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There is a MetaTalk [more]
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motivational [more]
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The thing they are sacrificing to the calf is satire itself [more]
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There's a strong strain of libertarianism among engineers and techies, and probably the best way of summarizing it is this: "I have a right to be an asshole. I don't want anyone telling me I can't be one." It's not that they actually... [more]
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This was a good joke pointing out the privileged idiocy of Dan Snyder's actions. The employee who took the punchline out of context and put it on Twitter made a big mistake.... [more]
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Pew poll: When asked whether the closing of their local public library would have an impact on their communities, 90 percent of American adults (ages 16 years and older) said yes, it would, and 63 percent said the impact would be "major" ...... [more]
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It's like two-hundred sloths when all you need is a dog [more]
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The justice system makes mistakes, and the death penalty unnecessarily makes those mistakes irreversible. That simple fact alone means the death penalty has no place in modern society. There are many other reasons.... [more]
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This would be a very bad time for admins, particularly Jessamyn and PB, to buy Brazillian Reais. It's a highly overvalued currency [more]
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"Well.... uh... I hate the Jews!" - White Castle C.E.O. at next press conference [more]
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How fortunate that Japan never got around to executing this innocent man. [more]
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You Won't Believe How This Blogger Misuses The Term "Clickbait"... [more]
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I would like to assure all of you that, should this album fall into my possession, I will never reveal the Wu-Tang secret [more]
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Regular expressions against IMDb
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I am confident that the life of the average technology-obsessed person of today is substantially more pleasurable and rich than that of their average parent or grandparent. The fact that we still find things to complain about is not evidence against... [more]
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When I think about this show I immediately get a vision of hands squeezing ground beef while still wearing rings and nail polish [more]
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JWC Environmental Generic Object Manufacturer
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ColdFusion SQL Injection Attack Terror
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"Teen" seems to be consistently within the top 10 in the USA and Canada. Gross. The idea that human beings could be physically attracted to 18- and 19-year-old human beings fills me with... [more]
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I just achieved enlightenment by closing the browser tab [more]
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To be fair, I am now thoroughly convinced that life is suffering [more]
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Can someone please just hit the DEMO button? [more]
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Free Billy [more]
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Excuse me, could you ask that Grammy award-winning musician to turn it down please? I'm trying to enjoy my yerba mate [more]
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billy korg-in' [more]
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oneohtrixpointnever is livetweeting [more]
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Holy crap, the british say sin-sloth in the same adorable way they say bear-sloth?? And he was enlightened. [more]
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Thank you. And now, Siddhartha 2: Sidd Harder [more]
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The webcam appears to date from around the same time as Melon Collie [more]
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Even the audiobook narrator sucks. We have achieved global suck. [more]
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Brave move to back this with the music from Donkey Kong [more]
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PULP FICTION: Two very different men deal with the trauma of having objects in their rectum [more]
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I read this as "Patrick Moore" and am bitterly disappointed [more]
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you should anticipate twelve inches of snow [more]
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I've paid zero dollars for Plants vs Zombies 2 and it is joyous. [more]
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One Hundred Songs a Day
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"D-MN" seems like excessive bowdlerization [more]
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In any discussion, you have a positive obligation to learn at least enough to make the conversation possible. The University of Google doesn’t count. Which is to say, reading things doesn't count. One does not learn by reading things.... [more]
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My two-year-old found a dead ladybug, so I checked if Matt Farley had a song about a dead ladybug and yes he does and it was very educational for all. So now my kid has learned about death. Thanks Matt Farley!... [more]
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I forsee GTA VI: Greater Toronto Area, featuring rotund mayor protagonist Bob Chrysler [more]
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Unconfirmed reports that the sculptor has been moonlighting as a sign language interpreter [more]
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"We don't think it's appropriate because Nelson Mandela never had a rabbit on his ear," Mogomotsi Mogodiri, the spokesman for the Department of Arts and Culture, told the BBC's Focus on Africa radio programme. "We'd want people to... [more]
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Must have made a wrong turn at Mpumalanga [more]
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Google depicted as Stephen Fry, also known as "Ask Jeeves". [more]
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All I can say is, if I saw a guy beating the shit out of himself in a parking lot, I would not ask him whether there was some kind of club I could... [more]
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This thesis is so effective it not only proves the existence of God, but of His creator, SuperGod. After all, as the article suggests, the idea that something can simply exist without a creator is absurd. Also, MegaGod, who created SuperGod.... [more]
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Shakedown on the Hudson
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The criminal justice system should have the following motives: 1) Physically prevent likely re-offenders from offending. When necessary, life imprisonment can prevent the criminal from ever interacting with society. 2) Deter crime by having... [more]
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Both of these, are of course neatly resolved by an appeal to a designer. A designer who just so happens to have the perfect attributes to be able to design the universe? Surely that can't just be chance. Again, this is proof of an... [more]
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