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Sometimes I think the Scandinavian countries are just a fiction designed to make me feel bad about being an American. [more]
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SCENE: Boston Dynamics Conference Room A ENGINEER: So, boss, as you can see the BigDog is now 38% more nightmarish than the previous model. The throwing arm on it's face was an unqualified success. For the next iteration, our team down in the... [more]
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Is this common? Maalox, Mylanta, Benadryl, and other cough syrups have all been shut down? That seems strange to me. I'm a pharmacy purchasing manager, and I can tell you that the incidence of drug shortages and back orders have... [more]
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HuronBob: She left a young child, unsupervised, alone, in a mall parking lot. I'm not seeing that as responsible behavior. It only takes an instant to break a window to steal the car, the kid, the iPad, or all of the above. As Lenore... [more]
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Dear Passive-Agressive Whiner Below Us, [more]
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I call my depression the "Yeah, but..." disease. This is because when I get depressed, any help, any solution, any idea anyone has gets met with a "Yeah, but..." response. Viz: "It's OK, Rock Steady, you'll find a job soon.... [more]
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First off, you are probably not doing yourself any favors by calling women "females" and "girls" and making blanket statements about their behavior. That said, the best way to deal with problematic interpersonal relationships is... [more]
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if you have 20 friends and eight are in three poly relationships and ten are in five coupled relationships and two are single... You have the swingiest SAT problem of all time.... [more]
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Leaving a small child child alone, unsupervised and not within your sight in public is neglectful. I think this mentality is exactly the thing that Lenore Skenazy has been talking about for years. The idea that our children should be in... [more]
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I thought you were agitating for us to all use a "print stylebook" (K. Klangston, 2008) That would be ridiculous. Works Cited Klangston, K. "Comment 539873" in MetaTalk: Feature Requests, Bugs, Etc.. MetaFilter... [more]
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I'll also provide you with my favorite quotation that we sometimes give to our grieving clients. I find it a nice alternative to Rainbow Bridge and The Last Battle. The animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than... [more]
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"We are just dating. Why are you talking about merging lives?" This after three years? Why are you not talking about merging lives? If his responses to conversations about taking your relationship to another level are... [more]
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Types of Bubble Wrap, Ranked 1. Small bubble, nice easy pop, yet completely satisfying. The classic. 2. Very resilient channel-type bubbles. Fun bouncy pop. 3. Sticky-backed, unsatisfying pop. 4. Flimsy channel tubes. Weak pop. 5.... [more]
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What's so bad about being a librarian?
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Enchanting Grasshopper: I mean, I'm not going to put a curse on you or go out of my way to exact revenge, but what happens to you is no longer my concern and I could care less if you're happy, or if things go the best for you. I honestly... [more]
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. What really pisses me off here is now I can't believe the Green Bay Packer story, the MCA story, or any of the other awesome tales of holdkris99, even if they were true. Fuck.... [more]
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Don't quit. Wear what you want, let them fire you, and then get on unemployment until you find a new job. This is not acceptable. [more]
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Everybody? Everybody!
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There's a High School principal in this country who thinks Wellesley would be disappointed in an incoming student who protested abstinence-only sex ed? He should be fired for that.... [more]
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mediareport: But he makes it so easy. Posting these pics publicly is an awful thing to do to a kid. Well, I disagree. Parenting is really hard, and there is a real stigma out there to discussing in public just how challenging it is, and the... [more]
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