent on web links that may change or disappear. It seems that this is going to be a resource that will be referred to quite often in results for common searches, and in this way far less ephemeral than MeFi or MeTa. Therefore, I'm thinking that inline comments about the suitability or presentation of a posted question are especially unwelcome.

I understand that it will be overbearing and ridiculous to bring every single question of this sort to MeTa, but still, I think that in the long run it will be strange and distracting to have these asides remaining in the threads that survive to see another day, especially because they tend to drift off into discussions involving the complaint, and because the person complaining may have just been suffering from wrong-side-of-the-bed syndrome, the effects of which usually fade rapidly into obscurity on the blue and gray pages (and the inclusion of which is explicitly or implicitly more "built into" their more conversational structure), but which I suspect will end up being more "sticky", as well as oddly jarring, in the green. I also think that it will probably become impossible for you to monitor everything and delete all bad posts/comments one by one. [More, believe it or not...]
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 1:39 AM on March 24, 2004 (27 comments)

is it possible to ask Windows-related questions on AskMe without being sneered at?

Do you think it might be possible to ask Windows-related questions on AskMe without being sneered at?
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 12:06 AM on January 14, 2004 (14 comments)

Secret Santa on MeFi

I was contemplating tranquileye's previous post, and thinking that it's a fun idea to give something to and get something from somebody you don't know at all, but even more fun if you know at least a little something about them; wouldn't it be great to have a MeFi "Secret Santa" next year? And if so, how would we go about that? more...
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 5:18 AM on December 28, 2003 (38 comments)

spawn-of-metafilter advice site

How about a spawn-of-metafilter advice site? A site where mefites can go to give and get advice and suggestions regarding life's conundrums - technical, personal, financial, etc.? Most of us know a thing or two about something or the other, and most of us need a hand (or a shoulder, or other assorted body parts) on occasion. Who you gonna call?

Do any of you "philter" people have the inclination and bandwidth for an idea like this (Wendell? Metalifter?)? Would any of the rest of you participate? And... did I just commit metacide?
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 6:30 AM on August 4, 2003 (34 comments)

Pie for you if you help me solve this search

Apple pies to the people prepared not to scruple perversely or crumple prematurely in providing ample particulars to this disciple posting a simple problem.
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 10:08 AM on March 19, 2003 (22 comments)

Stop picking on the n00bs

I'd like to suggest that there might be a bit of a danger these days of stripping some potential away from the site. A lot of new users are being called out (or belittled) rather promiscuously for posts or comments that are often no different than what they have been accustomed to seeing from Metafilter elders pre-14k (as well as post-14k). Vigilance is worthy and needed in order to protect the integrity of Metafilter, but I suspect that there is a risk of creating an atmosphere of paranoia in which many promising new members will be afraid to post anything that they are not absolutely certain will not reap condemnation. (more inside...)
posted to MetaTalk by taz at 1:40 AM on September 7, 2002 (67 comments)

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