Look on the bright side... "maybe in a couple weeks you'll get a pig."

"Having had the Road Runner himself pass me the gravy, however, I can confirm that he pronounced it Meep Meep."

My brother's eyepatch scrapbook.

"The most important financial decision you will ever make in your life is the decision of who you are going to marry."

FACT: Mammoths are delicious and there's no way a tiger wouldn't just eat him.

"I am actually a graduate student in the lab referenced in one of the links above." Bird-strike knowledge dropped.

Why "Free bananas in the kitchen!!!" is not always a good thing, a story of what happens when reply-all goes amok.

Why is it so hard to find online mouse skulls?

"a cater-waiter veteran of several Inaugurations, I despise working them, but a lot of the negative stories... are part of the ... DC lore that gets trotted out to suppress the numbers of people who turn out to them"

Winners from the Best Post of December contest announced!

miss lynnster explains to an Austrian woman "Why do Americans always dance around singing the same song?"

Everything you ever wanted to know about short-form animation