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Secrecy and deception meet information and communication

With the wee hubbub that's going on at the moment in our government, it might be nice to take a step back and look at what this means for us Internet users (and more specifically, bloggers). When I pondered this for a moment, my mind drifted to that briefly bearded granola and silicon presidential hopeful of times long forgotten. Well, Al Gore may have invented the Internet (or, as he put it, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet"), but it is this man who has truly embraced the medium.

The greatest difference between this man and the cowboy currently shootin' from the hip in the Oval Office isn't about taxes. It's not about health care. And, yes, I contend it's not even about women's rights. The greatest difference between the Son of Bush and the Dean isn't about left or right or conservative or liberal. It's all about the flow of information. [More inside]
posted by Hammerikaner on Jun 14, 2003 - 9 comments

Al Gore Hijacks Ryder Truck full of Ballots

Al Gore Hijacks Ryder Truck full of Ballots heh heh heh.
posted by sugarfish on Dec 13, 2000 - 14 comments

Al Gore and the Internet

Al Gore and the Internet
A post to nettime from Vinton Cerf, someone who knows a little something about the development of the internet (he led the development of TCP/IP), giving Al Gore props for taking initiative for creating the Internet. Al never said he "invented" the internet. But he's had a lot of influence in creating the internet we all know and love.

I have no interest in toadying for Gore, but it does bother me how people parrot the misattributed quote, and seemingly have no desire to know how things really developed.
posted by peterme on Oct 2, 2000 - 4 comments

"There is a nose that is getting longer every day but it doesn't belong to Gore."

"There is a nose that is getting longer every day but it doesn't belong to Gore."
I'm not here to defend Al Gore; I think working alongside Bill Clinton for eight years is enough to corrupt any human being to the very depths of his soul, and he's certainly not alone being glibly mis-characterized by the press (the aftermath of Dubbya's "failing the foreign leaders quiz" comes immediately to mind).
But so many web-heads, including MetaFilterers, (two recent examples) are so invested in perpetuating the myth that "Gore lied about inventing the Internet", it makes me wonder why. Maybe the "libertarian spirit" of the Web can't face the facts that without a hell of a lot of U.S. Government initiatives (oxymoron?) and intervention, many of which can be credited to this otherwise non-outstanding politician named Al, this incredibly powerful tool (and toy) of personal expression and individual freedom might - no, WOULD still be a closed system serving the Military Industrial Complex.
And yes, I have put on my kevlar underwear.
posted by wendell on Jul 7, 2000 - 3 comments

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