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William Gibson talks about the Japanese...

There are multiple posts by yours truly in this topic. The reason that I posted so many times and contributed to the small, but informative, discussion is that it was interesting, and directly impacted an area that I have some information (Japanese Culture) and also have some large gaps in my information.

The interesting part of the discussion came after Gen filled in a few gaps in our knowledge. I'm a firm capitalist and occasionally I'll admit to being a republican, and the discussion mutated in a rather interesting way from a comparison of American and Japanese culture to a showdown between liberal and conservative forces. The topic scrolled down (and off) the page rather quickly, so the discussion didn't go any farther, but it would've been nice to see it continue full-circle back into a comparison of the cultures with the liberal/conservative tangent in mind.

My posts always seem to come from a different viewpoint. I'm rather conservative as far as social reforms go, even though I'm typically the most liberal person in the places where I work. On MeFi, though, I seem to be one of the conservative minority. It's an interesting dichotomy, and one that I've enjoyed exploring both here and on the RedCricket.com boards.

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