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I'm disturbed by how much sense the 8 Out Of 13 Scale makes. Thinking about it. Also, there was a gif of Jason telling Tahani "You're awesome! You should be kinder to yourself". And I went all soft inside, because I realised that it's… [more]
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Well, Michael didn't specifically ask for her back, in which case he'd have handed her over. I expect he thought it was more fun to keep her and then use her as a bargaining chip. It's not as if he's under any obligation to be nice. [more]
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While I remember clearly being firmly onside with the Skeptics, their explosion during the 2000s definitely sent me to the other side. What I perceive to be the trigger was Dawkins' pronouncement that it was right to openly mock believers. It seemed… [more]
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MeFi comment - 2 days ago

Ah, that's a shame. Yes, I've seen a number of odd films at that cinema over the last thirty-something years, though for some reason the only one that comes to mind now is Crimes of Passion. But it was always a reliable source of watchably… [more]
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Projects comment - 3 days ago

But the lesson is basically sound. Never annoy the Scots. [more]
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It seems perfectly sensible at this point to conclude that Jason and Tahani actually are soulmates, and that the job of the staff of The "Good" Place was to keep them close enough that they drive each other mad without actually connecting… [more]
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Kaolin and Morphine sound like a mismatched pair of superheroes: she's a spunky teen who basically just kicks thing, he's a moody god of sleep, skirting round the edges of whatever copyright infringements Neil Gaiman and DC will indulge. [more]
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MeFi comment - 8 days ago

Continuing superlative. What's been striking me for a long time is that the Gang of Four are essentially decent people - their character flaws are blind spots that get in their way and obscure their character but don't destroy it. No doubt… [more]
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FanFare comment - 9 days ago

Let us let loose our fucks. Oh, no! The fucks have got loose. Now there are fucks all over the place. It's one whole mess of fucks. [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 11 days ago

Every teenager thinks their parents are evil, what if they actually are? A problem is that tagline is already competing with Yuzna's Society, and unlikely to come out on top. Which 'Verse is this? MCU? X? FF? Do they have… [more]
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MeFi comment - 12 days ago

- Where TF did that monster come from? (Do all the captains have a private menagerie?) FWIW, my immediate reading was that that was the monster, which he'd secretly beamed on board, and that whether or not captains have private… [more]
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We've had at least one FPP about Indian tiffin wallahs who have a hugely sophisticated system to bring workers their lunch "steaming hot straight from your wife's kitchen". This is probably less exploitative than that; it certainly… [more]
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MeFi comment - 14 days ago

Hello to Jason Isaacs. I enjoyed this a lot more than the first two, partly because it was now worth their while to give the characters characters. Though, to be honest, all I ask of media at the moment is that it distracts me from the dismal… [more]
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FanFare comment - 2 weeks ago

"Today we postpone the apocalypse indefinitely" would probably have been less effective. You have to allow him a certain amount of rhetorical license. He has to convince people to get in ludicrous weaponry and punch things, probably dying… [more]
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MeFi comment - 2 weeks ago

None of these philosophers were talking about masturbation. [more]
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My brain is constantly doing terrible jokes in the background, which is very distracting, especially early in the morning when I've little else to think about. Twitter has been a blessing, because I can get them out of my system and people can just… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

I'd love a European director to make a movie of Lem's Gruppenführer Louis XVI, with the wrinkle that it only currently exists as a fake review of a book of that name in his book A Perfect Vacuum. Over the last couple of years I've… [more]
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MetaTalk comment - 2 weeks ago

Roland Barthes Simpson: He didn't break the culture, it was like that when he got here. [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 weeks ago

That was magnificent, and like many of you I genuinely don't know where it goes from here. I wonder what happens when the real Good Place find out and ask for their Janet back. [more]
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FanFare comment - 3 weeks ago

Now I am going to spend the rest of the day trying to remember the other guy who drove me nuts. In any case, it's a great torch song lyric. [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 weeks ago

This thread combined with a tweet earlier on has reminded me to go and check out whether they still have In the Night Garden on iPlayer. It’s weird and funny and beautifully made (I usually compare it to David Lynch) and I still haven’t seen… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 weeks ago

Lucan was a part of the Mayfair Set, described there in Adam Curtis' series. Including such lovely people as Col. David Stirling, Tiny Rowland, Jimmy Goldsmith, Jim Slater and John Aspinall, pioneers of modern kleptocracy. Fascinating… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 weeks ago

Hugh Hefner dies at XX WHEN, WHERE, OF WHAT When I die, that's how I want to go. I think I only saw a copy of Playboy once, probably about thirty years ago. Some friends had it when I was visiting for the weekend, and we… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 weeks ago

The sheer politics of this - evident even at this point - is such that I worry it might obscure the human tragedy (for me). It's clear even now that the number of victims will dwarf those of the recent terrorist attacks. It immediately brings to mind… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 weeks ago

I'm completely blown away by that. Nothing intelligent to add other than my usual saw about Lynch essentially being a surrealist - his focus is the liminal space between dreams and waking life. A world of night, full of darkened buildings is… [more]
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FanFare comment - 3 weeks ago

FWIW, it looks like all the dogs are played by American actors (or, presumably, Spanish actors for the Spanish version, etc) and all the Japanese humans are played by Japanese actors, most likely speaking in Japanese. I'm definitely going to see… [more]
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MeFi comment - 3 weeks ago

I think Doug Forcett is real, but that what we currently think is the case isn't actually the truth: my wishful thinking is that the whole thing is a post-mortem ethical training ground - a sort of Purgatory - and that the staff is made up… [more]
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FanFare comment - 4 weeks ago

It reminds me of Pushing Daisies And, thus, Dead Like Me? [more]
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FanFare comment - 4 weeks ago

Ha! Uber Tried To Mess With FoI I suppose the story will all be about how thousands of drivers who were already fucked are now fucked differently, though. [more]
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MeFi comment - 4 weeks ago

Sort of like Ash's admiration for the xenomorph in Alien? [more]
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MeFi comment - 4 weeks ago

Between this and Hannibal (and possibly other series that I'm not aware of), it seems that NBC are taking the new realities of TV consumption more seriously than the other networks - series that are likely to have passionate followings, with… [more]
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FanFare comment - Last month

Oof! Sorry - this is the UK. Also, they might be getting with the spirit of the series and lying to me. But that's what they say. [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

In addition to which it's just struck me that the title of Chidi's book - initially, at least Who We Are And Who We Are Not - is probably not thematically incidental. [more]
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FanFare comment - Last month

I remember a lecturer "deconstructing" Paris, Texas and declaring it to be about the primacy of the "natural" family. Whereas I always saw it to be about someone coming back from the wilderness to try to do what was right… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

(My earlier comment was a reference to Operation Legacy, in case there was any doubt. As detailed in The History Thieves by Ian Cobain.) I'm surprised that he gives U.S. hegemony until 2030, to be honest. That seems quite optimistic. It's… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

How about if the thief severs your head and carries it off with them. Is there a protection against that? [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

I mean against unlocking the phone. I wouldn't expect it to protect against decapitation. That's for the iPhone X Plus next year. [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

It stops at episode 16. I do hope the last two haven't put her off. She does remind us that Lynch's favourite film is Vertigo, whose female lead character is called Judy. [more]
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FanFare comment - Last month

To be honest, I thought the subtext was "these are ways in which women are inconvenienced, and they don't make a fuss, they just get on with life, so stop whining" - that the Cunts are weaker and more melodramatic than what they… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

Don't know if this was linked before, but: Twin Peaks: Audrey, Billy, and living inside a dream [more]
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FanFare comment - Last month

Movies was one of those lifechanging albums for me. I bought it solely based on a review in either Omni or Heavy Metal Yes. The album the reviewer wrote about sounded so interesting I couldn't not scrape together my money… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

It's very amusing to read it as Mr C's plan going badly awry. I love the ambiguity. It's possible to watch assuming that Richard is Cooper, or Mr C, or another tulpa, or that Cooper is dreaming Richard, or that Richard dreamt Cooper. Or that… [more]
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A thought that just crossed my mind that gives me genuine pleasure: there's one human being on earth who knows exactly what's going on. And it's Andy. [more]
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I've been to the movies more recently than in many years. We have a tendency to go to the trippier Marvel movies at the local IMAX in 3d (yer Dr Strange and GotG -type movies), which do benefit from it. Went to see Dunkirk… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

Naido is, of course, "O Dian" backwards, but it's difficult to tell whether that's a Fleetwood Mac reference, or the Japanese O- honorific prefix. "It's a good job we made so many sandwiches!" I'd like to think that Candie… [more]
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Very much a curate's egg of a movie. On the one hand, its sheer oddness is something I'd like to see a lot more of, and whereas I'm not sure I'd like to see more of the brutality (I'm thinking the amputations and the cremator particularly), it set it… [more]
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Something that's not come out fully, I think, and which is one of the reasons that some British people feel pre-disposed to liking John Lewis, is that it's a co-operative, run for the benefit of all employees, past and present. (The topic came up… [more]
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MeFi comment - Last month

The individual lists are fascinating - and drawn from a hugely various range of sources. I'm no good at such things, so it's nice to be reminded of things that wouldn't immediately spring to mind that I adore - for example, Elaine May's A New… [more]
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