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Today's press conference will be without cameras, or audio; a group of blind monks will carve their reminiscences of the conference into a series of haiku on the antler of a stag; reporters will be permitted to describe the musty odor of… [more]
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"Mr Spicer, I looked over your resume and I'm wondering about the gap in your employment history for this year?" "I think the resume speaks for itself." [more]
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The saddest thing about this whole affair is that Spicer never had a chance to ask the President whether he believed in anthropogenic climate change... [more]
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Spicer is not resigning by citing a need to spend more time with his family; he's resigning by loudly, publicly condeming a staffing decision by the President. The President must be livid with fury. Who knows how he will unleash that… [more]
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Press Secretary and Communications Director are normally two different people. Sean Spicer was doing both because the old Communications Director quit in June. [more]
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Mooch better get to deletin': @Scaramucci: You can take steps to combat climate change without crippling the economy. The fact many people still believe CC is a hoax is disheartening [more]
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National Treasure @JohnDingell: Wishing Sean Spicer the best of luck in all future endeavors. We'll always have those six months of you lying to us every single day. [more]
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@PressSec: It's been an honor & a privilege to serve @POTUS @realDonaldTrump & this amazing country. I will continue my service through August [more]
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how's that "gropey ragey" thing workin' out for ya? [more]
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scaramucci - what is the appeal to the president*? Scaramucci has appeared on TV defending Trump, frequently. Trump must have watched him and liked the performance. That is the beginning and the end of his required qualifications, because… [more]
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Thanks for the correction @creampuff [more]
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Is he still close to the Press Office? Traffic must be bad. [more]
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I'm glad he's keeping Sekulow. There is no odious manifestly self-contradictory charity-fraudster piece of shit more appropriate to represent our President. [more]
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Maybe he's getting the Ireland ambassador post after all. US Embassy relocated to a pair of bushes at the end of the rainbow [more]
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Can we a truck? Because I think it'd be worth it. Slam the doors, black out the windows, tow him to a 1:1 model White House in Montana and tell him his approval rating is 99%. [more]
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"I mean, how do you think that? But when you say that — and think about this for a second. I don’t think — you could give me a whole string of new information. I don’t think I could really have — there’s only so much. You know, you can only… [more]
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Rick Wilson on CNN: "There is no-one on this planet who can say with a straight face that the White House Communications Office is working well." False. There are several people, and they all work for the White House… [more]
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Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned on Friday morning, telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of the New York financier Anthony Scaramucci as communications director. Mr. Trump offered Mr… [more]
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“The meal was going toward dessert,’’ he said. “I went down just to say hello to Melania, and while I was there I said hello to Putin. Really, pleasantries more than anything else. It was not a long conversation, but it was, you know, could be 15… [more]
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if you're worried about how Spicey is going to pay the bills, don't worry: he has a hedge fund [more]
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Tillerson and Exxon Mobil didn't run afoul of Magnitsky Act sanctions. They flouted sanctions associated with Russia's incursion/annexation of Ukraine/Crimea . In any normal administration, Tillerson would already have been forced to… [more]
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The "joke" is that the job of White House Communications Director is vastly more complex and demanding than being a talking head spouting talking points on Fox News. [more]
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Spicer now departing in his Buick, all other seats occupied by pallets of cinnamon gum [more]
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When Spicer becomes a private citizen, maybe he can expand the small group of people who know exactly what "covfefe" means [more]
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In related news, the Library of Congress will now be managed by the President's Tivo. [more]
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Mueller has a remit to investigate Trump's business transactions with Russia. But these transactions are likely conducted through baroque shell companies. How does Mueller know whether they are connected to Russia? He investigates them. If he finds… [more]
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MeFi comment - Almost an hour ago

Joseph Goebbels resigned today, expressing anger at the Führer's decision to promote Reichstag outsider Leni Riefenstahl [more]
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MeFi comment - An hour ago

Perjury is more likely to be prosecuted if there comes a time when half the country and more than half of Congress are demanding that it be prosecuted. [more]
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Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo: Sorry. Trump’s Attacks Aren’t Remotely Like Clinton and Starr President Trump through the totality of his actions, demands and threats has made it crystal clear that he will not accept any investigation… [more]
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Man now I have to make one of those online quizzes [more]
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So is he going to actually tell us anything useful now? I'm excited to learn if he signed an NDA, which he should be able to tell us, unless it's in the NDA [more]
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New York Times list of falsehoods in Trump NYT interview [more]
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The Hill: President Trump acknowledged on Wednesday that the government's monthly jobs reports are legitimate — a departure from his campaign trail claims that the assessments are fraudulent. "When we got those great reports, I kept… [more]
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Mueller asks WH staff to preserve all documents relating to June 2016 meeting Presumably Manafort and the Trump Organization will be getting the same request? [more]
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"Liberty and Justice for All" works just fine in my opinion. Then the Republicans can use a picture of Trump captioned "UNDER GOD". [more]
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I hope Trump starts pardoning people. People who are pardoned can no longer plead the Fifth when subpoenaed, and (barring executive privilege) must tell the whole truth or perjure themselves. (Or else be pardoned again.) (Which would hopefully speed… [more]
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MeFi comment - 4 ¼ hours ago

John McCain was asked to select someone who would make a good candidate to be the most powerful person in the world, and he had about 300 million candidates, and he selected Sarah Palin. Attaining redemption after such an act is quite an undertaking,… [more]
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MeFi comment - 4 ¾ hours ago

Hey remember before the election how Jill Stein posted on her website that she supported Brexit and then after some backlash claimed she never supported Brexit and anyone who thought different should clear their cache so they can see her new opinion… [more]
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MeFi comment - Almost 5 hours ago

The new Senate nightmare bill has a name: The Obamacare Repeal and Reconciliation Act of 2017. [more]
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MeFi comment - 5 ½ hours ago

To lower the McDuff panic level, can you spell out how it doesn't pass, please? BCRA is gone, we now have the Obamacare Repeal and Reconciliation Act, which is in fact a partial repeal due to the Byrd Rule. I know there's a rule that the… [more]
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MeFi comment - Almost 6 hours ago

If the Trump Organization finally loses access to credit from Deutsche Bank, they may have to resort to their sinister rival Deutschest Bank. [more]
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John Cassidy in the New Yorker: The Republican Health-Care Meltdown Moran, for his part, said, “We must now start fresh with an open legislative process to develop innovative solutions that provide greater personal choice, protections for… [more]
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MeFi comment - 6 ½ hours ago

They were like "Doctor who???" [more]
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MeFi comment - 7 hours ago

I wonder if a presidential pardon for an alleged federal crime can serve as probable cause for an investigation of a related state crime... [more]
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MANAFORT: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Barry Goldwater "The White"? I thought not. It’s not a story the Kushners would tell you. Also, you are an idiot. Barry Goldwater was a far-right populist so powerful he could harness xenophobia to… [more]
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MeFi comment - 12 hours ago

Further to my revelation that Jill Stein supported Brexit in this archived post, and then secretly replaced the post with one claiming that she never supported Brexit, she (or a staffer) was on Facebook telling people to clear their cache !!! [more]
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Jeff Sessions "forgot" his meeting with Kislyak when he testified to Congress. When that was pointed out to him he rather reluctantly said he would recuse himself from the Russian Investigation. From what Trump said I think either he… [more]
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MeFi comment - 12 hours ago

Question for those that know US history and constitutional wonkery more than I do. Why was/is the position of the President, and other positions like a governor, given the power to pardon without what looks to me like a whole lot of checks on it… [more]
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MeFi comment - 15 hours ago

The Hill: DeVos tells ALEC that protests against her are "a badge of honor". Let us hope she receives many additional plaudits in future. [more]
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