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iTunes cover art for 45s?
Here you go. If you need art for your MeFiMu tunes, may I suggest my own design?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:53 PM on September 11, 2008 marked best answer

Deconstruct this Invitation?
I think the first album "19th Nervous Breakdown" appeared on was High Tide and Green Grass, no? Connects it to the flight theme.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:04 PM on September 9, 2008
Five of the seven songs feature numbers in the lyric:

!9th Nervous Breakdown - 19
Refugee - 1 ("first" technically)
Stairway to Heaven - 2
Black Magic Woman - ?
Band on the Run - 4
Walk This Way - 3
Tequila Sunrise - ?

All of the numbers are under 26 -- could the songs represent a word or name?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:31 PM on September 9, 2008
I don't think we are anywhere near the answer to this one. Puzzles like this do not have answers that "kind of" fit the clues -- once you know the answer everything fits like a glove. I'd love to get some more info from the OP on this -- we need more details about the appearance of the cards and the invitation. Frankly, based on the somewhat blunt Paul Simon example, I think we are missing some crucial information and are overthinking it.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 3:34 PM on September 10, 2008

Leaving while on leave?
Not coming back after maternity leave is not going to be a big surprise.

Yes this. If you really like your current job, you could tell them that you'd stay if you could restructure your job in such and such a way, but it's not even really necessary. It could certainly be frustrating to your coworkers to lose a teammate, but no more so than if you left at any other time -- in fact maybe less so, as they have (presumably) already developed some way... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 2:48 PM on September 10, 2008

UFO or Solar Car?
Whoa there Einstein, can't you dumb down this diagram a little? I mean, WTF is that spinny yellow thing? We're not all solor genius scienteers like you.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 11:09 AM on September 10, 2008

Gotta get up, gotta get up, gotta get up
the energy drink has evolved from a nasty-tasting "health tonic" into a brightly-colored and supercharged nasty-tasting fuel for body and/or mind.

Seriously, with the amount of artificial crap they pump into some of these drinks, don't you think they could at least make them taste better?
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:38 AM on September 10, 2008
Oops, Brother Caine beat me to it. I need more brain drink.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:39 AM on September 10, 2008

How to keep clothes looking nice while traveling
I have not had the need to try this myself yet, but my father (who used to travel often for work) swore by leaving the items in the plastic dry-cleaning bags, and then rolling them in a large pile of underwear/socks/etc as valkyryn said. You want the roll to be as large as possible while still fitting in your suitcase/duffle.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:49 AM on September 10, 2008

(Internetworking Frequency, 2.4 gigacycles.)
I love the "RCA and NBC present TELEVISION" schedule

HTML and MetaFilter present INTERNET
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:56 PM on September 9, 2008

Pharmaceutical sales reps - unburden your souls!
Well, my dad is a medical equipment sales rep, and I work in the veterinary field as well, so I think I can come at this from two angles. First off, my father is of the firm opinion that there are some people that can do sales, and there are some that can't. It can be a frustrating job largely because the decision-makers you need to talk to are (or think they are) far too busy to talk to a sales rep, so it requires a combination of persistence and luck. One of my dad's favorite techniques is... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:59 PM on September 9, 2008

Is this gas station running a scam?
Yeah, that approach is pretty common here in Massachusetts (especially, I've noticed, for Lukoil stations, which seems to be the type of station we are talking about). I think your beef, if any, comes from the inaccurate marking of the islands. In the end, though, I think you need to be careful about checking the price on the pump. My own pet peeve is with stations that sneakily do not put the lowest priced fuel all the way to the left of the pump, but stick one of the mid-grades there... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:23 PM on September 3, 2008

Why does my hip ache when I...
Well, you're not the only one. No real resolution, unfortunately, but add this to the "I'm not alone?" page of the wiki.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:54 AM on September 3, 2008

What's up with my weirdo kitten?
Orange boys are notorious for urinary problems. Make sure your vet knows about the inappropriate urination. We have an orange cat who always had very occasional inappropriate urination. Following treatment for a UTI, we determined that he had a tendency towards forming urinary crystals in the bladder, and switched him over to one of the urinary prescription diets. This has not only addressed the peeing-in-the-laundry problem, but has greatly lessened his other slightly... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:08 PM on August 28, 2008 marked best answer

I am curious (podcast)
Let's decimate the inflammable bastards!
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 6:10 AM on August 28, 2008

Legal recourse for neighborhood denied access to coastline?
Talk to someone at the Concord office of the Conservation Law Foundation. Get them (or another lawyer versed in conservation and property law to write a little letter to the owner about the merits of a case of a prescriptive easement. Then get the other families affected to donate a couple hundred dollars each and offer to buy a formal easement from the owner, instead of progressing with the adverse possession action.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:29 PM on August 27, 2008 marked best answer

Heartwarming Movies. The Morning After.
Finding Nemo is a wonderful movie, and millions of kids love it, but after repeated watchings, I realized that it sends an awful message -- there are like four or five times in the movie where a character appears to be dead, but seconds later, is perfectly fine. Hey kids, don't worry if Mom and Dad tell you Grandma is dead, she'll probably wake up in a few minutes, like Nemo did!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:18 AM on August 24, 2008

Telemarketers are Big Fat Liars!!!!
T: Is this the person in charge of your website marketing?
M: Why yes, it is. [actually I'm not]
T: Great! *launches into long spiel*
M: Wait just a moment there, is this one of those things you need a computer for?
T: [confused] Yes?
M: Oh, we don't have any of those things yet. We're going to get some next month I think, but in the mean time I can take your name and number down on my clipboard.
... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:27 PM on August 20, 2008

Boxers, briefs or what?
Body Glove makes briefs--I think they're a thin jersey cloth--that don't have a visible waistband and aren't baggy or translucent.

Yup. They even look pretty good on lumpy guys like me, if I do say so myself.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 3:51 PM on August 19, 2008

Where's a good breakfast in the Cape?
You really must go to Bonatt's on Rt. 28 in Harwich for breakfast. Get there early, before the Meltaways (a delicious danish-y pastry) are gone. For a good coffee, try Buckie's Biscotti in Dennis (two locations -- 6A and 28). The best pizza on the Cape is Sweet Tomatoes (very thin crust, very good toppings) with several locations, including just off Exit 8.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 12:06 PM on August 18, 2008

MefiMail Improvements
Pony request: Would like more MefiMail.
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 9:11 PM on August 16, 2008
I don't know which is worse: no mail or pity mail. Thanks folks, for lighting up my little envelope, though.
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 9:58 PM on August 16, 2008

DogFilter: Should I adopt a male or female Boston Terrier pup?
MetaFilter: You're talking about how their reproductive organs are arranged.

Spays are a bit more expensive than neuters, if money is an issue. Over a lifetime of medical care it's a tiny fraction, but still.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:36 PM on August 16, 2008

The etymology of HURF DURF
You guys are over-hurfing a pancake of dickpunching.

Something something ziggity-bop?
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 9:43 AM on August 14, 2008

At least he was trying to use utensils.
I bet vets see this all the tine.

Yeah, one of the professional magazines even runs an annual contest. This year a snake that swallowed the owner's pet rabbit (and the electric blanket it was sleeping on) came in first, and won the vet that submitted it a DSLR; while a dog that ate a stuffed dog took the silver, where there is no prize.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:01 AM on August 14, 2008

Cuban Cuisine/dinner party/roasted pig
Medianoches sandwiches (scroll down) for the afterparty (using the leftover roast pork).
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:13 AM on August 14, 2008

How do I do project-centric filing in the electronic and paper worlds?
In his book How Buildings Learn, Steward Brand talks about scenario planning, and he suggests giving different scenarios very short, very memorable names -- "Big Ugly," "Massive Growth," "Heat Death," etc. Perhaps with shorter project names the labeling (and relabeling) of folders (physical and digital) becomes less onerous.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:17 PM on August 13, 2008 marked best answer

Help me find some good movies that give you the warm fuzzies
Field of Dreams (magical realism + baseball + James Earl Jones = win)
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:10 PM on August 10, 2008 marked best answer

Help me be a better veterinarian
Wow, what a thread. I am the Client Service Manager at a referral and emergency practice, and this is all very interesting to me as well.

My specific advice would be to become familiar with the folks at your nearest emergency and/or specialty practice. Stop by for a visit, ask for a tour, see if you can meet with some of the ER docs if they have a minute, and spend some time chatting with the techs and receptionists. You may be in a position to ask your clients to... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 6:41 PM on August 10, 2008

Is Outlook the Best Option?
Seconding Gmail. There is, IIRC, some functionality in Firefox 3 to allow pages to operate as independent, standalone apps, without the Firefox chrome and toolbars. I can't find anything online about it right now, but someone else must know what I am talking about. Perhaps set up her Gmail page that way, so it looks like a separate "Gmail Program"?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 11:30 AM on August 7, 2008

G*******t, I swear too f***ing much.
My wife and I swear quite a bit, and our daughter is very observant and picks up on all kinds of adult behavior. We've taught her that there are certain words that we say when we are at home or in the car or with close friends that might hurt other people's feelings. Those words are OK around our immediate family, but you'd never want to use them when someone who might be offended by those words might hear, because making other people feel bad is not something we do in our family. I think it... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:08 PM on August 6, 2008

Dirty Little Secret
Well, I've always been a bit of a Garth Brooks fan, which is pretty embarrassing in and of itself for a hip, urban young person such as myself. Even more embarrassing is the fact that I really fricking love several songs from his In The Life of Chris Gaines album, which is possibly the greatest embarrassment in the history of the music industry. For those not familiar, it is an album of pop/R&B/rock songs done by Brooks in the persona of a fictional Australian rock... [more]
posted to MeFi Music Talk by Rock Steady at 9:47 PM on August 5, 2008

no more light-switch raves
Pizza Joint was great, Alternate Universe features a SB-related super group, ISP features some fabulous Homestar tech support.

As far as the toons go, the Halloween and Decemberween ones are always the best.

Peasant Quest is a pretty well-realized Sierra-style adventure game.

If you aren't up to speed with Teen Girl Squad, you really must sit through them all.... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:31 PM on August 5, 2008 marked best answer

What are your best face-painting recommendations?
I am always the face painter at kids parties. First of all, you want actual paintbrushes, not make-up applicators, especially for the fine work. Nothing too fancy, just go to your local craft store and pick up a $10 fine-tip brush assortment. Second, I usually use the cheapo face paint, but be sure to have a stash of toothpicks on hand to stir the paint very well with (a slightly blunted toothpick is also good for dinosaur eyes and fairy dust). Finally, you need to support your painting hand... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:27 PM on August 5, 2008 marked best answer

Whiskey Pearl
This is super great. Totally agree with danb -- take this from experiment to finished product immediately. Add some dickpunching lyrics, maybe?
posted to MeFi Music by Rock Steady at 4:45 AM on August 5, 2008

Sideblog snaps and props
So I was able to imagine them, standing their, in their business casual khakis and polo-shirts, smiling affably, and calmly chatting the lines "punch 'em in the dick" to each other.

And you've got your music video right there, mediocre. Just the most mundane and boring people and settings imaginable, calmly and casually lip syncing the lyrics. Soccer moms signing to their kids, the elderly singing to their nurses, bank tellers singing to... [more]
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 12:12 PM on August 4, 2008

Punch 'Em In The Dick (NSFW lyrics)
"Scrotum? Hell, I damn near killed 'em!"

Awesome. Just awesome.
posted to MeFi Music by Rock Steady at 12:04 PM on August 4, 2008

Is Pizza a Sandwich?
Look, your friend could define a sandwich as "Anything I eat between Noon and 2pm" but it is not a useful definition to use with other people, as it will be very far from their definition of the term. If his definition is "Anything with a dough-based item on the bottom", he is again going to find his definition at odds with the vast majority of society. Apple pie, for fucks sake?

I think the requirement that the bread be cooked before other... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:51 PM on August 3, 2008

Where to stay in Denver?
The Hotel Teatro is a gorgeous little hotel, with tons of character and a very luxurious feeling.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:47 PM on August 3, 2008

"They'll have their diamonds, and we'll have our pearls."
Hmm. When I heard Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" my first thought was that it was great that we were at a point where shifting and fluid sexual orientation was fun and sexy and safe enough for Top 40 radio -- in sharp contrast to the more earnest, banished-to-college-radio Jill Sobule version.
posted to MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 7:55 PM on August 2, 2008

My girlfriend wants me to stop using a condom.
If you are putting your sperm into another person, you both should be prepared for what to do in the event of pregnancy. The pill is very effective, except when it's not.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 9:01 AM on August 2, 2008

Is it just me?
posted to MetaTalk by Rock Steady at 2:20 PM on August 1, 2008

Unsigned check
Officially, no. The writer of the check must sign it before it becomes a negotiable instrument. Unofficially, both rhymer and le morte de bea arthur have valid approaches, but neither is guaranteed.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 3:46 AM on August 1, 2008

Someone uploaded pictures of me (along with them) to Picasa along with my full legal name.
As for secret questions: I have trouble sometimes remembering my answer if the registration process gives me poor choices. Many choices, especially favorite book/sports team/food/Beatle/etc., can be hard to remember later if you read voraciously, don't follow sports, enjoy a wide range of foods, and can't decide between John and Ringo....

That's why I always choose questions with definite answers -- name of high school, city of birth, etc.... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 12:54 PM on July 31, 2008 What do I do with it?
If you love the dude, tell him. If that freaks him out, he'll either handle it in an adult, mature way, or he won't. Either way, you'll learn things worth knowing.

TPS for the win. This is so, so true. Be true to yourself and respect your feelings, and respect him enough to let him deal with that as he will. For what it's worth, 15 years ago this November I told a girl I loved her after knowing her for about a week, she said she loved me too, and... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 11:31 AM on July 30, 2008

Owning a dog in the city? What do I need to know?
Don't let your dog drink from puddles. Even if the water looks clean, rodent urine can easily contaminate the water with the potentially deadly leptospirosis bacteria.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 4:14 AM on July 29, 2008

Looking for a small town.
Many of the larger to mid-sized towns in Vermont could be ideal. I'd look at Montpelier or Brattleboro first, or Burlington if you'd like to go a little more urban.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 8:18 PM on July 28, 2008

I remain your obt svt
When I took an architectural drafting class I used a "pounce bag". They are pretty cheap and less messy. You just lightly tap the bag against the page, and a small amount of pounce sifts through the loose weave of the bag.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 5:10 PM on July 27, 2008

You're not the mute button! Stop it!
I have a keyboard at work that has a "Function Lock" key or something. It makes the F1-F12 keys do things other than what I expect when I turn it on accidentally. Anything like that on yours?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:57 PM on July 23, 2008

Unique hotels in small to medium cities?
The Pomegranate Inn in Portland, ME made our trip there quite special, and it is a neat little city to boot.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Rock Steady at 1:28 PM on July 23, 2008

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