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We do Open House Christmas Movie Day at my and my sister's place in Westport MA. Probably no cooking. Absolutely no Christmas celebrating of any kind. No tree. Maybe some cookies. Takeout Chinese or something and a fire in the wood stove and non-stop… [more]
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I miss the tenderness & physical connection My partner and I have slightly mismatched libidos but even when we're not having sex (like Sara C says, sometimes it's challenging when life is hectic and it's been really hectic lately)… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 16 hours ago

Yep I think it's mostly just adding stuff. For that price point people are going to want to feel like they are staying someplace that is very predictable and set up and with AirBnB there's the caveat emptor thing where you presume anything that is… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 20 hours ago

What? I have really long hair so there is some time doing both. - get in shower and face showerhead - face away from showerhead to get hair wet & wash hair - put on conditioner facing showerhead - wash most of self while facing… [more]
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They both make Ls depending on how you hold your hand. I have this same issue and remembering which arm I broke in fifth grade is usually how I tell right from left. To do E/W I have to picture the US and remember which is the West Coast. [more]
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What does "is this okay?" mean relative to your last question on basically the same topic? It's not risk-free. If you want risk-free, be the first person in after they clean the showers, or wear flip-flops or some other shoes that minimize… [more]
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I'm just of the opinion that ADD esq symptoms are often caused by generally being swamped in easy to access information perhaps combined with other dietary and environmental factors. And is almost always controllable by the sufferer… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - Yesterday

My partner and I went down the list on the YouWHAT wiki yesterday just to make sure we were on the same page on everything. We're already pretty bonded but it was a great bonding experience just aggressively agreeing about highway merging and laundry… [more]
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the time AskMe was involved in the death of a beloved poster Step off. AskMe is "involved" with the death of everyone who has used AskMe to ask about their lives who has died. If you think things in that thread were that-level… [more]
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Blepharitis My sister has that. Sing that ailment to the tune of the macarena! Hey blepharitis! [more]
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My usual plan is 1. eat a biggish breakfast 2. drink a lot of water so that I am stopping pretty often 3. grabbing high protein snacks at service stations (meat and cheese-ish things, nuts) 4. stopping early for dinner So really you can just… [more]
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Different gifts are great if they're all personalized or all non-personalized but not if they're a mix of both. I think you have good intentions here but I think I'd go with something else. My thinking - giving someone a gift to replace a broken… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 3 days ago

satin, linen, egyptian cotton, or something too terrible to contemplate? Flannel. Year round. [more]
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If this was happening on MetaFilter, you'd talk to a mod and they would keep an eye on the situation, give you feedback about whether they had also observed the situation (so you could feel okay about it not being all in your head) and if it were… [more]
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Dignity is very very relative. I was fortunate enough to go through the "Was in car accident, went to hospital, was not wearing underwear, things turned out okay" rite of passage early enough that I've been blessed with a healthy amount of… [more]
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Aren't we back around to duvet covers then? Fucking duvet covers? [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 3 days ago

I just read Ammonite by Nicola Griffith which actually has an all female cast. The main character is very driven and undertakes a few serious quests. It leans more towards SF than fantasy but there's some really great possible world prognostication… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 3 days ago

why the hell would you make the bed? Truth. But I am in the 25-lbs-of-blankets camp so just making the bed is an upper body workout for me. Top layer is a duvet inside a cover but then there's more blankets and stuff under it. I have a… [more]
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I'm actually just one of the johnny-come-lately newbies who ruined the whole thing Haha, I was one of those people too (in 2000 & 2001) already listening to people complaining about all the other people like me ruining things. Before… [more]
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the duvet just got stuck in one end like a big ball. Civilized duvets have little corner hook thingies that you can attach to the corners of civilized duvet covers (mine have velcro) so this abomination doesn't happen. we're… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 4 days ago

The only situation where this would be an issue (to my non-lawyer read) is if the estate has some level of debts and you used up the money that you weren't entitled to get before the debts were paid. And yeah get a zillion copies of death… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

I sort of dealt with this with my dad's death. Bank of America (in MA) did not know he had died even a week later. So my guess is that it's not automatic. And if you're also on the account as someone who can write your own checks (i.e. not with two… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

My partner has this same issue and ferrites fixed his shit right up. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 4 days ago

If the mods feel that money needs to be raised for this then I'm not against contributing. Maybe something like a kickstarter? I appreciate people's good intentions. This is also asking the mod team "Hey do you want to make… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 4 days ago

I just finished reading the graphic novel Marbles which details Ellen Forney's long and frustrating (but ultimately pretty successful) work to tame her bipolar disorder and keep working. It's a good read because it's a hassle for her to get there… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I am a justice of the peace and have married plenty of people and there are a lot of interconnected things involved in planning a wedding and it is not necessarily rude to have people stand during the ceremony and I would put that out of your mind… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I have done a similar thing and it's onerous but you should be able to use the on-screen keyboard by following these instructions. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

Is this scary when it happens? Familiar? Comforting? It happens to be rarely and it's more like... you know that thing when you are falling asleep and do the Hypnic Jerk thing? It's like that except you have the real and true feeling that… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 5 days ago

Darn Tough makes wool and non-wool socks in really nice colors that last forever (and have a guarantee) and some of them are for sporty stuff. They are what you want. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

The best way to go about this would probably be to do three things 1. Focus on more stuff that is actually illegal (hate speech is awful and Twitter has made a stance against it but it's targeted threats that can be against the law) and accounts… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I like how the moviemakers seem to believe that males feature prominently in colonies of apis mellifera. Or humans! it has always driven me up the wall that when you have an easy excuse for casting women who are comedians in a… [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 days ago

I could listen to guys talk about feminism forever. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 6 days ago

I'm confused how this cost is 7% of the project, but over 50% of their profit on the total project. Say project is 50K overall. Mistake is a $3500 mistake. Contractor's profit on the overall job was going to be 7K. I'm unclear if this… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 6 days ago

Matt comes back to do one of the monthly MetaFilter podcasts Yes! [more]
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For some digitization projects the books are actually destroyed. They do this with a giant dangerous-to-fingers chopper thing that can cut the binding off of a book and cut around the margins in the sides with astonishing accuracy. Cuts through a… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 7 days ago

Some of this depends on what specifically you want done. I would talk to some people who have worked with Twitter on these sorts of issues in the past. I might suggest Woman Action Media who were very interactive with them and their abuse problem… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 7 days ago

He seemed pretty sure that he needed to leave, and I didn't want to pressure him. Maybe this is an ask/guess culture thing. Sounds like it. To me (heavy ask user) there's no pressure involved in saying "You can stay here if you… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 7 days ago

secret truth: I have always hated that sort of thing. The link and BUT IN CASE YOU'RE TOO LAZY HERE IS THE BEST 500 WORDS. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 8 days ago

If you've checked fuses, battery and all else, you may just need new bulbs. Headlight bulbs are replaceable, and often burn out at the same time. Check to see if they work when you turn the high beams on. If so, it means that the normal-brightness… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 8 days ago

Make and/or hang thick curtains over windows to keep drafts out. Alternately: plastic them up to keep drafts out. If you have thrift stores these don't have to be that nice or that curtain-y really (there are some instructables on how to make… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 8 days ago

Saw jessamyn tweeting about it as a reference for non-political stuff to non-angrily argue about over the Thanksgiving table and thought that was pretty great. I did a sprint through the wiki page this morning to add some of the other… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 9 days ago

You can join those of us in the Jewish community who traditionally celebrate Christmas with Chinese food and a movie! Yes! Or go over the top and have people over to your house for Chinese food and watch movies ALL DAY LONG which is… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

s it irresponsible of me to ask for this feedback? I don't feel like I'm trying to push the responsibility off on to others, but maybe that's how it feels to them? This is emotional labor. It may be worth it for people in relationships,… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

Oh right, I am 5' 2" which means most showers are hitting me directly in the face when I am in facing-showerhead mode. [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

I've read most of the authors you've read. Feel the same way about Connolly/Koontz. Tana French is amazing. I've read both Andrew Gross (The Ty Hauck series) and Brad Meltzer and neither one of them have enough books to have gotten repetitive yet, to… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 9 days ago

- I called, emailed and tweeted at Sanders to get a lot more aggro about Bannon - I certified my town's election results with the town clerk and sent them to the Secretary of State (I am a poll worker) on Tuesday - I've been working on a skunkworks… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 10 days ago

I'll be pursuing an MLIS and joining the librarian ranks. So thank you, MetaFilter, too! Welcome to the Cabal! Very happy for you. I had friends cancel on me for dinner and wound up getting scooped up by other friends to go get dinner… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 10 days ago

I am disturbed by the number of people who aren't aware of washcloths. Be even more disturbed by the people who are aware of them and refuse to let them in to the shower with them! Gross mildewy things when left to their own devices. I'm… [more]
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Ask MeFi comment - 10 days ago

This is the first Thanksgiving where I haven't gotten in a car for the whole day (we walked over to dinner at our friends' house and Jim drove up here last night) and I am stupid-thankful for that. We did all the dishes while everyone else had their… [more]
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