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I am a relative newcomer to Metafilter, and unlike most of the people who post their comments on MeFi, I have little or no knowledge of the internal workings of this magical box I am typing on. So my reason for being here a lot of the time is for the information that is presented, as well as the comments from the members. I enjoy a good argument as much as the next person, and always try to consider the other side of the matter.

But then, something like this happens.

This thread started out wonderful, with an excellent response left by anapestic. The world already has enough battles to fight, why bother with something silly like this? I posted a response to let anapestic know that I had enjoyed his post, and figured the thread would fade away.

I don't want to go into the details of the discussion that followed, but the hate and anger represented in that thread alarmed me, to say the least. Has the world only come this far? Is it still "What I do is right, what you do is wrong?".......

If I look around, it seems to be the exact opposite. Texas has long been a symbol for racial slurs and hatred for anything over the norm. And living here, you can definately feel it. But times are changing, and more and more I am beginning to see racially mixed couples on the streets, and gay men and women proud of their sexuality, as they should be.

But in letting ourselves become more familiar and accepting of such behavior, are we necessarily in the right by quieting the voice of the racist or homophobic?

I am an atheist, but I have always been kind to the feelings of religious followers, whatever their beliefs. Christianity in American clearly goes against the condoning of homosexual practice, and as a christian, they have every right to voice their opinion on such matters.

I do not agree with people who condemn homoesexuality, but I also do not feel as if we can push them to the side and ignore their opinion. In this country, they have the right to freedom of speach.

And this is something I feel cannot and should not be taken away from anyone, no matter what their beliefs.

Like it or not, racism and homophobia will always exist. And rightly so, because otherwise. we wouldn't have so many topics to discuss every day on Metafilter.

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