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Joan's half sister is the one who got Shinwell his apartment! [more]
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FanFare comment - 6 ¾ hours ago

I am working the polls at my local election as an elected Justice of the Peace, so I supervise poll workers. Which is funny because, as I mentioned on Twitter, I am also running for re-election, and I am going to win. This normal for small towns but… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 7 hours ago

Agree with others, the idea is you all get together and sort of make warmth from community (and also some blankets and socks). So a few things on your budget - throw blankets that you could use when seated - slippers for the house for you and… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 hours ago

MetaFilter hasn't been that bad This has been my impression. Which is not to silence those who are really struggling, but the relative awfulness of MeFi vs. the rest of the internet is really interesting to me. And I basically… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 12 hours ago

Verizon needs to authorize the SIM in the new phone. Yep. But they will totally do this and totally don't care. Should be a quick process and is free. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 15 hours ago

Picture of an example t-shirt which I love but will never wear again. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 21 hours ago

Very aware of this. I'm chesty, sort of a middle-aged chesty. Early MeFi shirts had the logo just a little high on the chest so that it was riding just above my breasts which was really not great. I talked to the screen printer who said they did that… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 21 hours ago

The big deals are no grease/oil and nothing that turns into glue (i.e. starches) and watch it on the stringy stuff. Here's an outline on Angie's List. Beyond that I mostly make sure I'm not putting down too much at once, I'm running cold water when… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - Yesterday

I was afraid to watch it to completion. I did. It didn't. I guess I don't get this. For those of you who are penis-enabled, is the trick that this is difficult? Easy? Not something you'd do on camera? Maybe I need to go watch some of the… [more]
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MeFi comment - 2 days ago

Whiteout is actually by MeFi's own Steve Lieber tho he doesn't participate much. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 2 days ago

I sympathize as someone who gets "the wheeze" from stuff. That said the missing part to this story is How long the outgassing is supposed to take? Because to me, no, two years is not actually a reasonable window of time after which you… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 2 days ago

radioamy does what I do. In the past when I was doing social/work things with people I'd hang out all night until i was literally like "I need sleep" But now I'm a lot more like "Hey this was great, I'm going to retire" and then… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 2 days ago

Yep, I send cover letters in text. Not like as attached txt files but just plain-email-as-cover-letter and PDF attached resume. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 2 days ago

16th Ann Arbor Short Film Festival This sketch was genius. One amusing permise really drawn out and made hlarious with Bayer's timing and all the other goofy-indie-movie stuff with the rest of the cast. I hope this sort of sketch replaces… [more]
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FanFare comment - 3 days ago

No one should be giving you feedback on random parking lot weed via the internet. Give it to a friend who can determine via their own risk tolerance whether they want to try it out. Most people who smoke have some idea of what weed smells like (as… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 3 days ago

The mister doesn't ask any questions aside from "how did it go?" This is what me and my guy do. Basically we've had times when we've gotten therapy and times when we haven't but this is a nice neutral opening. I find that… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 3 days ago

Oh hey I had similar issues with an aging alcoholic parent who basically wanted to flop around and not take care of himself and have someone else swoop in and handle things while he made no life changes whatsoever. I am sorry, this situation sucks… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 3 days ago

Kim Stanley Robinson's Antarctica is one of his more readable novels. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

What else could one know about their neighbors' voting habits? I'm a poll worker. People can know your registered party affiliation (in some states you have to declare, in others you don't) and I think the big parties get the voter rolls… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

Wow, really worth a full read through. I can’t support a movement that tells me I can’t be a friend to whomever I wish or that other people’s races require me to think about them in a certain way or be suspicious at their advancements. One… [more]
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MeFi comment - 4 days ago

But a few years ago the mods decided Metatalk should be actually be kind of nice We decided that the absolutely no rules MeTa wasn't actually serving its purpose. For Meta to work it needs to be an actual viable option for people to use… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 4 days ago

It sounds like an epidermoid cyst. The Mayo Clinic says that sometimes when they rupture they can lead to infection so if it's in an area that you can't keep clean or is likely to be irritated by clothing I'd get it checked out sooner rather than… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

Aww this is all too bad. That was an interesting article. That thread turned into a shitshow. This thread is going nominally better. I sometimes think that cortex's "Hey cool it" remarks don't always carry the same weight as me or taz being… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 4 days ago

Don't know if this is at all helpful but Avon used to make one of these for perfume. Possibly repurposeable. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

Why is lived experience never enough for some people? This is not hard. You don't get to decide what's important to or for someone else. I think, and this is coming from the perspective of someone who basically agrees with you and is just… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 5 days ago

I just want to tell you all good luck. We're all counting on you. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 5 days ago

If you're looking for some curated links that might help, a New Jersey library got a grant to put together a set of pages called Libraries and Autism We're Connected that can help libraries without a lot of money or time for better staff development… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 6 days ago

For most "this new facebook thing annoys me" I usually drop a note to the FB Purity people (or check for updates) and they've usually got something to fix it. This is, of course, if you're using FB on the desktop, they don't have a solution… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Coming in late to say that I am on our town's tax board and we deal with a few mobile home parks (not quite the same but similar) and I concur, this is probably an OK move on her part. The home does depreciate and is treated more like an asset than… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 7 days ago

If 25% down is 5/8", does that make the glass 2.5" tall? This image should help conceptualize it. A short pour can be 25% light without being really obviously 25% empty because of what Daily Alice said. I'd usually order at… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 7 days ago

The Red Sox are out of it so I just don't see the point of anyone discussing it anywhere. I've flagged this thread as offensive. This. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 7 days ago

I would like 364, please. It has a nice mixture of curves and straight edges; it looks a bit like it might be divisible by three but OOPS NO; it has two different squares as overlapping substrings; it's almost a year but not quite. Just lovely… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 7 days ago

This guy seems to annoy the crap out of you. Maybe you are a nitpicky pain in the ass yourself (do you always consider dating people you really dislike?) but I suspect you are not. This isn't working for you so it doesn't work. "I want you"… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 7 days ago

I often will open ceremonies with some acknowledgement of and gratitude for people who traveled a ways to get here and people who can't be with us. This can include things like pets--who are rarely able to be at wedding but often a serious part of… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 8 days ago

MetaFilter: my nonstandard use case makes your obvious improvement untenable. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 8 days ago

[Folks, we draw the line at "Let's go to his house" sort of stuff, be cool okay?] [more]
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MeFi comment - 9 days ago

The one thing I would like to be able to do for her, is to help her achieve an orgasm more easily. That is nice of you but does she want this? I'm not entirely unlike your girlfriend and if a new guy started talking about this it would… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

I went full-time-ish to an in-state library school which had very low tuition for residents. I didn't even look at other schools. I had a part-time job at the school library system while I went and paid for it with the job $$ and savings. I lived in… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

I agree with others, it's unclear whether work will let you out of this (and some of that depends on timing which is unclear), but I'd go in to it with a few assumptions - work will probably not be jerks about this but if they are you… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

How's your media consumption? I've found I have an easier time with some of this when I am not watching TV or reading glossy magazines that have BUY MOAR as one of their primary purposes. What's your peer group like? Is this a thing they share? If… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

When I lived in Romania for a year in 94-95 it was a weird time to be in Romania generally much less be an ethnic minority in Romania. The city where I lived in has a largeish Hungarian population who were disliked and a medium-sized Roma population… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 10 days ago

My sister and I had an Uber account deleted because of a similar issue. Unfortunately the answer is to send emails in basic simple English, explain that there has been a mistake and hang in there. So basically - you closed my account by accident,… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 10 days ago

I used to live in Romania, I view it as a slur. That take on it is not yet common understanding with a lot of people that I know. I usually politely point it out when I see it. We don't have a policy about its use in MeFi. If we see people using it… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 10 days ago

this could be an interesting short-term experiment. Feel free to check the MetaTalk archives for the word "experiment" and get some surprising feedback on why that is unlikely to be happening (tho I agree it's a good idea) [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 10 days ago

I have to reload the thread upon each delete I used to click the delete link with the "open in new tab" key command so I didn't have to reload the thread. (command click on the mac, don't know what it is on the PC). You're doing… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 11 days ago

my mom had been diagnosed with cancer around that time. I'm an anxious person and when my mom got diagnosed with cancer I lost chunks of time or remembered them out of place. I also take ativan for anxiety and while most of the time I… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 11 days ago

I had similar issues in my marriage after growing up with an alcoholic dad and a massively codependent mom. Haha, this is me exactly too! I would look into the mirror and ask myself "Am I being controlling and abusive or am I the… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 12 days ago

Bechdel did me a solid back in the day (2002?) when I co-edited Revolting Librarians Redux with KR Roberto. She allowed us to use one of her comics "Mo Goes to Library School" (or something similar) for free. Very cool of her. Since moving… [more]
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MeFi comment - 12 days ago

Thanks for this post. [more]
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MeFi comment - 12 days ago

He was very much the sort of MeFite that makes MetaFilter a good place to be, and he'll be missed terribly. This is exactly how I feel. He was often showing up with a nice thing to say or give people advice with their own radio or… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 12 days ago

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