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... Karl Rove, a handful of the party's most tech-savvy computer gurus and the former Republican Ohio Secretary of State, created, owned and operated the vote-counting system...

Network Hosting Attorney Scandal E-Mails Also Hosted Ohio's 2004 Election Results --...more than ample documentation to show that on Election Night 2004, Ohio's "official" Secretary of State website -- which gave the world the presidential election results -- was redirected from an Ohio government server to a group of servers that contain scores of Republican web sites, including the secret White House e-mail accounts that have emerged in the scandal surrounding Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's firing of eight federal prosecutors. ...
posted by amberglow on Apr 23, 2007 - 66 comments

More on Republican fraud in Ohio:

None Dare Call It Fraud: Harpers article on the report Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio.
posted by blue shadows on Sep 9, 2005 - 81 comments

absentee ballot fun

So I saw this image online (of a Michigan absentee ballot...which arrow is for Kerry, and which is for Bush?) and it made me think, what the hell is going on with this election? On the one hand, I'm told your vote might just be worthless if you use electronic voting machines but on the other hand the alternative (in my state, at least) is to use an absentee ballot, which, according to some, might be easier, if only because I can have members of a political party help me fill it out.
posted by taumeson on Oct 1, 2004 - 49 comments

zell reads his spam? amazing.

Zell Miller obviously doesn't read Snopes or else he would have known that Kerry didn't ever intend on arming our military with sticks and clubs spitballs. the Martini Republic reminds us that in July snopes debunked the heart of miller's attacks that he delivered in his keynote on wednesday.
posted by tsarfan on Sep 3, 2004 - 26 comments

Presidential Market 2004

Presidential Market 2004 is an online game in which players buy and sell "shares" of the major 2004 presidential candidates. If you finish on Election Day with one of the two highest-valued portfolios — by executing savvy trades throughout the primaries and general election campaign — you'll win a trip to the inauguration next January.
posted by Brilliantcrank on Jan 28, 2004 - 5 comments

Bush / Giuliani in 2004?

Bush / Giuliani in 2004? Is this the team the Democrats will have to beat in 2004?Rudy Giuliani is still riding on the wave of popularity from his post 9/11 actions. Apparently he's got his eye on the White House, even if it breaks Dick Cheney's heart.
posted by crunchland on Jun 9, 2002 - 34 comments

The Bush campaign is seeking contributions to fund the Florida recount

The Bush campaign is seeking contributions to fund the Florida recount and here I am thinking that they were fighting the recount. I'm sorry to add a link to the political chaos but the Bush campaign just baffles me to no end. Could some objective non-partisan please stand up for the people's constitutional right to franchisement?
posted by cheesebot on Nov 13, 2000 - 1 comment

19,000 Fla Ballots Nullified.

19,000 Fla Ballots Nullified....and allegedly Gore was only behind in the state by 1800. This is gonna get interesting.
posted by bkdelong on Nov 8, 2000 - 30 comments

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