April 23

I firmly believe that picking a team is sacrosanct

A father sends a letter to all 30 MLB teams, asking them to make their pitch to be his infant son's favorite team. “I must tell you I don’t take this lightly. I firmly believe that picking a team is sacrosanct,” wrote Pete, an Ashland resident who works as a senior digital video content manager for PBS. “Friends may come and go, political affiliations and beliefs in higher powers may change, but one’s team is one’s team. Forever.
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Just let me pull a few strings

Oliver Mobeli is a young talent from Lobaye, Central African Republic, who performs local music with his handmade band/orchestra made with puppets, toys and marionettes. Facebook links (original source) [more inside]
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Yessiree, just your average ordinary week of healthy eating.

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April 22

How Candy Stretches Around the World

Lately, I've found that there are few activities as enchanting as watching candy being pulled. Includes Korean yeot, American taffy, Turkish macun, Japanese amezaiku, and Nepalese chaku.
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A failure of imagination

Protesters showed up to physically block and voice their objections to “Open Casket” (2016), a painting of Emmett Till by Dana Schutz. [more inside]
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Horse Walk Tests

Horse Walk Tests
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"Tu sera peintre, mon enfant, ou jamais il n'en sera."

Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun: "A Delayed Tribute to a French Trailblazer" [NYT]; exhibition trailer; 8 minutes at the exhibition; web gallery of exhibition objects; audio tour / slideshow; and the Memoirs of Madame Vigée Lebrun. [more inside]
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Oh Canada...

The 3 hrs of LeMelons! Get a dirt track cut into a field. Take $300 beaters and race them for 3 hours, or until they all fail. That’s the Three Hours of LeMelons, Canada’s take on the epic beater race...
the 24 hrs of LeMons-- previously on the Blue [more inside]
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Can you tell the sculpture in the pond is only 8mm tall?

The Miniature Paper Pavilion Club met biweekly throughout 2012 - 2015 in Vancouver, Canada, to build tiny commemorative public spaces. They created approximately sixty imaginary landscapes with structures using paper exclusively.
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bizarre true stories from the footnotes of history

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the President made his dog a cabinet secretary? Or if a famous scientist tried to summon a god? What about if Virginia Woolf wore blackface and pranked the Royal Navy? There’s no need to wonder. It all happened.

Something True is the most recent podcast from the Idle Thumbs podcast network, written by Duncan Fyfe and narrated by Alex Ashby.
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Signs From The March For Science

CNN has a slideshow (doesn't reload entire page for each image) of 11 signs from the March For Science. WaPo has their own single page picture set. Time has a decidedly anti-Trump editorial selection. Boston gets really nerdy, which is sort of expected.
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“...like out there is the true world, and in here is the dream.”

The Next Four Avatar Movies Now Have Release Dates Again [io9] “Follow-ups to the highest-grossing movie of all time were originally slated to start coming out next year. But recent statements by director James Cameron disclosed that there’d be a delay for the coming wave of Avatar sequels. Now we know the exact dates that Cameron and his team are aiming for, starting with December 18, 2020.”
“Great to be working with the best team in the business! Avatar takes flight as we begin concurrent production on four sequels. The journey continues December 18, 2020, December 17, 2021, December 20, 2024 and December 19, 2025!” [via: Facebook]
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baby llama hums a tune hums a tune tune

Llama llama
red pajama
feels alone
without his mama
J. Cruz, the host of The Cruz Show has been asking rappers to freestyle the words to the popular children's book Llama Llama Red Pajama (previously) "for my kids." Ludacris' version this week may be the best one yet.
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Who knew drinking water infrastructure could sound beautiful?

Jordan Nobles won the 2017 Juno Award for Classical Composition for a work written for, and recorded in, a massive and empty underground water tank at the new Seymour Capilano filtration project in North Vancouver, BC. "Normally you hit a bass drum and get a boom sound. But down there you'd get the boom sound for 30 seconds. That's really fun," Nobles said. [more inside]
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"Hello land dog, I am water dog."

Start the weekend off right with this collection of charming animal memes.
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Probably the worst day in history

Computer models date ancient catastrophe Recent analysis of carvings from the Vulture Stone may indicate ancient astronomers in modern Turkey recording a strike by comet fragments. The strikes likely induced a mini-ice age. The symbol of a headless man may symbolize great loss of life. More information on the Gobekli Tepe archaeological site.
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Autumn Foliage Strike Fun

Herbstlaubtrittvergnügen (Autumn Foliage Strike Fun): The joy of kicking a pile of autumn leaves! I stumbled upon this random forum post and found a comment about a few nice German words to study.
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About bloody time!

It's the magic of life, mushed into a pad | In which the ladies of SkitBox deliver a bloody good statement about one of the fundamental foundations of human existence. [more inside]
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April 21


Tiny Jyn Erso cosplayer hands out Death Star plans to Leia Cosplayers at Star Wars Celebration.
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Two modern chaotic beatmakers on Bandcamp

For your listening pleasure, here are two rather different producers of beat-driven music on Bandcamp: Mexico City-based, jungle/electronic master-mangler, priestess of chaotic drum & bass, formerly known as Smurphy [Soundcloud, NSFW header image], now Upgrayedd Smurphy. If that's too chaotic in a random sort of way, Canterbury-based sound-twister (Facebook video) an energetic beat manipulator making glitch-hop with appreciation of old IDM masters a la Four Tet or Aphex Twin.
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Field Hockey Coach's Firing: Two Civil Suits and Title IX Investigation

Tracey Griesbaum was fired from her job as women's field hockey coach at the University of Iowa due to complaints of being overly harsh to her players in practice. Her significant other Jane Meyer was senior associate athletic director; as events progressed, she was eventually fired as well. Both are now suing the State of Iowa, the University of Iowa, and Iowa Board of Regents. Meyer's trial got underway this week and Griesbaum will have her day in court later this summer. And there's more. Members of the field hockey team filed a Title IX complaint for the exact opposite reason their coach was fired, they want to be treated like their male counterparts and get yelled at.
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Seventeen years later, it’s a GAS

While Kompakt records co-founder Wolfgang Voigt has hundreds of releases to his pseudonyms, its likely his 1997-2000 ambient/techno project GAS that has had the most influence. Critics took last year’s vinyl reissue of four albums (Zauberberg, Königsforst, Pop, and the long-missed Oktember 12”) as an opportunity to lavish praise: The Quietus, Spectrum Culture, Pitchfork, Resident Advisor. Recently, Boiler Room’s Music Editor Gabreil Szatan interviewed Voigt about the project.
Today, Voigt released the first new GAS album in seventeen years: Narkopop. Early reviews are in from NPR, Pitchfork, The A.V. Club, and Line of Best Fit.
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Choate Rosemary Hall Discloses Decades of Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse at Choate Went On for Decades, School Acknowledges "Choate Rosemary Hall, the elite Connecticut boarding school, said on Thursday that at least 12 former teachers had sexually molested — and, in at least one case, raped — students in a pattern of abuse dating to the 1960s." [more inside]
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"What's Next?

How liberals fell in love with The West Wing.
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All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm Ready for My Nose Up

Sheep, panthers, seals, cats, puffer fish, dogs, sloths, elephants, donkeys, pelicans, monkeys, pigeons, cows — and so many more — are just some of the animals who like cameras or are at least camera-curious at Ready for My Nose Up
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New Jersey’s One Million Acres of Undeveloped, Otherworldly Land

David Kessler spent six years filming the Pine Barrens’ landscape and its inhabitants, capturing the area in every imaginable state and season.
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Even more deadly than The House on Pooh Corner

In the University of Michigan library, they have the most dangerous book in the world: Shadows from the Walls of Death. Eighty-six pages long, it has no words.
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something something oscilloscope your ocelot

An interactive oscilloscope emulator, by thing-maker Neil Thapen.
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Some Fava Beans and a nice Chianti to start...

The classic "Silence of the Lambs" trailer recut as a romantic comedy. (SLYT)
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The very air he exhales is indexed and filed away.

Friday fiction: Symbols and Signs by Vladimir Nabokov. In a letter to Katharine A. White, The New Yorker’s fiction editor at the time, Nabokov said that “a second (main) story is woven into, or placed behind, the superficial semitransparent one.” What that story is, he never specified. Enjoy it for its graceful evocation of everyday life, of the struggle to find footing amidst loss and for the mysterious chill of its ending. [more inside]
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Das ist nur meine Meinung Mann

Meine Meinung is a jazz combo out of Japan that posts and streams a lot of their sessions on Youtube, frequently interpreting classics of videogame music. (You can click this one before going to the inside, it's exciting!!!! (Chrono Trigger theme)) [more inside]
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A Spider With a Knack for Geometry

Tarantulas measure distance with their lateral eyes The species doesn't retrace its steps. Instead, it calculates its two-dimensional movements as if they were the sides of a right-angle triangle. The hypotenuse of the hypothetical triangle guides the spider home.
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Trust no one.

‘The X-Files’ Will Return [The New York Times] “The truth is out there, and soon, new episodes of “The X-Files” will be, too. Fox announced late on Thursday that 10 more episodes of the show, about two F.B.I. agents who gravitate toward the unexplained, would air in the 2017-18 television season. Production is set to begin this summer. Fox did not announce details of the show’s plot but said that its two stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who play the agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, would appear.”
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Scritch your birdos.

I didn't want a parrot. (or - How I went from 200oz of beer nightly to 2 pints.)
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Subject: Arthur was 100% black

"After thinking about it a bit more, I realized that, for many, this wasn't an inherent fact. Bugs Bunny is a rabbit, and while he is anthropomorphic, the suspension of disbelief only stretches so far for some people. It might not be a widely held understanding for white people, so immediately after talking to my friend about Bugs Bunny being black, I turned to my (admittedly, mostly white) colleagues and asked around. "Do you think Bugs Bunny is black?" I asked, only for many to not really understand the question." [more inside]
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Why You Shouldn't Exercise To Lose Weight

A summary of 60+ studies shows that, while exercise is good for your health in many ways, you shouldn't exercise to lose weight.
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Ledell Lee executed Thursday 11:56 PM CT in Arkansas

Following an evening of repeated appeals, Arkansas officials proceeded with their first execution in 12 years. Ledell Lee, on death row for over two decades, was declared dead this Thursday at 11:56 PM. His death warrant was set to expire 4 minutes later. AR Governor Asa Hutchinson is rushing to execute 8 men before April ends and the state's midazolam supply expires. The lethal cocktail reportedly also included one drug acquired under false pretenses and another "donated" by a mystery supplier in a parking lot. Justice Neil Gorsuch sided with the conservative majority in denying a stay—his first recorded vote. [more inside]
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Living by the Girl Scout Law, Even Without a Home

Girl Scout Troop 6000's home is a former Sleep Inn in Queens, New York, that now accommodates homeless families. The troop's more than 20 members come from the families who live there, and costs are covered by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. (main link from NYT; the Today Show also covered it)
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The Informational Zip Line

The Buena Vista Hypothesis: the ancient creatures who first crawled onto land may have been lured by the informational benefit that comes from seeing through air.
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Investigative theatre with black gay and bi, HIV+ men in southern cities

From a review of As Much as I Can: 'We peer through face-sized holes into a room where, one after another, two diagnoses are delivered to two men: one HIV negative, the other positive. We press to walls listening to the exhausted, anguished 12-step testimony of a community mentor. We eavesdrop on a Greek chorus of homophobes at a barber shop. We hear a mom worry that her son will be shot for walking, driving, living, while black. "You can't run away; you can't clock out of that experience," Isa (an audience member) said, "because you're also never in a room long enough to get stuck."' [more inside]
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Adoption Is A Feminist Issue, But Not For The Reasons You Think

In their efforts to cure what they see as a moral crisis infecting our nation, the anti-choice movement has historically thrown their power, money, and influence behind their two favorite antidotes to abortion: abstinence-only education and adoption. In any era when reproductive rights are being rolled back, as they are now, feminists need to get stronger and clearer about where we stand and what we’re fighting for. We all know, both from data and from common sense, that abstinence education is not only a failure but wildly detrimental to the health and safety of young people. But there doesn’t yet seem to be a broader understanding, even in the mainstream feminist and pro-choice movements, that promoting adoption has its problems too.
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Aux Armes, Citoyens (part deux)

Previously in the 2017 French presidential election: It was looking like the top two winners in the first round this Sunday would be Emmanuel Macron (of the centrist one-man party Forward!) and Marine Le Pen (of the far-right National Front), with François Fillon (of the center-right Republicans) lagging in third. Macron was then expected to win easily over Le Pen in the runoff. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Elysée: Jean-Luc Mélenchon, of the far-left France Unbowed (and star of the video game Fiscal Kombat), has surged to tie Fillon for third place in most polls, as support for Benoît Hamon (of the center-left Socialist Party) has collapsed. Macron and Le Pen are still expected to make it to the runoff, but the possibility of either Mélenchon or even Fillon upsetting that outcome can't be dismissed. And with ISIS claiming responsibility for yesterday's shooting in Paris, the race is more up in the air than ever. [more inside]
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Bondvillan terrorism

Two weeks ago, the Borussia Dortmund team bus was on route to their Quarter-final first leg Champions league match against AS Monaco, when it was attacked by a remotely detonated bomb. Theories were flowing: Islamic terrorists? Antifas displeased by the clubs' association with far-right fans? The same far-right fans displeased with the club's attempts to remove them from the Südtribüne over recent incidents? Leipzig hooligans trying a pay back for those incidents? The truth might be a lot stranger. [more inside]
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Carmen Cusack performs "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton at this year's Miscast gala celebrating 30 years of the MCC Theatre in New York. The goal of Miscast is to allow Broadway stars perform songs from roles in which they would NEVER be cast. Jennifer Holliday sings “I Am What I Am” from La Cage aux Folles. Brian D’Arcy James performs “Unusual Way” from Nine. Kelli O’Hara performs “Pure Imagination” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. [more inside]
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Again the mantle of pity descended upon me like a wet, sodden blanket

In February, 93-year-old Tom Sitter entered The Moth in Madison StorySLAM storytelling contest in Madison, Wisconsin. He told about his Valentine's Day experience in 1933, when he was in third grade. Sitter scored the competition's first-ever perfect ten. [laughter and cheers; h/t Miss Cellania]. The Moth previously.
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What's a Jello Biafra?

Graham Isadore writes: "Earlier this month I decided to live a week as Ian Mackaye. I wanted to see what I could learn by emulating my hero. What I discovered is that most people don’t know who Ian Mackaye is."
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April 20

Build a Better Monster

The correct way to play Pac Man, of course, is to consume as much as possible while running from the ghosts that relentlessly pursue you. This was a valuable early lesson in what it means to be an American.
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But can we do more?

On the Turing Completeness of PowerPoint (SLYT)
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Secret Empire #0 reveals that he was simply returned to his true base

A fundamental change to the history of World War II in Marvel Comics "Secret Empire #0 reveals a flip on that narrative. As we’re to understand it now, in the “true” history of the Marvel Universe, the Allies actually lost World War II. The only reason no one remembers this is because the Allies used a Cosmic Cube to change reality, warping it into a false history where they won and Captain America was always the Sentinel of Liberty and representative of the American dream." (previously on MeFi, when diversity was blamed for the poor sales)
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0x100 bytes, no filler

A Mind Is Born is a C64 demo with a driving hypnotic soundtrack. The program is 256 bytes long. How it works: A Mind Is Born
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