Nikolai's Entry:

user page: 114
Major: Undecided
School: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
Status: Freshman

I have been a member of MetaFilter since late 1999, and I think that the thread that I had the biggest influence in wasn't a typical news story debate thread that one might encounter on MetaFilter; I would say it was a thread built off a link to a site of my own!

Soon after the finalists of the First Annual Weblog Awards were announced, a thread appeared on MetaFilter and the discussion took off. Both positive and negative comments were posted in a short amount of time. MetaFilter became the public feedback outlet for the Weblog Awards.

I posted to clear up speculations and respond to comments, and I believe that may have encouraged some MetaFilter members to participate. I couldn't predict what questions people would have when I created the site, so my participation in MetaFilter gave visitors their answers.

And I checked out Meg's webcam as well.

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