November 25

'Here's the story of a lovely lady...'

Florence Henderson, famous as TV mom Carol Brady, died on Thanksgiving. She was 82.
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November 24

A Canonical List

Fictional Clerical Detectives. "I take clerical detectives to mean any detective with a significant church or religious background, so I include not only priests (male and female), ministers, monks, nuns, ex-nuns, a Shaker, two rabbis (and rabbis' widows and ministers' wives), a church administrator, and a clerk of a Quaker Meeting, but choirmaster/organists, religously inspired policemen, Buddhists, Muslims, and even a few witches. " Links to each nun can be found on the linked page (scroll down) [more inside]
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A Mathematician's Perspective on the Divide

Brilliant mathematical doodler Vihart on ways to heal our country's divide. (Just the video) Wherein the success of Trump is examined with a unique and relatively hopeful perspective.
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Come on people. Its "just" typography.

These quotation marks are why I have "trust" issues. Apostrophe's can be abused. A missing comma? Fucking a dude, can't beat that.
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"This is a weird way to earn a living."

Andy Kershaw just spent 45 minutes interviewing The Band's Robbie Robertson. BBC Radio posted the full audio of their chat online as a free downloadable mp3 this morning, and it's fascinating. Among the topics Robertson discusses are a memorable early Hawks gig in Jack Ruby's Texas club, dealing with audience hostility on Dylan's first electric tour, taking the Stones' Brian Jones to a gig by the then-unknown Jimi Hendrix, his memories of the Woodstock festival, 1970s drug madness in the music industry, The Band's legendary farewell at The Last Waltz and why a touring musician's years are like dog years. Both men are clearly enjoying themselves here and Kershaw can be heard cackling like a mad witch at Robertson's best anecdotes.
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From One Caucus to Another

Sandra Jansen recently left the Progressive Conservatives to join the NDP in Alberta, primarily due to the right-wing PCs becoming more extreme. On Tuesday she read aloud some examples of the abuse she has received and called for a fight against it. As a result, she's been assigned a security detail.
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Gävlebocken 2016 - The Goat Stands Again

Over the past 12 hours or so the world's favorite flammable object, the Gävle Goat, has been assembled again in Sweden. Watch the 24-hour live cam, or follow him on twitter or Instagram. Will the goat survive until New Year's Day? [more inside]
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Hey, you got your Beyoncé in my Hamilton! No, you got your Hamilton on my Beyoncé. [SLYT]
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Duck Outfit Comforts Goat

Now, whenever Polly has an anxiety attack, Lauricella puts her into the duck costume, and voila — instant calm. [more inside]
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How a British town became a hub for online porn and poker

Still economically devastated by the closure of its steelworks in 1980, "The residents of Consett are key cogs in a booming online industry. A Reuters investigation has found they have served as directors of more than 1,000 businesses: poker games, pop-up get-rich-quick schemes, vendors of colon cleansers and healthfoods, and much more."
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MST3K Turkey Day Marathon

In anticipation of the launch of Season Eleven, ShoutFactory is doing an MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, with both Joel Hodgson and new host Jonah Ray. It's starting at Noon EST. Maybe you'd like to tune in for Robot Roll Call?
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Manhattan's Area 51

Titanpointe, the NSA's spy hub located in a windowless AT&T skyscraper in New York.
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My poore hert bicomen is hermyte

"Today's poem is very simple and is studied by French middle school students as an introduction to Old French." The author is "an unlikely poet" who was born on November 24, 1394, and whose words form the text of Claude Debussy's Trois Chansons de Charles d'Orléans. But he also wrote in Middle English (selections; full text).
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November 23

I Was a Teenage Nazi Wannabe

New Republic Article: The alt-right is a loser's poor fantasy of what a radical revolution looks like. I should know. By Jacob Bacharach.
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Can I make it more complex?

Eric Standley creates complex geometric sculptures from hundreds of layers of laser cut paper. The process came about somewhat by accident.
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Overtime Exempt

Federal Judge halts Obama's overtime rule. Due to go into effect December 1st, the rule would increase the minimum salary an employee would have to make to be considered overtime exempt.The future of the law under a Trump presidency is unclear.
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🐼🐶 Panda Puppy

Panda Puppy! 🐼🐶 [SLYT]
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Why Cops Are Raiding Arcades Over a Fishing Game

There's a line of arcade video games, with names like Fish Hunter, Dragon Hunter and King of Treasures, that are increasingly being targeted by authorities as gambling devices. You may have one in a local game room (set to dispense tickets probably) under the name Harpoon Lagoon. [more inside]
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New York is introducing workers' rights to the Gig Economy

Freelance isn't Free Act passes with 51 votes Gig Economy, meet Workers' Rights. Workers' Rights, meet Gig Economy. Pleased to meet you. [more inside]
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"A" for effort

Dad Tries to Copy Daughter's Gymnastic Moves (SLYT)
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Icing in Sin City

After several months of waiting, followed by an additional several weeks of waiting for reasons nobody was quite clear on, and then a few more minutes of waiting while they tried to figure out how to get their video to play, the NHL’s newest expansion team finally has an identity. The Las Vegas To-Be-Determineds are dead. Long live the Vegas Golden Knights. [more inside]
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Baby Steals Phone. Even Better When Set To Music
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One Moment

"One Moment," A New Video From OK Go. (Facebook Link - that's the only place its currently hosted) Background notes and full credits here.
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like a suicide bomber, getting revenge

At an October budget hearing Howard Brookins, alderman for Chicago's 21st Ward, asked an animal control official what could be done about aggressive squirrels. He didn't know he'd pay for it with a fractured skull, broken nose, and six teeth. [more inside]
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Worthwhile Holiday Weekend Viewing

In his new four-hour series, BLACK AMERICA SINCE MLK: AND STILL I RISE, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. embarks on a deeply personal journey through the last fifty years of African American history. Joined by leading scholars, celebrities, and a dynamic cast of people who shaped these years, Gates travels from the victories of the civil rights movement up to today, asking profound questions about the state of black America—and our nation as a whole. [more inside]
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your people will wear cardigans and drink highballs.

"I watched Addams Family Values for the first time when I was 11 years old. I don’t think I’d seen the first movie, or knew that it existed. That year, I dressed up as Wednesday Addams in the Thanksgiving scene for Halloween. My four best friends were all blonde and I hadn’t even noticed. When people made comments about what a sweet Pocahontas I was—people were less political then—I told them, “No, I’m not Pocahontas. I’m Wednesday as Pocahontas.” I wanted to be her in that scene, the one where she stops everything and tells everyone how the Thanksgiving story really goes. The one where she sets everything on fire." (By Alexa Carrasco for Paste Magazine)
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Hopper and Hamilton Receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom

On Tuesday, President Obama awarded Margaret Hamilton and Grace Hopper the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Margaret Hamilton helped write the onboard flight software for NASA's Apollo project. Grace Hopper created the first compiler for a computer programming language.
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There are many Thanksgiving stories to tell

The Pilgrims are often depicted in popular culture as wearing only black and white clothing, with large golden buckles on their shoes and hats and long white collars. This stereotypical Pilgrim, however, is not historically accurate. The Pilgrims, in fact, wore a wide variety of colors. Mayflower History and Plimoth Plantation have more information on and examples of authentic Pilgrim and Wampanoag clothing, to correct just a few of the numerous issues with common depictions of early Thanksgiving celebrations (previously) that can be addressed through updated discussions and depictions of Thanksgiving celebrations. [more inside]
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The 100 Most Influential Photos of All Time

Time magazine presents what it believes to be the 100 most influential photos of all time, from Joseph Nicéphore Niépce's 1826 View from the Window at Le Gras (the first known permanent photograph) to Nilüfer Demir's Alan Kurdi (a three-year-old refugee from Syria washed up on a Turkish shore). WARNING: Many of the images are of violence, death, loss, and their aftermath.
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The internet era of fun and games is over

Network security expert Bruce Schneier notes that if everything has a computer in it, then everything IS a computer. That has serious implications for security. [more inside]
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Theater Was Anything but Polite

In 1801, Washington Irving wrote of attending the theater in New York City, where he was assaulted by apples, nuts and gingerbread thrown from the “gallery gods” — the people sitting in the cheap seats at the top of balcony — onto the heads of those in the audience below. [more inside]
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The enormous pop-up clinic trying to bridge America’s health divide

Virginia is one of 19 states refusing federal dollars to close the healthcare “coverage gap” for people not poor enough for Medicaid, but too poor for anything else. Yet at the Wise County Fairgrounds in Southwest Virginia, for one late-July weekend each year, there is a small glimmer of hope. For three days, a non-profit organisation known as Remote Area Medical (RAM) builds a pop-up clinic – the largest of its kind in the US – from the ground up, and serves more than 2,000 patients from more than 15 different states.
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The UK is watching you

While we have all been diverted by other things, Edward Snowden tweeted last week that "The UK has just legalized the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes farther than many autocracies."
He is referring to the Investigatory Powers Bill, also known as the Snooper's Charter, which has passed Parliament and is now set to become law in the UK. Here's a Wired overview.
ZDNet: "civil liberties groups have long criticized the bill, with some arguing that the law will let the UK government "document everything we do online". It's no wonder, because it basically does".
Guardian: Extreme surveillance' becomes UK law with barely a whimper [more inside]
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Blame is apportioned appropriately

Unix History Repository. The history and evolution of the Unix operating system made available as a revision management repository, covering the period from its inception in 1970 as a 2.5 thousand line kernel and 26 commands, to 2016 as a widely-used 27 million line system. The 1.1GB repository contains about half a million commits and more than two thousand merges.... The project aims to put in the repository as much metadata as possible, allowing the automated analysis of Unix history.
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November 22

Race in China

Who is Chinese? The Upper Han. "China today is extraordinarily homogenous....Unless someone is the child of a Chinese national, no matter how long they live there, how much money they make or tax they pay, it is virtually impossible to become a citizen. Someone who marries a Chinese person can theoretically gain citizenship; in practice few do. As a result, the most populous nation on Earth has only 1,448 naturalised Chinese in total, according to the 2010 census. Even Japan, better known for hostility to immigration, naturalises around 10,000 new citizens each year; in America the figure is some 700,000."
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Revenge of the tabloids

Rocked by the phone-hacking scandal and haemorrhaging readers, the rightwing tabloids seemed to be yesterday’s news. But now, in Theresa May’s Brexit Britain, they look more powerful than ever, Andy Beckett, The Guardian
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I don't know if Steve Axford is a fun guy but his fungi photos are fun!

Steve Axford photographs fungi. Fungi that is blue, orange, yellow, and purple. Fungi with gills and without. And not just fungi, but also other living things around the world.
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"I gave my eye to the coyote in the flour sack"

‘The Door Noises Made Us Deaf’: An Oral History Of ‘Star Trek’ The Onion sister site Clickhole is back with another oral history—this time of Star Trek. In case you missed the earlier editions: posted by koavf at 3:50 PM - 23 comments

First Try!

You Make It, We Skate It! Does what it says on the big cardboard box: The Braille Skateboarding crew opens a package at the beginning of each video, they put together a skateboard with the components inside, and then they skate it. The first one was a deck made from billet aluminum. They built another board with machined wheels | A Lego deck | Ultimate carpet board | Baseball wheels | Bouncy ball board | Bearings for wheels | 3D-printed trucks | Glass deck! (Plexiglass deck!) | Crocheted grip tape | Aaron Kyro lifelike deck | Magnetic wheels | Skateboard stilts | Tree stump deck | Barrel board | Memory foam deck | Scooter deck | Supermini deck | Hockey puck wheels | (partial) Best of... it just keeps going! The ingenuity is extensive and the skill impressive. Keep an eye out for games of SKATE (or SK8 depending on time limitations).
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The scariest things in the grocery store.

This guy tastes the things you will still be able to find in the store three years after the start of the zombie apocalypse. A whole chicken in a can. Breakfast in a can. Potted meat, (the worst sounding list of ingredients.) And canned ground beef.
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"Diversity is beautiful" (Potentially NSFW)

The Vulva Gallery is a series of illustrations by Hilde Atalanta of all kinds of vulvas - celebrating the vulva in all its diversity all over the world. Also on Instagram.
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Photos of a lesser-known ecosystem

The Secret World of Bog - a photo essay about the beautiful boglands of British Columbia's outer coast.
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a uniform chorus of desperation

"In 2015 alone, Women on Web*, the Dutch not-for-profit, received more than 600 emails from US women looking for a way to end their own pregnancies. (The group does not send abortion drugs to the US, because the US does not outright ban abortion.) Women on Web agreed to share scores of these emails with the Guardian, providing an unprecedented window into the lives of women who feel they have no other option but to end their pregnancies themselves." [more inside]
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Prose and then code

"Eve is a programming language and IDE based on years of research into building a human-first programming platform. From code embedded in documents to a language without order, it presents an alternative take on what programming could be". Repository.
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Glasses, Kilts, and the Basketballers Who Wear Them

The mid-2000s saw the NBA reeling in the aftermath of the Malice at the Palace. Feeling alienated by the rise of expressions of hip-hop culture among NBA players, corporate sponsors were threatening to leave the league in droves. In order to bridge the growing gap between the league and its financial base, David Stern and the NBA’s white leadership commenced an all-out assault on the symbols of blackness sported by the hip-hop generation, with a dress code as its chief weapon.
[more inside]
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Settle in: its going to be a long winter

The hygge conspiracy: If this is the year in which globalisation has been found wanting by millions, hygge appeals to an earlier age, an imagined past, where one could take back control or make a country great again. [SL GuardianLongRead]
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Club of Rogue

Roguelike Celebration 2016 schedule and links to all talks. I missed this, but there was a Roguelike con of sorts back in September in San Francisco. There are a bunch of interesting talks about everything Roguelike. E.g. Procedural generation, Markov Chain text generators etc. Even somewhat recluse developers Bay 12 of Dwarf Fortress fame gave a talk about the inspirations for their hilarious patch note simulator. The recordings can be found on Youtube and Internet Archive
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November 21

Mr. Night Has a Day Off

From Lithuanian animator Ignas Meilunas. Just a cute little two minute video that will improve your happiness level. Be sure to watch all the way until the end!
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What it says on the tin, and 20% more free!

10cats [previously 9cats] is a youtube channel devoted to an evergrowing household of cats. They like boxes , a lot of boxes, just way too many boxes. Now they are over a dozen, with this cute kitten that demands your attention. If you need a cat video, this might just be for you. [MLYT] [more inside]
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The silent walker

Gondola is a character with a pair of legs, a head, and not much else. He watches as the seasons go by. [more inside]
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