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Will she still be around? Absolutely. I'll write up a longer personal thing a bit later but this is literally just "I am moving on in my professional life." MetaFilter remains my online home.... [more]
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From a MeFite who would prefer to remain anonymous:My wife is ugly. She knows it and I know it, but we've never talked about it. It's that hard. Until I met her, fell in love with her, and married her, I never really understood what a burden... [more]
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the Great Taters Mystery. Now is as good a time to mention this as any. I got an email a while back from the gal who posted that anon thread. I've paraphrased a little bit but not much. The "taters" thing was, I guess, kind of like a code... [more]
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Toad baked some cookies. “These cookies smell very good,” said Toad. He ate one. “And they taste even better,” he said. Toad ran to Frog’s house. “Frog, Frog,” cried Toad, “taste these cookies that I have made.” Frog ate one of the cookies, “These... [more]
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Maeve is a lovely name. I know two Maeves and they are classy interesting women who like their names. You sound like you may need some sleep. You made a fine decision and I'd stick with it.... [more]
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That's struggle, pain, anxiety and difficulty. Grad school can be tough, but get some fucking perspective, dude, or drop the hell out. I've mentioned this before, but one of the things that has helped me not bitch people out here on... [more]
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Metafilter’s most interesting core functions, like its discussion boards and Q&A feature, have since been cannibalized by more usable sites like Reddit and Quora. Oh bless their hearts. I think they mean usable in the exploitable sense?... [more]
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Here are the flags I would like to see. If I ran this site as a total dictatorship. - derail/noise - wtf - I will flag this instead of being a dick in the thread, but really, this sucks amirite - "not best of the web" is not a reason... [more]
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Because I can tell you, if you think having one fake spouse is bad, having thirty of them will be worse. [more]
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[I have deleted the jokes that were in this thread and which you were saving for a time when you thought I had no electricity forgive me they were so ripe so deserving good night.... [more]
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This would be a very bad time for admins, particularly Jessamyn and PB, to act defensive. Just answer the question. I admitted I was wrong a few days ago. I do it fairly frequently. * Reopening a closed thread or undeleting a... [more]
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How, musically, has hip-hop advanced in the twenty-five years since then? How is this piece under consideration musically advanced since? However just like the Feminism 101 threads, it's sort of useful to approach the topic as... [more]
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jessamyn [8:33]: gay elf sex means what? *cortex [8:33]: Dragon Age *cortex [8:33]: it's this new game *cortex [8:34]: there's this elf jessamyn [8:34]: okay *cortex [8:34]: he's gay jessamyn [8:34]: you can stop at this point *cortex [8:34]:... [more]
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I've seen many of our licensing agreements and they specify that patrons can share single articles outside of the campus. Yeah as MetaFilter's most famous librarian today, this is a non-issue from a library perspective. You may dislike it... [more]
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I could listen to guys talk about feminism forever. [more]
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I AM SUCH A FUCKING RUBE. Dude, that answer from me in that thread... Was when I was modding in the early morning a few days ago and forgot that we were doing this and was like "Who is this dingbat?!" Truly.... [more]
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Dowager Mod, surely? I went out for beer with another MeFite (thanks terrapin!) and now I'm back and I've been reading along with the thread and mostly nodding and/or smiling and nodding but I will cut you if you try this. Emeritus? Maybe.... [more]
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Although her consistent deletion of posts that didn't match her political views were silly. Links or it didn't happen. [more]
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You know, MeTa is not so that we can have Nerd Thunderdome. If you have an issue with one specific person, your options are email, MeMail, getting over it, pie, hugging a tree or something I'm sure I haven't though of.... [more]
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