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Major: American Studies (pop culture)
School: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Status: senior

During this discussion about Canadian movie theatre owners jamming cell phone signals, I posted an analogy between my terrible lung-cancer causing smoking habit and my terrible brain-cancer causing cell phone habit. Cell phones, to me, are similar to cigarettes in that they both provide annoyances to those in the general public who abstain. I was, and still am, against the jamming of cell phones in a public area, mostly because I think that more regulation just means more broken rules, rather than a fix to any one (relatively small) problem.

My comment caused a discussion within the thread about the general health menace (or lack thereof) of secondhand cigarette smoke. Things got a little heated, but I am happy to announce that no one got called Hitler or a baby-killer (at least before May 15, 2001.) It's been participating in and reading discussions like this that make MeFi the web site I still check first every morning, and the only website that has kept me around, consistently, for over a year, which is, what, ten Internet years?

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