May 26

Season 4, episode 14: Rory finally accepts her Yale fate.

Every single terrible hat Rory and Lorelai wore on "Gilmore Girls" (note: is in fact every hat, terrible or no)
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I Can Do All Things

This NBA season was overtaken by Stephen "Steph" Curry. After winning it all last season, this year he led the Golden State Warriors to the best regular-season record in the history of the league. Rising from relative obscurity in his early years, Curry won a second MVP award on the strength of his otherworldly play, and as he began to regularly surpass superstar Lebron James, his team seemed easily headed for more glory. But tonight Steph's team faces elimination from the NBA playoffs, brought on by an Oklahoma City Thunder team few thought would compete for a championship with a first-year coach and a star player possibly leaving the team after this year. Here is how it is happening.
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For nothing is more dangerous than desire when it's wrong

How John Hinckley Lives Now: He drives a Toyota. He eats fro-yo. He shops at PetSmart. You just might run into him.
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I have loved justice and hated iniquity: therefore I die in exile.

I miss my mom and dad and brother, my friends, my dog and cat, my giant redwood trees, and tacos.
Tor developer isis agora lovecruft is the latest developer to seek self exile and tells her story of FBI harrassment.
[more inside]
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Theranos Voids Two Years of Edison Blood-Test Results

In the continued fallout of the Wall Street Journal's expose on Theranos' struggles to deliver accurate medical test (previously), it has now been reported that Theranos is throwing out all Edison results from 2014 and 2015 (WSJ [paywalled], Reuters). The company reported completing about 890,000 tests per year, and "...has told the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that it has issued tens of thousands of corrected blood-test reports to doctors and patients, voiding some results and revising others, according to the person familiar with the matter." [more inside]
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At Baylor, More Than A Falling Starr

Baylor University has fired football coach Art Briles and demoted university president Kenneth Starr upon receipt of an independent report detailing how the football program concealed rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence accusations against Baylor football players. The announcement has come as a shock, as it had seemed that Starr would be the scapegoat for the scandal, with his demotion used to protect Briles, the most successful coach in the school's history. However, increased media scrutiny due to the 2016 campaign season bringing up Starr's role in the Whitewater investigation, drawing greater attention to what happened at Baylor.
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"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm almost ready for my close-up."

Unflattering animal pictures. Yup.
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Rhymes with Hug

Take a breath, make a sound, keep going | The wandering haunting music of Doug Koyama
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Neanderthal Speleofacts

Neanderthals built mysterious cave structures 175,000 years ago which have been recently discovered in southwestern France. Walls were fashioned from stalagmites, and the area lit up with fireplaces. The French National Scientific Research Centre has released photos and a video about the site.
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quack squad

At 9.45 a.m. each day, more than 1,000 Indian Runner ducks are released for the first of two sorties at South Africa’s Vergenoegd vineyard in Stellenbosch. [more inside]
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Article 3: All Players in a team’s line-up shall be visually impaired.

In Beep Baseball (length 4:48), there are two bases, the pitcher is with the hitting team, batters are allowed 4 strikes, and the ball beeps. Oh, and all of the hitters are visually impaired. [more inside]
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Everything you think you know about Street Sharks is a lie.
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It makes you sound weak!

"More than 38 million American women have experienced intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. Many of these women develop coping mechanisms to placate their abusers and protect themselves." How about we stop policing women's language?
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1958 - ∞

Combine the thrill of old-school formation dancing videos e.g. Janet Jackson with tap dancing, add in a Purple Salute, and you get Syncopated Ladies Salute A Legend.
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Either - Or

Fair Warning [more inside]
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Duty, Honor, Country

As 2nd Lt. Alix Schoelcher Idrache stood at attention during his West Point commencement on Saturday, he was overwhelmed with emotion. [more inside]
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Rent: An Oral History

Twenty years after Jonathan Larson’s posthumous triumph arrived on Broadway, the cast and creative team relive the rise of a musical that changed theater.
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Ghostbusters, Frozen, and the strange entitlement of fan culture.

Fans don’t need to get what they want, and much of the time, they probably shouldn’t. Sometimes, they will; it’s unrealistic to expect that every piece of art or pop culture with any kind of dedicated following can find a way to satisfyingly sidestep or subvert the expectations of every person in that following. (slAVClub)
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Understanding the Spectrum

Rebecca Burgess' Comic Redesigns the Autism Spectrum to Crush Stereotypes : “I want people to understand that autistic people don’t all fit a stereotype, and show people the consequences of stereotyping,” Burgess, from the U.K., told The Mighty in an email. “[Stereotyping leads to] underestimating the skills of autistic people or not believing someone [who is on the spectrum].”
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The Enduring Whiteness of American Journalism

What three decades in journalism has taught me about the persistence of racism in the US [slGuardianLongRead]. [more inside]
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Volunteers, orphanages, and good intentions

"I was asked recently by a friend to meet some people from her church in the US who were visiting Uganda on a mission trip. The aim of the meeting was to convince them that supporting and visiting orphanages was doing more harm than good." [more inside]
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May 25

"We are here to make coffee metal."

Brendon Small confirms there will be no Metalocalypse series finale. [more inside]
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But what will Bucky think?

A day after #GiveSteveRogersABoyfriend trended worldwide on twitter, readers of Captain America were treated to a much different surprise. (spoilers for Captain America: Steve Rogers #1) [more inside]
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Cat Watching a Horror Movie

Just what it says. A cat. Watching a movie. Belonging to the horror film genre. [SLYT]
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Creative Limitations in Intoxicants

Salt Lake Spirit: How Utah's Liquor Laws Foster Creativity Behind the Bar (Serious Eats) "Let's take the classic Manhattan. It's actually perfect for Utah's liquor laws. The typical Manhattan would have two ounces of whiskey to one ounce sweet vermouth. But a three-ounce cocktail is illegal here, right? So now you have to get your base liquor back to one and a half ounces and then bring everything else in line to match," Walton explains, noting that the sweet vermouth would now be cut to three-quarters of an ounce. [more inside]
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Stop me if you've seen this one before

T-Pain rides to the Salford Lads Club “Whatever I Want.” is a shot-for-shot remake of the Smiths’ 1987 video for “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before.”
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Norfolk Southern, What's your Function

The Norfolk Southern Railroad in 2013 premiered a pretty radical television commercial for a railroad in these times. Riffed from a possibly recognizable song and directed by cinematographer Samuel Bayer, who has produced music videos for rock bands including The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Nirvana, Aerosmith, The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, & Justin Timberlake, it drew heavily on the skills of working railroaders and the precise maneuvering of tens of thousands of tons of heavy equipment. Making Of.
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The upside of Tourette syndrome

CBC radio interview with Jess Thom of "Backstage in Biscuit Land"
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Never Mind The Bollocks - The Making of a Classic Album

Documentary about the making of the Sex Pistols seminal album. Also discusses how the band came together, signing to EMI/A&M/Virgin, the Grundy Scandal and resultant publicity, and some footage shot by their tour manager of them in Berlin by the wall. Warning: contains Malcolm McLaren. [more inside]
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“This case will move forward,”

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial Can Proceed, Judge Rules [The New York Times] Prosecutors in Pennsylvania on Tuesday crossed their final hurdle to bring Bill Cosby to trial on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman he once mentored, with a judge ruling that enough evidence existed for the case to move forward. While Mr. Cosby is fighting numerous civil cases involving similar accusations, the ruling, by Judge Elizabeth A. McHugh, means that the once popular entertainer must face at least one of his accusers in a criminal proceeding, likely to take place here this year. [Previously.] [Previously.] [Previously.]
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VHS Head: filthy musical menagerie of mangled plunderphonics from VHS

Ade Blacow is inspired by b-movies, particularly those captured on VHS. You could probably tell that from his moniker of choice. He also cites early Autecre, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, old prog rock, as well as 70s horror and 80s sci-fi films (YT, interview). To make his music, he samples from his vast collection of old movies on VHS, and thus VHS Head was born. You could call vapor wave IDM, if you're looking for short-hand. [more inside]
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A weirdly degenerate corner of the internet

How the Racial Politics of Dat Boi Ripped Apart a Popular Facebook Group [more inside]
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Take out your heaphones.

What is a LinkedIn, I don't need a LinkedIn, Beyoncé knows who I am!! [more inside]
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giant roach motel development experiment

Earth Chemical have initiated new research to develop countermeasures for the future, for when cockroaches have evolved and mutated into giants. [more inside]
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Dinner is shipped.

The most unsexy, onerous, absurdly challenging task I face on a daily basis is figuring out how to put food in my body.... I’m eating, but I’m not deluded enough to think I’m eating well. It’s a problem most working people I know struggle with. How do you possibly come up with the many hours per week it takes to plan, shop for, and execute meals that are actually good for you? In recent years, meal-subscription services have been offered up as a new solution for this outwardly unimpressive problem. So I decided to embark on a six-week mission to find the one service that rules them all.
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Bottle Flip For the Ages

Mike Senatore is a high school senior with a hidden talent. He can flip a water bottle. So he did. In front of his whole school. History was made and the world went crazy.
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(Oh yeah!) I heard there was a secret chord

Did you ever realize that the word "Hallelujah" has the same syllable count and stress pattern as "Waluigi?"
SO!: It's a Cold and a Broken Waluigi - And here, with adjusted lyrics (but without the voice) [more inside]
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Pirates in Shanghai

After watching the on-ride video of POTC, your first thought may have been the same as mine: “How did they do that?”
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Bee '16

The 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee is on. After ties in 2014 and 2015 because the judges ran out of words, the Bee is getting harder -- the opener was "abecedarius". [more inside]
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"...onore agli angeli del fango."

Florence and the Mud Angels. As a sinkhole 200m long and 7m wide opened up along the Arno River embankment around 6.15 am this morning after a major water main broke during the night, the spectre of the Arno flood of November 4th, 1966* looms in the not so distant past. [more inside]
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A quarter of this generation of young adults might never marry

Millennials’ Roommates Now More Likely to Be Parents Than Partners. "Millennials, who have been slower than previous generations to marry and set up their own households, reached that milestone in 2014, when 32.1 percent lived in a parent’s home, compared with 31.6 percent who lived with a spouse or a partner, the report found." [more inside]
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Swarm of 20,000 bees follow car for over 24 hours attempting to rescue their queen
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Lesson well learned

Adam After Being Poisoned By A Manchineel Tree In Antigua, in which the amazingly upbeat Adam kills time on the trip to the doctor by documenting for posterity the effects of touching his face after picking up one of the fruits.

Manchineel trees and other spurges previously
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boosting safety, convenience, & feasibility of walking, biking, transit

Reducing car dependence in the heart of Europe: lessons from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (pdf)
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I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe

Autoencoding Blade Runner — Artist and researcher Terence Broad shows off his results “getting artificial neural networks to reconstruct films — by training them to reconstruct individual frames from films, and then getting them to reconstruct every frame in a given film and resequencing it.” [more inside]
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The Norwegian Katzenjammer Kids

The second most impressive thing about Katzenjammer is that the band members take turns playing nearly all the shared instruments -- including drums, accordion, guitar, keyboard, mandolin and contrabass balalaika. But even more impressive is that this never feels gimmicky or distracts from the songcraft, and no doubt these switchups help contribute to an amazingly varied repertoire. While their albums are great, they can't match the live shows for pure entertainment value. Fortunately, several are on YouTube including this one from 2012. [more inside]
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Tree Law is a Gnarly, Twisted Branch of the Legal System

“I thought, as most lawyers do when they get their first tree case: ‘How hard can it be?’” [more inside]
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Bigger than bathrooms: on non-binary erasure and exclusion.

Why We Must Stop Calling Menstruation A ‘Women’s Issue’
The problems come when I’m told I can’t be a part of [discussions about menstruation]. This is part of why calling it a 'women’s issue' is harmful not only to me, but to trans men and nonbinary trans people as well. It equates womanhood with a single biological process and is simply a scientifically inaccurate understanding. It has the effect of othering anyone who doesn’t fit that narrow criteria. It contributes to a mindset that there are tests one must pass to determine your womanhood."
[more inside]
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Tsu Heidei Shugaxtutaan

"We will again open this container of wisdom that has been left in our care" part 1, part 2.
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Terrapattern, currently in alpha, is a visual search tool for satellite imagery. [more inside]
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