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I figured I'd go in and see where I posted the most, which turned out to be these two: the "Race-based Science Project Banned" thread and the "Warren Farrell" thread. The former is one that I started with a posting about a little girl whose science project caused an uproar in her school and the latter is about this guy who is making the big bucks by doing a 180 on feminism.

I just had to laugh when I saw these. Two topics which really get me going and which I find pretty fascinating are discussions of race and feminism. Racism is something which I've struggled to understand and wrap my brain around. As a military brat, I moved around quite a bit and have seen many different varieties of racism, some subtle and some not. It's a topic which really interests me. However, I'd like to focus on the second thread about Farrell since that was started by someone else.

The question was this -- "Is the emphasis on feminism inherently as unfair to men as chauvanism is to women?" My position on that is pretty obvious in my postings. The notion that feminism has had more than a fraction of the influence on men that chauvanism has had on women is laughable to me. And, naturally, the issue is far, far more complex than men against women and it frustrates me to hear it boiled down that way.

It also frustrates and saddens me to hear women turn away from the word "feminism" because it has become a "dirty" word. I feel that feminism as a movement has done a lot for women and for society. To turn your back on the word seems counter-productive. I think that feminism by any other name will become just as dirty in time. It really doesn't matter what you call it because there will always be those ready to trash it and take it down.

It is for these discussions and others like them that I gravitate to a place like Metafilter where, by and large, everyone is ready to discuss, be informed and share intelligently. It's a global medium and I find the perspective of someone from across the world mingling with that of someone in my hometown to be fascinating and, at times, incredibly eye-opening.

As for school, this fall I am going to be going back for a second undergraduate degree. I've been working in web design for the past five years without formal design training. I've been pretty successful without it but I feel like I'm lacking.

I lost my three-month-old design job last November when the market fell to pieces. That new job was a leap for me. I was either going to take a new job that challenged me or I was going to go back to school. I took the new job, then got layed off and I think that was a sign.

I love art. I love design. I love creating. I want to work with my hands and my head. I may springboard this return to education into a career in industrial design, product design or perhaps interior architecture -- it all seems possible, I just have to grab for it.

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