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Something Funky

Mostly finished electro/house track that I'm working on, wouldn't mind some feedback...
posted to MeFi Music by empath at 7:22 AM on April 26, 2012 (7 comments)


New trance track. Work in progress. Completely unmastered. I've got some ideas for after the breakdown still but haven't arranged it yet... Wouldn't mind some feedback..
posted to MeFi Music by empath at 10:53 PM on November 26, 2011


An ambient-ish track I made as an attempt to make a videogame-soundtrack kind of thing. Made with Ableton Live, Sylenth, Predator and Absynth.
posted to MeFi Music by empath at 9:56 PM on November 3, 2011 (7 comments)


Decided I'd finally get serious about learning how to make dance music for real. This is kind of a half-finished song that I'm kind of stuck on, but figured I'd throw it up here just as it is... it ends kind of abruptly because I don't know where to go next with it..
posted to MeFi Music by empath at 4:38 PM on August 20, 2011 (3 comments)

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