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A more reliable version of the LG Xenon?
I did a pretty extensive search for a phone for my wife a few months ago, and her requirements were very similar to yours (qwerty, no data, good battery life were her biggies) and we narrowed it down to the Xenon or the Samsung Magnet. Sounds like a good thing we went with the Magnet!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 2:35 PM on June 2, 2010

Pure musical purity
30 Seconds To Mars -- best 'celebrity' band? I don't think there is much competition.

You could argue The Bacon Brothers (totally different music, though), and She & Him top Jared's so-called band artistically, but they are definitely the most successful celebrity band.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 4:36 AM on June 1, 2010

Dresser drawers wont open. Help!
Yeah, percussive maintenance is the solution to this one. I'd first try pulling out each drawer as much as possible (may only be a fraction of an inch) and then slamming it shut. See if that allows normal operation, if not, repeat for each drawer. If that doesn't do it, try shaking, bumping, or banging on the unit as a whole. If that doesn't work, you are going to need to start taking things apart, and the best way to do that depends greatly on what kind of drawers we are talking about (metal... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 3:56 PM on May 31, 2010

Previously on Lost
Ben's sticking around in "purgatory" to be with his dead daughter is kind of really touching.

I'm with kerning on this one -- I think Ben wasn't invited into the church to move forward, and his "declining" to join the rest of them was just him being diplomatic.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:33 PM on May 23, 2010

Help me enjoy this gorgeous summer!
Can you wear some chunkier casual shoes? I'm thinking like a wedge flip-flop or something. My wife has a pair from Old Navy that have like 2" of height at the heel, and I know I've seen more extreme ones than that out there.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 11:40 AM on May 22, 2010

How does my girlfriend get a credit card if she has no credit?
I don't know if things have changed since the Global Credit Hissyfit, but banks used to offer "secured" credit cards, in which you make a deposit of between 200-500 dollars and get a credit card with a line of credit equal to the amount deposited. After making payments on time for 6 months or so, the deposit is returned, and the line of credit remains open, like a standard credit card. I know Bank of America used to offer them to people with literally no credit all the time.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:21 AM on May 22, 2010

The kindness of strangers
We have no way of knowing that there's anything sleazy about the bar, and it's not even a strip club by any rational definition of that phrase.

There is certainly stripping going on at that bar, at least occasionally, and, as mentioned in another comment that I can't find at the moment, it is likely that Lounge Lux was not the "switch" in this bait and switch ploy, but rather the "bait" -- a job at this nice-looking club leads... [more]
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 8:32 PM on May 21, 2010

How to save a metafilter answer?
MetaFilter has a pretty nice print stylesheet, so if you just do the old File, Print from your browser you should get a nifty looking hard copy, if that's what you want.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:23 PM on May 21, 2010

I want to expand my business. But where do I begin?
Steal a page from the major retail stores if you can and staff the NEW store as much as possible with staff from the OLD store. The staff at the new store needs to know your product and your procedures down pat so they can give a good first impression to the new market. You may not be able (or willing) to force people to transfer to the new location, but perhaps some of them are interested in relocating anyway? Especially if there is a promotion involved (offer the Assistant Manager from the old... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:02 PM on May 20, 2010

Can I get a side of huitlacoche?
There's a fine line, though. You don't want to be like Giada DiLaurentiis and throw a full-on Italian pronunciation at words like "mozzarella" and "rigatoni". People who are familiar with exotic foods are also familiar with their butchered pronunciations, so just do your best, and don't try and strain yourself being too authentic.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 10:56 AM on May 20, 2010

Help me help my friend in DC.
When it comes to convincing them that this is human trafficking, I think the approach varies depending on whether they (A) are educated about the concept of trafficking and the techniques and tricks that traffickers use, but just refuse to admit they are in that type of situation, or (B) are not that familiar with the idea of human sex trafficking and maybe don't think it is a real thing. If the latter, then I think you need to find some resources to introduce them to the concept. I'm thinking... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:01 AM on May 20, 2010

Pimm's O'Clock
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Wow. Even in a thread full of very high readings, that name just completely buried the needle on my Britishometer.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:24 AM on May 19, 2010

How do I optimize having 2 flats for a week?
We are in Abu Dhabi (UAE), so a lot of resources that those of you who are in the US take for granted are simply not available.

Yeah, that's definitely important information. I was going to ask if you are in a college town, because if so, you can always find students willing to haul stuff for you super cheap, but they may not have trucks/equipment. I suspect this is actually very similar to your current situation -- plenty of labor but the equipment... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:14 AM on May 16, 2010 marked best answer
don't forget to (a) take time before sundown to make sure every room has lamps or overhead lighting

Oh, hell, yes. We once had to move into an apartment after dark (the movers showed up 4 hours late, and it was a two hour drive to the new place) by the light of the open microwave oven, a gooseneck desk lamp, and a three-foot tall novelty jack-o-lantern.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:06 PM on May 17, 2010

Bicycle Rush Hour
The two things that struck me most about bike riding in Holland when I spent a few weeks there years ago were:

1. Biking in all manner of clothing. From formal to informal, fashionable to dorktastic. Many, many women biking in heels and short skirts.
2. Doing "weird" things while biking -- this was captured nicely in the video by the guy biking along while pulling a second, riderless bike along with him. Teens biking with three of their friends... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:02 PM on May 17, 2010

A gang is with whoever I'm stepping
So here's a folk cover of Straight Outta Compton by Nina Gordon

Damn it, Sutekh! I seriously had that version of the song stuck in my head all last week, and now it's back.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:23 AM on May 11, 2010

Is there a MeFi word for the experience of beginning to type what one thinks is a very witty and or insightful comment, only to realize that the very same observation has already been hidden in the title of the post? No? Well, in that case...

Hey, it's octarine!
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:54 PM on May 10, 2010

I'm shipping up to Boston.
The tour is DEFINITELY worth it, especially if you rarely get to Fenway. Even on a game day (you don't get to go in the dugouts or on the field) you still get to see the park from every vantage point, and learn a great deal about its history. A couple of years ago, I went to the tour fairly early in the day, and then just hung around the Fenway area for a few hours, watching "game day" coalesce around me. It was kind of a magical experience, and I heartily recommend it.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:55 PM on May 10, 2010

Questions about a Canadian taking a Post-Doc in Orlando
One bit of advice as far as the health insurance goes: It may be cheaper to get two separate plans -- an "Individual" plan for yourself and an "Individual +1" plan for your wife and the baby. The two separately can be much cheaper than one "Family" plan (which must be priced higher to account for families with 3 or 4 children). Not all companies may offer the Individual +1 (it's designed, I think, for childless couples or single parents), but it may be worth it to... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 4:52 AM on May 7, 2010

My poor English ability will continue to hold me back professionally and life in general if I don't find a way to improve it.
I really feel like a failure when someone said "What?" or "Say that again" to me.

This may not be entirely a function of your grammar, if you have an accent. There are many Americans who are particularly bad at understanding even the slightest foreign accent.

As dfriedman mentions, there are certain mistakes that you seem to be predisposed to making, and that may be related to the structures of your... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:20 AM on May 1, 2010

Farce Pavilions
Yeah, I'm of two minds about this. On one hand, I'm disappointed that the US didn't take advantage of this opportunity to do something creative and inspirational with the potential to influence generations of future architects (something like Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion); on the other, I agree to some extent with Malor, EmpressCallipygos and anotherpanacea -- We have no one to blame but ourselves, this Expo is not exactly world-shattering, and maybe we have better things to be... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:13 AM on May 1, 2010

Pepsi Lifespan
We're the one for you, New England... New England Tel-e-phone.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:49 PM on April 27, 2010
Hogshead, your Piggy story is about a thousand times better than the commercial this post is about. Thanks.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:29 PM on April 27, 2010

Songs that make people move
I'm not sure it has actually inspired people (other than myself), but the Dropkick Murphys' Worker's Song is certainly intended to fall into this genre.

Baseball genius and old-guy rocker Peter Gammons has called for that song to become the anthem of the Democratic Party -- an idea I heartily endorse.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:14 PM on April 24, 2010

The World's Ugliest Statues
The Giant Steel Genghis Khan is khantastic.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:04 PM on April 24, 2010

Where can I buy a shower curtain and liner for an L-shaped rod?
You can overlap two curtains by putting the one ring through the holes in both curtains. If you overlap two or more rings' worth they will be practically leak-proof.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:13 PM on April 24, 2010

Some joke about stalling or crashing
A small percentage of the drop can also be attributed to older, "traditional" NASCAR fans leaving because of their perception that things have gotten "too corporate" (read bland) and that the races are not as good as they used to be.

Exactly. The biggest auto racing fans I know -- here in the home of NASCAR (North Carolina) -- are fans of local and regional stock car racing circuits, not NASCAR.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:01 PM on April 22, 2010

Strange sounds under the sea
I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer here, but most of those sounds were heard only in the spring and summer of 1997, and not since then. Surely there was just some geological wackiness going on for a few months that was creating biological-sounding noises, right? Has anyone correlated the sounds with seismograph activity?
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:24 PM on April 19, 2010

I don't want my wedding to get rom-com'd
I would bring two of your own friends into your confidence about this to the following ends: Friend #1 (the more physically imposing one) needs to be prepared to step up to MBF should he start anything and ask him politely but undeniably to step outside for a minute. Hopefully it will not come to physically escorting him out, but Friend #1 should be prepared to escalate it to that level if needs be. Friend #2 needs to be able to step in to perform the ceremony should MBF be unwilling or unable... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 3:20 PM on April 19, 2010

Electric Boogaloo
Very Mordor-esque. Mordorian? Saurony? You know what I mean. Also? Please don't ruin my trip to London at the end of May, mkay volcano? TIA
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 11:21 AM on April 18, 2010

Make me barf!
Someone I know recently had gastric bypass surgery and this happens to them fairly often, so I'd really suggest checking with a doctor on this one.

There are drugs that have powerful emetic effects and do not require ingestion (for dogs there are certain emetics that are introduced into the eye as a liquid or ointment), but you are probably not going to be able to easily get them without a prescription, so hey! Another reason to brave the waters of the health care system!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:49 PM on April 16, 2010

In addition, the post is factually incorrect," furiousxgeorge said with a look of hurt splashed across his face.
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 6:39 PM on April 16, 2010

Wherez the peoplez at?
When I lived in Somerville 10 years ago there was an insanely good and completely informal pick-up soccer game culture at one of the parks in town, fueled mostly by Brazilian immigrants.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:51 AM on April 13, 2010

Anybody else miss the old Metafilter Text Ads system?
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 8:29 PM on April 12, 2010

We've attracted another expert
Duh, Vasco da Gama. You are thinking of Pantera. I can see why, as there has been a lot of discussion of panthers in this thread.
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 6:50 PM on April 12, 2010

Pick your poison..
I have called Poison Control once, when the dog I was taking care of ate an entire box of chocolate chip granola bars. The guy one the phone said that there was probably not enough chocolate to make the dog sick, and told me what symptoms to look out for but that otherwise she would be fine.

Now seems like a good time to mention that there are several veterinary poison control hotlines out there. All of the ones I am familiar with require payment... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:05 PM on April 12, 2010

Sending money home
Yeah, the Bank of America "transfer to another account" is pretty awesome. You can even do it from your iPhone (or other smartphone, I presume) if you have set up the account you are transferring to on the regular website ahead of time.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:47 PM on April 12, 2010

Product design paradigm shifts
StarTAC, baby, StarTAC.

I remember when a guy who worked in my office got one. It was as much a conversation piece as a brand-new iPhone was some 10 years later.

Wikipedia says, "The sleek Motorola StarTac mobile phone was introduced at the price of $1,000" -- and you thought an iPad was expensive?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:31 PM on April 11, 2010

How do I make the best of a bad puppy situation?
As has clearly been established, you should absolutely contact the breeder and explain your situation, ask them to accept the dog back, and inquire politely about the possibility of some sort of pro-rated refund.

In addition, as a person who currently owns a dog that was rescued off the streets of Buenos Aires, I am hereby granting you a full and complete reprieve from feeling awful about this.

Things... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:30 PM on April 9, 2010

Durable ebook formats?
Also assume that I'm primarily interested in unquestionably legal e-book acquisition.

The problem with this is that you need to concern yourself not only with the format of the ebook, but with the DRM of the books that you buy. Apple's iBook uses the epub format, as does the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Sony Reader. This does NOT mean, however, that an epub book purchased on your iPad will be transferable to your Nook.

This... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 10:18 PM on April 8, 2010

It's buggy right now, so you just get Grant Morrison and a tank of ether.

I actually fell out of my chair laughing at that one, The Whelk. Good show.
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 8:07 PM on April 8, 2010

Did men really grab ladies' arms?
Heh. I just noticed a man-on-man arm grab in the latest episode of Lost, because it seemed so artificial and not the way you would ever grab someone in real life. My theory after thinking about it a little bit is that in real life, you would more likely stop or redirect someone's motion by moving or repositioning your own body in the other person's way, but this is inconvenient or impossible in TV/film due to camera angles, hence the somewhat awkward arm grab.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 12:25 AM on April 2, 2010

Not quite what I'd call a "Mixer"...
I think, in general, that Role-Playing Games are a good way to *increase* vocabulary, though

This is called The "What The Hell is Charisma?" Effect.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 12:57 AM on April 1, 2010

Toddler gets blue lips when very active. Is this a problem?
Yeah, I am not a doctor, and this is strictly anecdotal, but I had a childhood friend who had a heart defect. We were all told to make sure if her lips ever turned blue we needed to make sure she stopped whatever she was doing and someone was sent to go get her mother. The good news is she went on to have a very normal childhood and young adulthood, but if I were you I would try to get a referral to a cardiologist as soon as possible.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:01 PM on March 27, 2010 marked best answer

What if your baby is a girl, but you wanted a boy? Or vice versa?
saffry: "We gave eachother wry smiles, and I cried a little. Then we went right out and bought a blue sweater, because after trying for 3 years to have any child, we didn't care anymore if it was a boy or girl."

This is right on the money. You need to find out in advance, and then you will just come to terms with it as you go through the rest of your pregnancy. It may be a little sad, and a little tough at times, but once the baby is born... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:07 PM on March 22, 2010

X-ray photo of a cat?
Maybe ask a vet clinic, explaining your project? Or maybe a veterinary school?

The problem with this is that 1) it is very rare to do any sort of full-body x-ray -- they are usually focused on the area that is the subject of the study (usually abdomen or one limb) and 2) they will probably not be willing to give you an image of someone else's pet.

You might want to email the creators of this Veterinary Radiology blog -- they... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 4:59 PM on March 22, 2010 marked best answer

Earth Art, with Google Maps
The Northwestern Quebec one is amazing. It looks exactly like the land was just schmeared out with a spatula. Actually, I suspect that is what happened, with a glacier taking the place of the spatula.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 3:32 PM on March 21, 2010

At this point, I expect, nay require, shmegegge to use this thread as a liveblog of a complete playthrough of Cave Story. TIA
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:23 PM on March 21, 2010

And She's Climbing the Stairway to Heaven
I am out of breath.
Is there an elevator?
Give me a minute.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:36 AM on March 20, 2010

Favorite favoriting

Favorite futures are up 3.25% across the board, with users in the 70K range making up most of the gains. sub-1000 users continue their slide, as a rash of profit-taking is stabilizing that volatile market, for now. Flag-backed securities continue their strong performance, with the "derail" and "offensive" tranches outperforming their counterparts dramatically. The... [more]
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 6:34 AM on March 20, 2010

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