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Not Politically Motivated

Bush V. Gore: Scalia, "It's old news, get over it."
posted by Xurando on Apr 25, 2008 - 65 comments

Red vs. Blue and Political Self-Segregation

Red vs. Blue and Political Self-Segregation:
“Republicans and Democrats joke these days that they can’t understand each other, that they feel as though they live on different planets. It’s no joke. They do. One of the reasons American politics is so bitter is that Republicans and Democrats are less likely today to live in the same community than at any time in the last 55 years.”
The Austin-American Statesman’s Bill Bishop begins a series of articles on the increasing political segregation across the US—a variety of segregation that has surprisingly increased while others (for example, racial) have declined. Timothy Noah of Slate has some thoughts. For background, it’s been discussed elsewhere that the traditional 2000 election red vs. blue state map is misleading and that a gradated county map might be more enlightening. Here’s one. Here’s an analysis with a different take on the data. And here are some other interesting cartograms of that election’s results. [Alternative Links Inside]
posted by Ethereal Bligh on Apr 22, 2004 - 90 comments

At the risk of reopening this recount thread - The Economist is running this rather sarcastic correction in their current edition, along with this strange little 'What if Gore Was President' article. Does this signal that the Age of Irony is not, in fact, dead - or did someone at The Economist just not get the memo?
posted by anastasiav on Nov 16, 2001 - 10 comments

Unrepentant Nader

Unrepentant Nader Is Nader a Sancho Panza, the realist, or Don Quixote, the dreamer, when he says Bush policies toward environment help ignite attention to our needs and thus good to have? Or is he just a guy who can't believe he might have been wrong?
posted by Postroad on Apr 23, 2001 - 76 comments

The Nation finds 200,000 Floridians disenfranchised

The Nation finds 200,000 Floridians disenfranchised in voter-roll purging operations last year, a disproportionate number of them black. They charge this was an effort in direct response to phenomenally successful voter registration drives in the black community.
posted by dhartung on Apr 13, 2001 - 34 comments

Gore: It was your fault, sleazeball! Clinton: No, it was YOUR fault, automaton!

Gore: It was your fault, sleazeball! Clinton: No, it was YOUR fault, automaton! Reports today indicate that Al Gore and Bill Clinton engaged in a heated hour-long blame fest over who caused Gore to lose the election. (Or, to assuage the bitter, caused him to fail to acheive enough of a majority nationwide that the Florida outcome would not have mattered.) Was it Clinton's fault? Was it Gore's? More importantly, does it matter, or does anyone even care anymore?
posted by Dreama on Feb 7, 2001 - 33 comments


Clinton: "They thought the election was over, the Republicans did. By the time it was over, our candidate had won the popular vote, and the only way they could win the election was to stop the voting in Florida". Give 'em hell Bill!
posted by owillis on Jan 9, 2001 - 16 comments

Just let Canadians decide and there won't be a tie.

Just let Canadians decide and there won't be a tie.
posted by tranquileye on Dec 11, 2000 - 21 comments

HEADLINE: Metafilter so jaded by the U.S. election that this post will draw zero comments.

HEADLINE: Metafilter so jaded by the U.S. election that this post will draw zero comments.
posted by lagado on Dec 9, 2000 - 30 comments

More nonsense

More nonsense from everyone's favorite biased website.

They screw up their own point of course:

"The surge of presidential candidates in the wake of Revision 11 had little impact on counties that use more sophisticated voting procedures and don't have to worry about crowded ballot space."

The problem is with the outdated voting procedures, not with third parties.
posted by Mr. skullhead on Nov 16, 2000 - 5 comments

Let Nader into the debates! Sign the petition, email the Commission on Presidential Debates, write letters to the editor about why Ralph belongs in the debates, and more!

No matter who you're supporting this election, I can't see why you wouldn't want Nader in the debates. If you're supporting Bush (um, why?), Nader would make Bush look like an even more solid conservative. If you're supporting Gore, Nader would nudge Gore on the important issues. And if you're supporting Nader, well...!
posted by veruca on Jul 31, 2000 - 21 comments

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