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Same song, different feeling

Looking for suggestions of songs with alternative arrangements or cover versions that interpret the same lyrics with different emotional notes: breezy, slightly off-putting, sad/deary/Sinister.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 10:53 PM on October 15, 2017 (55 comments)

Low in iron, high in irony

Suggestions for recipes or meal plans for high-iron foods please!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:16 PM on September 19, 2017 (20 comments)

Tea Masochists Unite

Is there an equivalent of "SUPER XTREME HI-OCTANE DEATH POWER" type foods (like with hot sauce or coffee) or weird intense eating/drinking challenges for tea?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 8:13 PM on September 14, 2017 (14 comments)

American Historical Looks 101 Resource Help

I'm going to be part of a project that involves looking back at American history & pop culture, and we're encouraged/requested to come up with multiple looks that evoke particular time periods. I'm not American so I don't know all that much about American history. What resources can I look up that will give me a good overview of those time periods, especially those that can serve as visual references?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 8:44 PM on August 28, 2017 (1 comment)

Archetypal Top Universities

The School TM to go to for business, according to popular culture and wider society, is Harvard. For music, Julliard. For engineering, MIT. What other Archetypal/Stereotypical Schools are there for each subject?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 7:10 AM on August 21, 2017 (65 comments)

The most basic of playing cards

I want to print out a deck of playing cards for a game that's pretty much in Shitty First Draft mode. I don't need to be fancy - I'm happy to print stuff on regular paper, cut it up, and paste it onto regular cards if needed. How should I do so?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 1:10 AM on August 12, 2017 (13 comments)

Letting someone down gently: the hippie business version

How do I gently let someone know that while I appreciate them reaching out to me about their mountain of ideas, I am not able to take on the roles that they want - without making things worse? Especially in a way that someone with a hippie soul can understand.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 12:36 AM on July 26, 2017 (13 comments)

Transform me into a Ninja Warrior

How can this hopelessly unathletic person ever become the next Ninja Warrior - the sort that conquers obstacle courses?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 6:36 AM on July 20, 2017 (10 comments)

A stateless permanent resident?

Suppose someone has citizenship of Country A and permanent residence in Country B. Then, for some reason (perhaps something political like speaking up against the Government or maybe just that country dissolves), this person no longer has citizenship of Country A. What happens to their Country B status? Do they get booted out too, rendering them truly stateless? Can they ask for citizenship from Country B?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:49 PM on July 9, 2017 (12 comments)

Recs for tablet/netbook that's portable, good for writing & games making

I've got some extra money coming in and I'm thinking of getting a small tablet or netbook (circa 10 inch) that I can bring on the go to work on writing and possibly games making (& playing on occasion). I already have a Macbook Pro but am interested in something with Windows because some of the software I'm interested in is Windows-only. My budget is around $500, in Australia.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:00 AM on July 6, 2017 (4 comments)

Delicious, delicious Nyquil

Is it dangerous to cook or eat boiled Nyquil?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 7:43 PM on June 24, 2017 (10 comments)

Seeking translation from archaic Japanese & Chinese (re LGBTQ news)

Please help me translate these two snippets related to same-sex marriage in Taiwan: one in archaic Japanese and one in Chinese!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 12:57 AM on June 18, 2017 (5 comments)

Romantic friendships!

Homestuck has moirallegiance, Pacific Rim has drift compatibility (sorta), The Magicians on TV has Eliot and Margo, bromances show up in random places. Give me more IRL or pop culture representations of romantic friendships!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 10:17 PM on June 4, 2017 (44 comments)

Thanks, Internet

There's the Rihanna/Lupita heist movie that started on Tumblr & Twitter, and this ad-hoc collab between Pat Rothfuss, Chuck Tingle, Neil Gaiman, BPAL, and others that took place on Twitter. What other collaborative projects between seemingly disconnected public figures have come about because of social media?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:48 AM on May 28, 2017 (7 comments)

I just wanna be a humble tavernkeep

Is there a MMO or similar game out there where I can join in not for combat but to set up shop, like as a trader or innkeeper or something? Particularly one that allows me to talk to other players and get to know them?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 3:39 AM on May 21, 2017 (13 comments)

Earn ALL the merit badges!

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Duke of Edinburgh, Spiral Scouts all have a structured merit badge system. Who else does so?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 2:56 AM on May 14, 2017 (16 comments)

A True Top to Toe Spa Experience

If youwere to design a full on, time-and-money-are-no-objects spa and pampering experience that goes from the tips of your hair to the soles of your feet and everywhere else within and without, what would be in it?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:29 AM on April 24, 2017 (24 comments)

Music similar to Night In The Woods' dream sequences

I have been listening to Night In The Woods' soundtrack on repeat, especially the Astral tracks (1, 2, 3, sorta 4, links maybe spoilery). Any recs for other music that's similar?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:58 AM on April 1, 2017 (3 comments)

Games with Bands

Which video/digital games feature some kind of band as part of the story? Not something like Rockband or Guitar Hero, but where the story or universe involves a band of some fashion playing actual songs (doesn't have to be a big part of the gameplay).
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 9:16 PM on March 24, 2017 (20 comments)

I Will Face God and Walk Backwards into Hell: The Soundtrack

Suggestions for songs that are about risk-taking - particularly ones where the narrator is still anxious or scared about said risk, or where the song is more ambivalent/ambiguous than "You Can Do It!"?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 3:56 PM on February 6, 2017 (25 comments)

Tell me about your life, buskers

I'm working on a creative project (primarily a game) about magical buskers and would love to learn more about the day to day lives of buskers of various kinds.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 2:11 AM on January 14, 2017 (8 comments)

Songs about close friendships / chosen family?

Trying to make a playlist of songs for my Most Important People - any suggestions for songs about ride-or-die friends, chosen family, best friends forever, companions, that kind of thing? (Bonus points if there's something about keeping you safe.)
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:51 PM on December 14, 2016 (41 comments)

Advice for people in the US but not a citizen?

I've seen a lot of advice for US citizens who wish to take care of their affairs post-Trump, but what are some useful measures for people in the US not as citizens (visa-holders, undocumented, Green Cards) to take care of themselves?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 7:18 PM on November 9, 2016 (2 comments)

Updated version of School Days Record Book

As a kid I was given a copy of the School Days Record Book illustrated by Helen Cann, a type of journal where you can record memories of your schooling years from pre-school to end of high school. This version's out of print/only available used; I'm looking for recommendations for a similar school-oriented journal that's more current. (Bonus points if compatible with the UK education system)
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 7:48 PM on September 26, 2016 (2 comments)

Journeyman's Feast for Everyone!

I am borderline obsessed by the Journeyman's Feast in this D&D-inspired menu, which seems to be a slightly less fancy version of a charcuterie board , and would like some suggestions on other food items I can use to make up my own 1-person board.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 1:29 AM on August 27, 2016 (12 comments)

What is this soothing match-3/match-5 game?

What is the name of this Facebook match-3/match-5 game that's celestial-themed and has the most soothing music ever?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 4:52 AM on August 13, 2016 (5 comments)

100 free consult hours?

A while ago I read a blog post about somebody who was offering about 100 free hour-long consulting sessions in the hopes that one of them would lead to a job offer. I can't seem to find that blog post now. Who was this?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 6:28 AM on August 5, 2016 (1 comment)

MEFITE: (posts on AskMefi) Why am I like this?

How did "PERSON: (action) Speech" become the convention for scriptwriting or dialogue writing, when that's not even how scripts are written professionally?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 8:09 AM on July 26, 2016 (7 comments)

it's not Vox but what is it?

Looking for a novel that involves a character whose job is to immerse themselves in a topic for about a month, write a column about it, and then move on to a new topic.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 5:23 AM on June 21, 2016 (5 comments)

Canvas on a picture rail?

How do I create an ever-evolving wall space to stick art & postcards on if I'm not allowed to use Blu-Tack but do have a picture rail with hooks?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 12:32 AM on May 14, 2016 (20 comments)

Central Asia and Whiteness

How do people in or from Central Asia and ex-Soviet countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) experience race, especially Whiteness?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 11:57 PM on April 30, 2016 (14 comments)

What's behind the Immigration counter?

What goes on on the other side of the Immigration counter when you enter or leave a country?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 11:21 PM on April 23, 2016 (2 comments)

How many versions of my resume do you need anyway?!

Online job applications that ask for multiple versions of your work history (resume + manual entry form + LinkedIn +++): do employers actually read all the versions of your work history? Could you concentrate on just one?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 2:37 AM on April 10, 2016 (10 comments)

Suburbs to live in Melbourne

I'm moving to Melbourne from overseas in early May. While househunting I've been told that my list of suburbs is too long and I should choose about 4-5. Which 4-5 to choose?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 11:19 PM on March 29, 2016 (17 comments)

Default YouTube songs?!

What are the songs that are in the background of this video and this one and just about every other video on YouTube that has to do with lifestyle planning/organizing/self-help for women?! Is it a default of iMovie? Does YouTube provide default soundtracks? Where is it from?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 8:47 AM on March 3, 2016 (6 comments)

Saving a shuffled YouTube playlist

I would like to take my YouTube playlist, shuffle it, and save the results of my shuffling on YouTube. How do I do so?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 1:42 AM on February 1, 2016 (5 comments)

in service of ritual

What are some good examples of ritualized service?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 9:10 AM on January 14, 2016 (17 comments)

Seeking: international visual guides of fashion subcultures

Where can I find more visual glossaries of international fashion subcultures, particularly the ones that are lesser-known or more specific? They'll have photos or video of the style, some background on what the style is about and where it's from, and some description of key elements. Some examples of what I'm after are Refinery29's Style out There playlist, this guide to Japanese fashion, and this list of men's fashion.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 4:30 AM on November 30, 2015 (3 comments)

Planner Inspiration for Weirdos

Where can I find inspiration for planner decoration that is geared towards various alternative/weirdo types - e.g. queers, geeks, artists, activists, certain subcultures?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 9:17 AM on October 15, 2015 (17 comments)

i triple dog dare ya!

Which accomplishments, artistic projects, records, businesses, enrollments, discoveries, inventions, etc came about as a result of a dare?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 4:36 AM on September 14, 2015 (19 comments)

fantastical reverse culture shock

Which stories deal with the aftermath of someone who had spent time in a magical world but is suddenly thrust into mundanity, and instead of being "oh glad I'm back to normal" they wish to return?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 10:14 PM on September 6, 2015 (43 comments)

us visa bwah?

YANA/MI(mmigration)L, but can you help parse what a friend who is an immigration lawyer is saying relating to US green cards, especially the EB-1?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 1:43 PM on July 12, 2015 (11 comments)

Funding suggestions for arts & tech workshop enrollment?

I just got accepted to the Fall semester of the School for Poetic Computation, an arts & tech bootcamp, in New York on a partial scholarship. Any suggestions for short-term grants or funding sources that can help cover my tuition & other costs that'll disburse ASAP?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 11:04 PM on July 2, 2015 (2 comments)

dissertation-free research

I love research and learning, and keep running into a lot of research groups and programs that sound absolutely fascinating. However, most of them either involve getting a Masters or Ph.D., or require possession of a Ph.D. beforehand - which I do not want. Is there any way I can still get involved with these research groups that doesn't involve being responsible for an academic paper? Are there similar groups that do this kind of research work that aren't necessarily academic?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 12:37 AM on May 23, 2015 (13 comments)

Parallax, Javascript, and Read Mores

I placed some code to get Read More expansions on a page on my site, and it's conflicting with the parallax layout. It seems to work on Firefox, mobile, and when you change the window size, but on a fullscreen desktop it doesn't work so well.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 12:18 PM on May 3, 2015 (17 comments)

Community arts/activist/development orgs in Central Asia

Which organizations working with arts, culture, activism, and/or social justice are based in Central Asia (especially Uzbekistan) and would take international volunteers?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 11:05 AM on April 25, 2015 (4 comments)

Nerd Idol

Has there been any contestant on a singing or dancing TV competition that has performed something "nerdy", such as songs from video games, cartoons, or Internet media? The one example I can think of is a Dancing with the Stars routine to Super Mario.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 9:30 PM on April 3, 2015 (14 comments)

my humming skills are failing me

WhatIsThisSongFilter: What song is this?(link goes to my blog where I'm humming it) Recent-ish male singer, R&B/rock, angsty, heard in the US. SoundHound and Midomi fail me.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 4:05 PM on March 21, 2015 (4 comments)

What colorblind sorcery is this?

According to this Buzzfeed post, people either see the dress in the picture as black & blue or gold & white. Sharing this with my friends - who I trust not to troll me - also showed the stark disparity. What's going on? Is this an optical illusion? Or something related to the way our brains process information?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 4:43 PM on February 26, 2015 (50 comments)

Switching US visas over

YANM(Immigration)L: Is it possible to switch from an US student F-1 Visa to a tourist B1/2 Visa without having to travel far from or out of the US? And what's the deal with my OPT and my visa sticker?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by divabat at 12:56 AM on February 19, 2015 (8 comments)

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