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Inmates Saved Collapsing Guard
The US economy runs on slave labor still-- whether it's literally slave labor in the form of prisoners, or effectively slave labor in the form of illegal immigrants, or legal migrants chained to companies because of visa conditions, or overseas slave labor in sweatshops in developing countries.

If we shut down all forms of coerced labor in this country, the economy would grind to a halt.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 9:04 AM on June 25, 2017

Amazon to buy Whole Foods in $13.4 Billion Deal
Whole Foods was in trouble because their main differentiator (organic food) was easy for their competitors to replicate. They've been struggling to figure out a reason to exist other than separating money from people with too much of it.

What amazon gets out of this deal is a food distribution network, and a retail footprint for in-store pick up.

Aside from food, they could stage frequently ordered items there for immediate delivery and pick up.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 8:53 AM on June 16, 2017
What's not to love, right? When those of us still in employment live surrounded by beggars and shantytowns, we can just work from home and have Amazon drone-drop our single-source olive oil or whatever.

If you're not going to be programming or repairing or building or otherwise supporting the machines, you are going to be left behind. It's as simple as that. 'Unskilled labor' is labor that is going to be replaced by machines. There's no way to stop it from happening.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 7:02 PM on June 22, 2017

tick tock tock tock
It takes me two hours to pick a bass patch.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 7:06 AM on June 21, 2017

Georgia on My Mind: All Bets are Ossoff
A 19 point swing nationwide toward the democrats translates to a fairly easy democratic majority in the house. And I suspect that we're just beginning the swing toward the democrats now.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 7:39 PM on June 20, 2017

A problem common law was used to address in the past
Did you sell me the car? This blockchain from the DMV says you did, and now only my blockchain key will turn it on.

Unfortunately half of the miners decided they don't like how you smell and forked the currency and now it belongs to someone else.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 3:40 AM on June 19, 2017
Any government/commercial use of blockchains will most certainly not involve miners.

A lot of those use cases would be better served by standard centralized services.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 4:05 PM on June 19, 2017

Is that… is that from Harry Potter?
I interviewed for SoundCloud and their technical challenge was writing a fairly simple python script that was directly applicable to the actual work they did, and I had a week to work on it. It was interesting, and actually made it clear to me that it wasn't a job I'd be interested in, particularly--which was a good thing. If it had been a generic logic puzzle, it wouldn't have told me anything about he job.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 3:21 PM on June 19, 2017
then, about a month later, I found the code I had written during the interview in their codebase, in production. that should have been a red flag. things went downhill.

Why is this a problem? I mean I guess they technically got a days work out of you for free, but they did hire you in the end.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 4:03 PM on June 19, 2017

aryan invasion
There's a tradition in some schools of Hinduism that the vedas are as old as the universe, so there might be a cultural resistance to any kind of attempt to place the origins of Sanskrit (and by extension the Vedas) in any kind of historical context at all. Though I don't know how seriously it's taken.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 9:05 AM on June 19, 2017

Bitcoin has not in any sense eliminated human politics
I think it's important to separate all the ideological nonsense around bitcoin generated by con artists and true believers from the actual reality-- which is that cryptocurrency is better than traditional currency for a limited set of use cases (evading currency controls, illicit activity, as a temporary store of value during times of economic instability in some countries (Venezuela, for example). They'll always have some value, until something better comes along.

All… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 11:00 AM on June 16, 2017
> housing, tulips, tibetan mastiffs.

And beanie babies, and yet all of those things are still purchased and used by people.

I literally concluded my post by saying it's in the middle of a speculative bubble and the price could collapse at any time. That doesn't at all negate the fact that they have some value and will continue to be used.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 2:41 PM on June 16, 2017

The Long, Lonely Road of Chelsea Manning
I'm sort of torn on my feelings about the intelligence community and secrecy these days. I think the ongoing cyberwar with Russia shows that we really need an intelligence service, but at the same time, the intelligence community and it's auxiliaries in business and media have been engaged in a lot of self dealing and corruption, and just generally engaged in dirty business that needs to be exposed.

The obama-era crackdown on whistleblowers seems to have driven a… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 4:17 AM on June 13, 2017

Wakanda king do about it
I thought black panther was sort of meh in the avengers movie, but this trailer looks fucking awesome.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 3:34 AM on June 10, 2017

"The whimsy will continue until morale improves."
I'm pretty happy with penny lane and tomorrow never knows near the top, but good day sunshine is a solid track.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 6:59 PM on June 7, 2017
Also, there are a shitload of Beatles songs that I've never heard.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 7:00 PM on June 7, 2017

“Ah, now you make sense!”
Clapper was making a metaphorical statement about the Russian state being opposed to American interests, not a statement about Russian genetics, obviously.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 2:39 PM on June 7, 2017
I do think there is a problem with anti-Russian sentiment that extends well past the government, but I don't think this article makes the best arguments of that.

I actually think that Obama and Clinton unnecessarily antagonized Russia during Obama's presidency in a lot of ways and sort of brought the current situation on themselves, overestimating the effect of sanctions and underestimating the capability and willingness of Russia to strike back,… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 4:26 PM on June 7, 2017

Work To Ruin Someone's Day
Strikes by certain groups of workers attempt to enlist support from the public by inconveniencing the hell out of the public.

There are two kinds of mass actions-- one to create support for your issues among the populace, the other to force the populace to come to terms with you by shutting down their ability to make a living.

There is room for both of them, although obviously the second should be reserved for dire situations.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 10:00 AM on June 7, 2017

"Learn to code" is just a synedoche for systemic oppression by capital
In a strictly practical sense, telling someone today that they should learn to code is like telling them they need to learn to read and write and do basic arithmetic.

It's is essentially a bare minimum requirement to do many kinds of knowledge work, and it is only going to become more so. I can tell you from personal experience, that learning to code productively has more than tripled my income in the past 5 years, without spending a dime on college classes or boot… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 1:39 PM on June 6, 2017
Most people understand neither how an airplane flies nor how an air conditioner works, and yet many thousands of people are chilling in airport terminals waiting for their flights every day. Nobody is demanding that they get engineering degrees, because that would be ridiculous.

Learning to code doesn't require a degree. Neither does knowing how an airplane flies or an air conditioner works. And I think you should probably have some understanding of all of them.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 1:41 PM on June 6, 2017
Maybe slinging some PHP for a while on a temp-to-perm basis might actually be better than going hungry in the meantime.

I used to be a grocery store checker. My father spent his whole career as a grocery store clerk.

I wouldn't even take that job again if you paid me what I make now as a software developer. I'd rather work as a software developer for minimum wage than take one of those 'low-skill' jobs that everyone waxes rhapsodic about for any amount of money.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 1:48 PM on June 6, 2017
> Implying that an entire society can raise itself from service sector serfdom to white collar freedom is a cruel lie that only serves to make the lives of grocery store clerks worse.

Nobody has ever suggested that every single person on earth should be a computer programmer. But I do think computer literacy in general is a baseline requirement for almost any sort of skilled work, and really just for an understanding of how the word works.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 2:04 PM on June 6, 2017
Not only do you not need a degree, but at my last job interview, we had a long conversation with one of the partners of the company about what a waste of money a degree is.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 4:18 PM on June 6, 2017

a problem occurred with this country so it was reloaded
The Qatari thing is absolute madness. He's going to get people killed. Aside from the military base, Qatar owns Al-Jazeera.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 6:51 AM on June 6, 2017
I suspect that the long-term plan of the national democratic party is silence the liberal base and steal the neo-conservatives from the GOP, because they really want to commit to losing elections while collecting a lot of money from corporations.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 7:04 AM on June 6, 2017

Maybe that Pasteur fellow was onto something
I think that raw milk should be okay if the product to be consumed at the end is intended to take advantage of naturally occurring bacteria (i.e., cheese). If you're just drinking it, pasteurize it.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 1:53 PM on June 3, 2017

Moustache, on a train. With a twist.
When did we decide we hated johnny depp?

He keeps getting parts because he's a box office draw and by god do none of you remember Edward scissorshands and crybaby and all the other ludicrous parts he somehow made work?
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 8:19 AM on June 3, 2017

Think of it as redistribution
I really liked Uber when they were a luxury car service. When they tried to put taxis out of business, not so much.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 8:03 AM on June 3, 2017

this kid is insane, man
> But, I'm not seeing yet any likelihood that the Senate removes him from office.

I think things will move quickly once the dam breaks. Nobody in Washington owes trump anything, and they're just staying in line out of a combination of fear and inertia. As soon as Trump's poll numbers dip and his staff start getting arrested and/or start testifying, it could end really quickly.

That said, we're entering into a really dangerous phase, with a… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 5:48 AM on May 30, 2017
I don't think anybody gives 538's half serious slack transcripts much credence. They're just shooting the shit in a semi informed way.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 5:53 AM on May 30, 2017
I think people forget the damage that George W. did to the concept of American leadership, particularly in Europe.

Ultimately, I don't think W damaged us that badly, or at least not irreparably. I think a lot of people thought of that era as the US making a lot of bad decisions in a difficult situation, and Obama did a lot to turn it around. I don't think anyone thought of the US less as an *ally*, though, or doubted that we'd be there for them if they needed us.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 11:26 AM on May 30, 2017
Putin starts to admit hacking.

Fox News says collusion isn't a crime.

So let's say that the Trump administration admits to colluding with Russia, and that they did it to prevent Hillary from starting WWIII (or whatever bullshit excuse they want to use), Trump pardons everyone involved, fires Mueller, and purges the intelligence services and FBI, and establishes a new geo-political alignment with Russia, leaving China and Europe on their own as… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 7:59 AM on June 1, 2017
Realistically, I think the public at large just doesn't care that much about the Russia scandal.

I think our political discourse has become so impoverished that the American public doesn't know what we're at risk of losing.

The fact that we're depending on the fucking NSA and CIA to save American Democracy tells you how far we've fallen.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 8:04 AM on June 1, 2017
Anyone other than the acting FBI Director that would take the job under trump shouldn't get the job.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 1:45 PM on June 2, 2017

Daughter of Themyscira‎
The comic misses another precursor to Wonder Woman.

In the early 20th and late 19th century, there were a series of novels written about all-female utopias:

For example: Herland
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 6:04 AM on May 30, 2017
If you want more on the origins of Wonder Woman, this podcast goes into more detail.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 7:24 AM on May 30, 2017

Progress is painfully uneven
My wife was absolutely crushed by the end of the first season and had a complete angry/sad meltdown that lasted a week. That was two years ago. I think she might be ready for season two.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 12:18 PM on May 29, 2017

AlphaGo's farewell?
> Understanding what an AI is doing is going to be particularly important as we apply AIs more to human systems.

It will be for as long ad humans remain relevant. Which may not be for much longer.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 1:09 AM on May 29, 2017

“...we wanted the people that you meet in the world to be credible,”
Man I can't wait to see the gamer gate types react to this.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 1:35 PM on May 26, 2017

This isn’t gentrification, it’s another phenomenon entirely
Just browsing around a bit, flats in those neighborhoods seem to roughly be where we are in D.C. in terms of price.

I was looking at buying a house in northern Virginia, and half a million dollars gets you a 3 bedroom townhouse 40 minutes outside of D.C, or like a two bedroom condo inside the beltway.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 5:14 AM on May 25, 2017

“Also, there will be a ton of loot!”
Destiny was a really good deathmatch game with a really, really terrible f2p grindfest attached to it. I stopped playing when it started giving me drops I needed to buy an expansion to use. I'm never playing a Bungie game again.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 12:40 PM on May 20, 2017

JSON Feeds
I'm sort of surprised this wasn't already a thing.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 5:52 PM on May 17, 2017
Just for the less technical people, here's the difference between parsing json and parsing rss in python:

>>> import feedparser
>>> feed=feedparser.parse('')
>>> feed.entries[0]
{'summary_detail': {'base': u'', ...}

>>> import requests
>>> feed=requests.get('https://jsonfeed.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 9:44 AM on May 18, 2017

Can we talking about the sociopolitical system in The Lion Guard which appears to be a police state run by children?
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 6:04 PM on May 17, 2017

A lot of that reads like he's just shitting on Valve for running a business.

It's weird that he didn't even get into the gambling stuff which is where Valve's behavior was incredibly sleazy and borderline criminal.
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 5:56 PM on May 17, 2017

Bored but Traveling
I went backpacking for three months a few years ago, and stayed pretty close to the lonely planet circuit.

It is true that the hostels are full of people who are very much of a particular type, but that particular type happens to be 'people who like hanging out with random strangers and doing fun stuff'. If you're bored and lonely, it's an amazing kick in the ass. I did meet some older guys who were basically doing sex tourism, and a _lot_ of college kids who seemed to… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 5:26 PM on May 17, 2017
But I can also see how it can get boring and samey after a while. I don't get how people can do it for years.

Btw, tips for traveling and vacations from a few years of traveling pretty heavily:

When you plan a vacation, go to one region and stay there. Other than scenic drives or train rides, don't plan a bunch of trips in the middle of your trip. Nothing can make a vacation stressful like plane travel. So don't plan on trips to 4 countries… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by empath at 5:48 PM on May 17, 2017

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