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Can you say Hero? The Life and Times of Mr. Fred Rogers
Mr. Rogers talks about breastfeeding. The video clip shown on this site is from a 1968 episode of the show. When you think about all the hoopla and politics around breastfeeding today, it's wonderful to see someone treat it as such a normal, loving thing.

Mr. Rogers was - and is - truly an inspirational man.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 8:21 AM on February 11, 2009

You = 13 cents
Not all the applications are crap. I really like the Flickr Photosets app - now there's no need to double-post my pictures. This helps my friends actually see my pictures. Most of them aren't heavy internet users (several are still on dialup) but they've all gotten Facebook accounts in the last 6-8 months. It really is helping us keep in touch, since we're all in different places.

There are a lot of junk apps though - best to either ignore them, or uninstall 'em really… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 6:12 PM on October 9, 2007

Potter Puppet Pals
PPP's official site: link. It's mostly Youtube links to the various videos but there's some other stuff kicking around.

Bothering Snape, The Mysterious Ticking Noise, Trouble at Hogwarts are my favourites.

Bother bother bother!
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 11:20 AM on August 4, 2007

We has excellent TV reception
Kittens and metal bands have a lot in common. They both try to be so serious in their pictures, and yet the pictures just scream for silly, mispelled captions.

Thanks for posting this.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 3:41 PM on July 6, 2007

"Gee, I just love your accent."
tehloki, there was a whole AskMe thread devoted to all the different Canadian accents - there's more than you think! (there's definitely more than I thought!)
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:29 PM on March 21, 2007

Street Cents Cancelled?
That's a real bummer. I really liked Street Cents when I was their target market (the Torrens years). I didn't like more recent episodes as much as they felt a little too slick - there was still product testing, but it felt like there was less criticism/questioning. The Pit was always my favourite part cuz it showed that not everything worked the way it was supposed to, and not just because I did something wrong or didn't read the directions right.

As long as they don't… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 3:36 AM on August 19, 2006

I've got big plans for my future.
Shame on PBS. Unless she was getting the two roles confused and talking about technical virginity on the Goodnight Show, I don't see what the problem is. Preschoolers aren't going to Google her and burst into horrified giggles to see her previous work. Their parents might, but as long as she is doing her current job properly, why is it important that her previous acting roles must reflect well on her current acting role? Using that logic, an actor who played a bad guy once can never, ever play a… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 6:11 AM on July 22, 2006

Hooray and congrats to the Haughey family!
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:35 AM on May 2, 2005

Reduce, Reuse, Re-cycle?
i love my keeper. while 50 bucks seemed expensive to my college student self five years ago, not having to buy any pads or tampons since then makes it a pretty solid investment. i've used Instead as well, and I liked it too, but it's unnecessary thanks to my keeper cup. what i find most interesting is that now I see just how much fluid is really expelled. It always seemed like way more using disposable products, and now I know that it's not.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 5:02 PM on January 1, 2004

Toronto Rocks!
People were still lined up at ticketmaster down at Yonge and Bloor (the middle of the city, where as downsview is northwest) when i went out to get my lunch half an hour ago.

My sweetie, after much internal debate, is at the show now. I wimped out cuz it just seemed like too many people (and we just bought a house and I wanted to save the vacation day for it's closing day). i also only really wanted to be there for the flaming lips (and rush and ac/dc i suppose, but… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:32 AM on July 30, 2003

Awesome Canadian Musicians
I'd like to add hayden to the list. His shows always affect me like no other live act I've ever seen.

Looking at my music collection, I realized that many of my favourite 90s Canadian rock bands have either broken up or disappeared (hHead, Gandharvas, Doughboys, Pure, Limblifter, Age of Electric). Some are in new projects or gone solo, but I didn't really get into the next iteration of these groups. I guess I'm trying to keep my high school/college memories intact.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 8:08 AM on June 29, 2003

Cats in Hats
I don't know if I could get these things on my cat, but if it didn't feel like it was animal abuse (maybe not abuse, but I'm sure it perturbs the kitties), I would so buy these kinds of things.

The boyfriend and i have regular conversations about what our cat would look like wearing various things (a suit, a fedora, ties, carrying a briefcase.) then we look at the cat and start giggling. Then we debate on whether he should wear whole suits or just shirts and ties...cuz… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:17 PM on April 23, 2003

St. Anger Skepticism...
Wow, talk about hard to please. Don't completely bash something until you've heard something from it (I know not everyone is, and that some are doing it tongue-in-cheek, but the whole "I'm cooler than thou cuz I don't listen to random band" makes me crazy). I admit that I'm a fan, so I'm looking forward to it. I suppose therefore, that my opinion shouldn't be taken as seriously. Are all these reviews simply hype? Maybe, but there must be some value behind it or all of these sites… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:21 PM on April 16, 2003

Ugly Dress
I'm going to be the maid of honour at my sister's wedding in October. Dresses were recently decided on and I received a picture of it in the mail yesterday and I'm okay with it (fortunately it looks NOTHING like any of the ones I see on this site). The three people in her party are all of different sizes (one is a body-builder type with big shoulders, one is tall and skinny and one is me and my body is in flux right now).

My only requests were "no taffeta and no bow… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:12 PM on April 4, 2003

He's the greatest! He's fantastic!
wow! It's comforting to know that Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors is on here - no one else I know seems to remember it.

must go searching...great post!
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 2:12 PM on April 2, 2003

My Father, the Cyborg
I was thinking the exact same thing Dark Messiah. Guess that shows where our interests lie.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 9:54 AM on February 13, 2003

Lighthouse free
My stepdad had a lighthouse on his property for years and years. Because they live way out in the country, it was comforting to see the blue light, and know you were almost home. I used to give directions to the house as "when you see the blue light, you're almost there, and when the road stops, you're in my driveway."

When the Ontario government decided to dismantle it, my stepdad asked them for the actual light. It is now in their family room, and gets… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 8:17 AM on January 24, 2003

All I want for Christmas is my two... new breasts?
just wait till they're all screaming from the back pain and welts from industrial-strength bra straps. (Holy bitter naturally large breasted woman Batman!)

maybe i'm just being catty, but i find that a lot of breast implants look like bowling balls and you could fit a third one in the middle.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 2:26 PM on January 8, 2003
thanks for posting this...what an amazing site

my boy and i have a couple of the pearl jam posters hanging up, (and have some other posters kicking around waiting to be put up) and we're starting to amass quite a collection. this just makes me want more of them.

if anyone finds out where to purchase (beyond contacting specific artists), post that here too!
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:18 AM on November 20, 2002

Farm Sluts
hilarious! thanks quonsar!
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 8:36 PM on November 9, 2002

Many of us learned about Rick Gleason, the...
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 6:20 PM on October 23, 2002

How do you say "caramel?"
The phrase "whipping shitties" has been making me giggle all day. Just thought I'd share. I also want to use it all the time in the completely wrong context.

I never noticed Canadians pronouncing "about" as "aboot" until they brought it up on the South Park movie. Now I say "oot and aboot" all the time, but only in that phrase (well, maybe the odd "no doot aboot it!" but that's it.)

I also say… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 3:07 PM on October 11, 2002

melissa is a fridge magnet that hums incessantly! It can pick locks.

if only...
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 4:34 PM on October 9, 2002

The new national divide...
this thread is so interesting...

grew up in various parts of eastern and southern Ontario

Pop, couch, sub...sometimes pop and couch get substituted with soda and sofa, but not often. A sub is a sub is a sub.

My grandma called it a chesterfield so I figured chesterfields were old and usually have crocheted afghan blankets on them (like hers)

Succa, I hear you on the kilometers and youse… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:10 PM on September 12, 2002

Civic Responsibility at its Finest:
While there were many other moose that were prettier, this one was my favourite. It was extremely simple, but it matched the building. The eyes were done with rhinestones for that extra-classy touch, and if I remember correctly, there was a photo op done with some of the dancers riding it. (I can't find that, but maybe I made that up cuz I thought it would have been a good idea.)

Just in case you haven't had your fill of moose stuff yet here is Toronto's official Moose in the City page.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 8:32 AM on August 28, 2002

Recollections based on the album Doolittle, by the Pixies.
Dong_Resin nailed it - these posts say so much about all of us.

I bought the Doughboys Shine album on a whim to impress a boy that I liked, since he recommended it, and I had liked the singles I heard. I desparately wanted to prove to him that I was cool, and didn't like the sugary pop stuff my friends liked. (I alienated said group of best friends more than once by playing my CDs for them...they were kind enuogh to love me anyway). It never worked… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:59 AM on June 9, 2002

Assistant's Revenge
The last three comments have summed up my feelings completely. I'm in a very similar position right now.

What I want to know is, how long does it take to "pay your dues" and just become another disgruntled "regular" employee.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:09 PM on May 23, 2002

Are you depressed?
A couple of years ago, I was seeing my doctor regularly about weight loss stuff, and some other wacky stuff was going on in my life. I wondered if I was formally depressed, and mentioned how I was feeling to my doctor. She asked me a few basic questions and prescribed me some Prozac (10 mg) I stayed on it for two months (probably not long enough, but I couldn't afford it)

I felt like the pills were being thrown at the problem. No questions were asked about therapy or any… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 8:06 PM on May 22, 2002

Would you still donate your loved one’s body if, instead of saving a life, parts were sold for profit, for cosmetic purposes?
My theory on organ donation has always been "donate as much as possible to either victims or science and burn the rest, since I don't need it anymore."

If my parts are going to go and increase someone's penis, lips or breasts, and someone will pay for them, then my family should get some sort of percentage to pay for my after-death expenses (funeral, burial, any debts my savings don't cover.)

That said, I'd much rather see my parts… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:31 AM on May 20, 2002

Getting ready to fast this weekend.
Hmm...they never did find the marble i swallowed as a child - they told me that I had either passed it, or it was hiding behind some gas (which I thought was funny). Maybe I should try fasting and find out.

But seriously though, I've read about doing it, and it intrigues me, but I don't think I'm ready to try it yet.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:44 PM on May 16, 2002

All right, I'll admit it. I've never known how to...
Mendelson's book has been on my wishlist for a year or so, and now that I know it shows how to fold fitted sheets (with pictures!), I want it that much more.

I don't have a method as of right now, i just try and fold them as small as possible. Currently my sheets go on the top shelf of my linen/toiletry closet, and since I can't really reach, things often get tossed, thus losing their folded-ness, so I try not to get too bummed about it.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:58 PM on May 4, 2002

I mourned Sassy, too!
I never read Sassy, but after reading various tributes to it online, I wish I had.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 12:09 PM on March 24, 2002

September 11th? "My main thought was: What a...
I recently read a complilation of several of Jan Wong's Lunch With columns. What made the book extra interesting was the commentary she would put in either before or after each story. The thoughts that didn't get published in the paper really put how she wrote the articles in perspective for me .

As for whether she only interviews "wastes of skin," that's just a matter of opinion. But I personally think she interviews a pretty good cross section of the famous… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 7:27 PM on February 21, 2002

B4 d t+ k s++ u-- f++ i o++ x e l- c--
B6 d t k s u- f i o+ x-- e+ l+ c
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 11:27 AM on January 10, 2002

There must be
I had at least two sites on Geocities when I first started learning HTML. One had my resume on it, which my uncle looked at, showed to his partner, and I ended up working for them. When I became employed, I cancelled the site (I wasn't using it for anything else), and the next time my uncle went to look at it (to show a friend what his niece could do) it was a big porn site. That happened within close to a day of me cancelling it, so I found it quite funny.

Geocities was… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 11:32 AM on January 9, 2002

Ebay just gets weirder and weirder
All this "clapping a speculum" talk reminds me of this episode of Friends where Ross picks up a speculum and makes quacking noises with it to his ex-wife. (scroll about 3/4 way down to see the actual reference)
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 12:45 PM on December 11, 2001

Stitch and Bitch.
My mom tried to teach me how to knit several times when I was a kid. I could not get my head around it, and haven't tried since. My sister is faring much better and is currently making her boyfriend an afghan, which is a huge step up from the scarf she made last year.

I am however wearing a cardigan sweater my mom knit for me last year. Yay mom!

Crocheting intrigues me, but I don't know if I could teach myself, and I live too far from my mom for… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 6:24 AM on December 11, 2001

Upscale McDonalds?
McDonald's is kinda like copious amounts of alcohol. You decide you want to partake, eat/drink it, feel terrible and swear you'll never do it again. But you usually do.

I like McDonald's, just not all the time.

Observation - fries in US McDonald's taste different than the McD's in Canada. In the US they're more like potato chips. So it's not 100% the same everywhere.

I read this article in Maclean's back in August about… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 11:26 AM on December 7, 2001

Egreetings lowers the portcullis.
I started paying for my services from TheCounter cuz I liked the ease of use.

While I get slightly more than what some of the free hosts seem to provide (I test drove a few before I decided to pay for what I was already using.), there haven't been any real *extras* that I wasn't getting when it was free. But since it wasn't free anymore, and I wanted it, I had to pay.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 12:53 PM on December 6, 2001

Are the days of speculative domain buying and...
I only own one domain. That's enough for me.

I used to own this one as well, which I wanted to use for portfolio / resume purposes, but never really did much with it so I put up a notice saying I'd sell it to whoever was interested. I got an email within two weeks and I made back my 15 bucks that I had left on it. No fuss, no muss.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 12:40 PM on December 5, 2001

Name Distributions in the Social Security Area
melissa was in the top ten from 1967 till 1985.

I've known several other melissa's, but not a whole lot. I had a couple classes where there were two of us, but it was never a big deal.

There is actually a site devoted to melissa's on the web: I was contacted by the site owner to add my URLs to the list, which I did. Her categories include:

Famous Melissa
Everyday Melissa
Melissa Etc.… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 1:19 PM on November 30, 2001

@Home pulling a Northpoint?
I'm in Toronto too, and have received everything mw mentions. As well, Rogers is using their cable access stations to show instructions as well.

All that, and they never transferred the two secondary email addresses that my boyfriend and I have been using for nearly two years. Two CSR's said that they did not have any records of those addresses although we've been receiving mail to them since we signed up for them.

So I get to sign up for the… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 6:13 PM on November 28, 2001,
Very cool. Lots of potential uses here. Thanks jplummer.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:49 AM on November 25, 2001

Vote Wil Wheaton 'Entertainer of the Year'
The top vote-getters as of 3:13 Eastern Time:

1. Wil Wheaton (5474 votes)
2. Joss Whedon (4239 votes)
5. Goatse Man (1066 votes)
6. PT-Man (1062 votes)
10. (783 votes)

Who's PT-Man?
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 12:15 PM on November 22, 2001

The World According to Student Bloopers
What I want to know is if the mistakes were the result of extreme carelessness or stupidity? Some of the typos look like the result of someone doing spell check without actually watching to see what it's correcting.

That said, some of them are funny.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 1:07 PM on November 9, 2001

Music lessons can improve spatial reasoning in...
My first formal introduction to an instrument beyond the recorder was the first 8th grade music class in my new school. My intro to the music teacher. "Hi my name is melissa and I don't play an instrument. But I can read music". She gave a flute to play. That lasted about a week, and I switched to clarinet which I liked much better (easier to play), I had a couple friends teach me some basic fingering, but after that I was on my own.

In high school, I switched… [more]
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:12 AM on November 8, 2001

It's Friday and I hate my job!
My boyfriend finally got Office Space on DVD and has been watching it regularly for about two weeks. I agree with msacheson about the painfulness of the movie, cuz it reminds me of how much I disagree with so much of corporate culture.

Work in itself usually isn't so bad, it's everything else that makes life as an office drone suck.

I am not my job. My job does not define who I am.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:37 AM on November 2, 2001
Sadly aj100, nothing beyond the trailer. No actor profiles or anything. Still worth it though.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 10:47 AM on November 2, 2001

"It feels like a warm, wet vagina."
Building on maura's statement, wonder what would have been written if it was a porn star type giving this talk?
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 12:31 PM on November 1, 2001

Horehound is probably the most obscure candy....
Thanks Carol Anne! I shoulda thought licorice, given the aniseed flavour already there.

Thrills are icky, but a delightful shade of purple.

Lik-m-Aid - yum.
posted to MetaFilter by melissa at 8:08 PM on October 31, 2001

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