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Vovox: An alga consisting of photosynthetic, flagellated cells, organized into a spherical colony, which may contain daughter colonies. But the main issue is: they're really neat-looking. And here they are in anaglyph 3-D.
posted by interrobang on Sep 26, 2002 - 11 comments

Not as immediately satisfying as its more recent cousin (tho ugh far better for those of us who value integrity of image color over eyestrain,) let’s look for a minute at some stereoscopy. Stereoscopy has been to the Moon. It’s been used to capture images of famous people and mundane subjects alike, such as some guy’s cat (w a tc h out, John Ashcroft!), what appears to be Jandek’s house, and various city scenes. It’s been used on Mars. It’s not just a source of beautiful antiques, either. Apparently, it’s still around. Want to learn how to do all this yourself? Here’s how. And if you can’t take the strain, you can always buy a book like this and pu t yo ur ow n pictu res in side. More history here and here.?
posted by interrobang on Jul 29, 2002 - 11 comments

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