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Why is Gay Marriage Winning While Abortion Rights Lose?
Full disclosure, I have not read all the links yet, so apologies if they do address this point. I'm extremely sympathetic to this point of view, and I think Katha Pollitt is mostly right. At the same time, for a long time abortion was winning while gay rights were hardly spoken of. I mean, it shouldn't be a zero sum game at all, but we do need to include a historical perspective on that count. And I wish we didn't just accept Katha Pollitt's framing that abortion rights are "about sex.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:02 PM on April 25, 2015

Christina in Red
They look like Maxfield Parrishes in photo, and I think they probably reflect the same artistic impulses. I see them as influenced by the style of Pictorialism, but in color.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:15 PM on April 24, 2015

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee.
I wonder if society is set up for morning people because 24-hour lighting hasn't been around that long.

I was thinking similar thoughts when reading this. It made sense to castigate people for sleeping in in the eighteenth century, when if you slept until 10 you had basically shortened your possible workday by a good four, five hours. Of course you'd get less done and appear chronically lazy and unable to get your act together. The advent of… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 1:37 PM on April 11, 2015
During my senior year of high school, for some reason I latched on to those disgusting power bars*, mostly because I could take them in the car with me while I inevitably raced to school because I was always running late.

I had a similar but even worse thing my senior year, when I started riding in my friend's car to school rather than walking . We got breakfast at 7-11, and for many months my choice for the most important meal of the day was an Orangina and a Skor bar.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:26 AM on April 13, 2015

Regional Gothic
Thanks for this post - this stuff is amazing. Apart from the general cleverness, I'm so impressed by the remaining strength of sense of place. There really are very specific, well-observed qualities to these pieces.

New England Gothic:

literally just New England.

When my now-husband moved here to New England about 10 years ago, during his first week at one point he was walking around and said he got… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:07 PM on April 9, 2015
Not New York. Not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey!” your radio declares. You scoff. As if they’re the only radio station in New Jersey. You scan through the stations until you find another one from New Jersey. “Not New York. Not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey!” your radio declares. You scoff. As if they’re the only radio station in New Jersey. You scan through the stations until you find another one from New Jersey. “Not New York. Not Philadelphia. Proud to be… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:08 AM on April 11, 2015

The Ballad of Clayton Homes
Has anyone ever had to file a claim with GEICO ? I've been involved with them, and find their customer service and, hm, ability to help people through things, very poor.

Really? Been with them 10+ years, 2 accidents, 2 windshields, totally satisfied.

This article from the Times last year about mobile home park ownership, and how that can be a great way to make money off the poor, might also interest folks.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:02 PM on April 8, 2015
Yes, that surprised me, too. I'd kind of like to hear more about that.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 12:56 PM on April 9, 2015
They clearly did know that someone in their larger community was planning to do something big that day against the government.

Just for future reference for anyone reading the's okay to call the FBI with this type of thing even if it's all you know.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 10:33 AM on April 10, 2015
I totally get it and don't mean any blame. Just seemed like it might be worth mentioning as I don't think I'd have known that at that age either.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 2:42 PM on April 10, 2015

Ghetto Kids Dancing Sitya Loss New Ugandan music (SLYT)
Saw this on Facebook a while back, too. One thing that captivated me was this dance aesthetic where a lot of the time, participants look completely disengaged, and then next thing you know they're in the middle of the performance, dancing. The fine line between casual and completely committed is fascinating. I've noticed a similar trope in American street dance sometimes - a pretty fascinating and compelling little bit that sort of challenges distinctions between performance/participation and… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:33 PM on April 4, 2015

“The countenance is pale and sunken, the right eye small and reddened.”
Wow, that was a very interesting read and it was not about migraines. Glad I read it, glad his treatment was going so well. The body is surely amazing, in both its failures and its dogged attempt to maintain equilibrium.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:28 PM on April 4, 2015

Extreme Makeover: Corset and Bustle Edition
Apparently, within the guild there was a group of them that would periodically do things like create historically accurate old-timey full-length bathing suits and have group outings to Raging Waters (or whatever other local waterpark struck their fancy).

Coming across folks like this is a side effect of my career in museums, and I admit I really enjoy it. I've been known to don historic togs myself. In recent years there's actually been a big uptick… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 6:56 PM on April 4, 2015

The Green Fields of the Mind
I love this! We are counting down the days. I enjoy baseball, a lot, but I'm not exactly a "fan" - I don't follow stats, I'm sort of generic on players. But I love the sound of baseball on the radio, almost nightly, and the slow progress of the season. It's beautiful and comforting, and things like this help make it so.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 12:18 PM on April 2, 2015
forgettable gameshow-host sounding dude doing play-by-play.

Dave O'Brien??! The hell you say! I love Dave O'Brien! He's got an old-baseball voice, calm, doesn't miss a trick, dignified, laid-back. Absolutely love him. His voice relaxes me in and of itself. Joe C. sounds like the Smucker's guy, or "Pepperidge Farm Remembers." Not that I mind - they make a great pair. My favorite is when they talk about the fruit on… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:36 AM on April 3, 2015
In other words, I don't think baseball inspires great writing. so much as people who are (or will make for) great writers are drawn to baseball.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:43 AM on April 3, 2015
Once upon a time, though, it was William Hazlitt writing about boxing

I see your point and it's true that once established, a tradition has self-perpetuating power. At the same time, I think there would need to be a lot more William Hazlitts in other sports to make the case that there isn't also something intrinsic to the gameplay and material culture themselves that attracts good writers. I'm hard pressed to think of horse-racing, football, or… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:52 AM on April 3, 2015

Margret: Chronicle of an Affair – May 1969 to December 1970
That's an affair - not a malicious, one-way manipulation.

When one party's on the uphill side of a 15-year age gap, a reproductive-consequences gap and a clearly significant wealth gap, it gets a lot harder to assert that. I know it was common enough, but it wasn't less predatory for that.

Still, your comment illustrates a lot about the way people constructed these kinds of relationships at the time.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 6:47 PM on March 31, 2015
...and then there was a women's movement.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:03 PM on March 31, 2015
What was not a part of the early Women's Lib, or at least it wasn't a big part of it overall, was the idea that men were 100% at fault for the problems of women; at that time, women and men enjoyed life in their own way, even down to having passionate affairs, without creating much of a fuss - and they discussed women's rights and the space race and the cold war and Nixon.

1. You are not the only expert on, nor is your experience related here… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:02 PM on April 1, 2015
Like I said, I don't know anything about it. I do, however, know a lot about the aggregate pattern. This may or may not fit the pattern.

I don't really care about people having affairs if they must. That's their decision. I just don't think you can ignore historical context - it has been very common for older men and younger women to form relationships in a kind of exchange of the different kinds of social power they have been afforded under patriarchy, and some have… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:08 PM on April 1, 2015
What's so striking in this little debate is that her voice is entirely missing. Here we are, trying to read the tea leaves of her life, when we wouldn't even know about her except that one man obsessively "collected" her, and another has now "curated" her. The best scenario would be to know, from her, how she felt about this episode of her existence as she developed through life. We can never have that now. She's effectively silenced, and we're left to project on and argue… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:18 PM on April 1, 2015
I'm not intending to diminish the good effects of the Women's Movement, only to note that not everyone was deeply immersed in it.

Granted. I think that was my point: your point of view is one of someone who wasn't deeply immersed in it. I certainly agree that many people were not deeply immersed in it, just as many people today are not. Others were, however, so these ideas were in circulation, whether or not they were mainstream. It's not accurate… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 12:29 PM on April 2, 2015

The Man who gave us “Mesmerize”
I haven't been on for several days, but just came here to post this, and LobsterMitten suggested I pop it in here:

"Franz Anton Mesmer arrives in Paris to present a revolutionary theory to the French Academy of Sciences. He claims he has harnessed a universal life-force called ‘animal magnetism’ that can cure all disease." Interactive digital storytelling on an odd but influential episode in medical history from the Wellcome Collection. It's, well, mesmerizing.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:52 AM on March 31, 2015

I almost entirely removed the words "no" and "don't" from my vocabulary.
This is a great and very useful piece. I also wanted to pull out the discussion of questions, as I feel it can be perceived as a trapping mechanism. I like that this is really performance-oriented and focused on building trust and skill. I've also really appreciated direct feedback and guidance - "do this," rather than "do you think you should be doing this?" There is a lot of wishy-washy stuff in management life, when really, what it's all about, is describing what a… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 10:43 AM on March 23, 2015

It's a Dance-Off!
Saw this on Facebook and loved it. I'm a swing dancer who's been on a multi-year hiatus, but when I was into it I was big into it, and read a great deal about the history of the dance form. Short story short, it shouldn't be that surprising to team it with street dance. They share a lot of similar origins - before swing caught on in the dominant pop culture, it was the dance of outsiders, mostly black and urban. There's a lot of very basic level crossover, even if street dance is a lot more… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:28 PM on March 21, 2015
Before I clicked I was hoping it was Whitey's!
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:42 PM on March 22, 2015

The irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous
AA is free. And there's most likely a meeting not far from any American every single day and evening.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 6:01 AM on March 18, 2015
I'll say it again: any study attempting to compare the efficacy of AA with that of other programs will need to compare AA with other programs that are also completely free and nearly universally accessible. Perhaps such a study will discover a better completely free and nearly universally accessible program, or perhaps we will one day develop such a thing, as a society, in the form of something like universal single-payer health care. Until then, I think there will be room for, and need for, AA.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:34 PM on March 18, 2015
having functional welfare systems I think.

Exactly. If we're not going to have a safety net, we can expect to have voluntary self-help associations, and they will not be regulated.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:31 AM on March 19, 2015
So 12 steps groups should be instructed not to advise dual diagnosis members off their meds.

The problem here lies in the passive voice. I'm not sure who's supposed to do this instructing, but since the chain of authority between doctor and patient is much stronger and more accountable than any chain of authority within the AA association, why do we not ask that it be doctors who be instructed to advise their patients not to quit… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 10:11 AM on March 19, 2015
The religious part of it might also be a turn off to people.

...that was a big part of this thread, if you care to read it.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 5:29 PM on March 22, 2015

It’s like sexual release that’s allowed
Huh? There are/were plenty of men who would be overenthusiastic about doing this, I would think.

This presumes that men cared about whether women had orgasms, and I don't think we have much evidence that they did, or, in a lot of cases, knew they could. I mean, this remains an issue for a lot of women today, let alone in the past.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 6:21 PM on March 20, 2015
See also mass psychogenic illness.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 6:25 PM on March 20, 2015
a suspicious number of firstborn children in puritan America came a few months early when you compare wedding and birthdates.

This is well documented - the bride was pregnant in about a third of pre-17C Puritan marriages. They were a lot more concerned with being able to verify paternity (and thus responsibility to children) than with virginity.

With respect to Salem, I think a fair bit of historical theorizing… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 11:55 AM on March 21, 2015

You know what? I don't need this job after all.
The unusual hiring practices of giant, innovative American technology companies have become the stuff of modern myth

Not just American. I've been obsessed with the legends of Michelin corporate testing (many of them actually true) for a long time.

it occurs to me that picking your employees based upon a test made up of random unrelated trivia is a terrible idea.

I like a fun… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:01 PM on March 16, 2015
2. What city and country produce the finest china?
But come on - that is now and has ever been Jingdezhen, China.

BUT, so wrong! Eli Whitney did not exactly "invent" the cotton gin. He created a less labor-intensive, more mechanical design, and took out a patent.

143. What city on the Atlantic seaboard is the greatest pottery centre?
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 7:28 PM on March 16, 2015
What do you think the answer is?

Is it really that obscure? I ran across it as a teen.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:36 PM on March 18, 2015
Ha! I'm pretty sure I did. I used to subscribe to Games Magazine as a nerdy kid, and the manhole cover disucssion was one of my dad's favorite bits of trivia. But I also read Cecil obsessively for a long time, though not the message boards.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 10:21 AM on March 19, 2015

Imagine Frankensteining kale and Brussels sprouts together
What EC says has a lot of truth to it. I got into kale when I started gardening. It's one of the earliest things up in the spring, and produces with insane abundance. So, you start looking for ways to eat it. Before I knew it, I loved it. It's an extremely flexible ingredient - you can eat it raw shaved in salads, roast it, or blanch and stir it into sauces, bean dishes, stir-fries, etc. This week I'm going to try a recipe for using it in pesto. I wasn't "sold" on it as an idea, I… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:47 AM on March 16, 2015

To Take Something Recognizably Bad
We had normcore before. It was called "The 90s." the article notes. if you don't believe me, watch some Friends or Seinfeld and reflect on the fact that what they were wearing was in style.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 2:40 PM on March 15, 2015
I agree with you, though, The Whelk. It's just fashion receding toward the mean.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 2:41 PM on March 15, 2015
I have a bunch of weird brooches pinned to it.

That's a big look that was popular in the mid-80s, and I still haven't seen it come sweeping back, though maybe you're in the vanguard as I'm finding a few examples on fashion blogs now. Multiple brooches were a big thing. I had a bunch on my coat lapels and on my hats. I still have a few of them - the ones my brother gave me, two tiny guitars, a 1930s green enamel roadster and a rhinestoned biplane -… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:50 PM on March 15, 2015

"You blew it, and you blew it big!"
"It's the fifteenth of March today" is, I am fairly confident, more common that "It is March fifteenth today". I think "It is March the fifteenth today" would be rarest of all.

No, not in the US. "It's March 15 today" or "let's meet on March 15th," or "my birthday is March 15th" is the standard, common way to say it ("March the fifteenth"would sound a little weird).
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:51 PM on March 14, 2015

Ladies kindly remove your hats
I don't understand the illustration choices that go with "Advertise your business on this screen and get results. See the manager" though.

It's a cow. Dairying was a common business everywhere because almost all milk was locally produced until the 1940s. It was also a way for a family to make a side income - having a cow, selling extra milk and butter to local merchants - to make your butter and egg money. So, a cow implies a small… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 11:51 AM on March 13, 2015
I assumed they were stomping their feet?

Yep, stomping, whistling, and beating the arms of the seat.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 11:52 AM on March 13, 2015

What It's Like to Work at Waffle House for 24 Hours Straight
OK, now I am done watching it. I thought this was good. What I would have liked better would be just following the actual staff of a Waffle House for 24 hours. Watching Andrew bumble around reminded me of every "training day" I ever did in a restaurant. The staff were tolerant ("I just need my chocolate chip waffle") but I think I would have learned about them best if Andrew stayed behind the camera and interviewed them.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:03 PM on March 8, 2015
I was completely underwhelmed. I was expecting so much more.

It's kind of cumulative.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 8:28 PM on March 8, 2015
Do other people actually go to Waffle House for the waffles?

Oh hell yeah. The pecan waffle, a childhood favorite, is something I'll go out of my way for.
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:23 AM on March 9, 2015
Waitstaff clean the fuck up on brunch. It's the kitchen that gets royally screwed.

This has not been my waitstaff experience. I appreciate the kitchen's griddle struggles - egg orders are the worst and people are picky - but I never cleaned up on a brunch shift, not even on like Mother's Day. Ticket totals are too low and turnover too slow. It's marginally better if the place serves brunch cocktails, but brunch is a lot of running, like 7 beverages… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Miko at 9:27 AM on March 9, 2015

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